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A New TV Experience with Xfinity from Comcast

Searching for a new cable provider is a daunting task and most consumers opt to stick with their trusted old cable companies. In doing so, they lose out on many other amazing price deals and more extensive programming. With the stiff competition in the TV, phone and internet service industries, service providers now offer incredible introductory offers and packages.

At CTVForMe,we appreciate that changing your familiar cable provider is hard and that’s why we have provided all the information you need on one platform. Our mission is to get consumers the best phone, internet and cable TV packages in the market through our innovative comparison chart. In our effort to introduce the best cable deals in the market, we welcome you to Xfinity from Comcast cable.

Xfinity by Comcast in Brief

Before switching your cable TV provider, we always urge consumers to do due diligence lest they jump from the frying pan into the fire. Our team has already done the heavy lifting for you to bring you the top ranking cable TV operators in the market. Comcast Xfinity offers five incredible TV packages without forcing customers to bundle with internet packages, and this is a first in the industry.

  • Low Priced Packages

  • The cable TV provider offers TV packages with channels ranging from 10 to over 260. Their packages cost less than most other providers with the popular Xfinity’s Digital Starter TV plan starting at $49.99 a month for 140 channels.

  • All Your Popular Channels In The Package

  • Their low pricing doesn’t comprise on the quality of programming because you still get the most popular channels including ESPN, AMC, The CW, USA, TNT, and Discovery. With Xfinity by Comcast, you don’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite shows. What’s more, you get a sizable video On-Demand selection with new movies coming to you a month before they hit Netflix or Redbox.

  • Flexible Packages

  • One of the most interesting features of the Xfinity packages is the fact that you can choose TV plans with or without a contract. There’s a $10 add-on for no-contract TV plan but it is worth it if you wish to switch in future.

  • Nationwide availability

  • Xfinity from Comcast cable is one of the most available cable providers across the country and this is a big plus if you have plans to move to a new city any time soon. It boasts service in 39 states and 8,444 zip codes with a huge presence in big cities such as Miami, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Jose, and Denver.

    Some Downsides

    When comparing Xfinity By Comcast to other cable providers, our team at CTVForMe has noted a few downsides including:

    • Poor customer service reputation: The Company’s poor ACSI score is a concern though they have worked hard to improve it over the last few years.
    • Additional fees: These can defeat the whole purpose of lower-priced TV plans. These extra fees include broadcast TV fee, regional sports fee among others.
    • Low storage for DVD: Xfinity’s HD DVR only records 60 hours in HD
    • Lightweight high-end packages: Xfinity’s higher-end packages are limited compared to the competition.

    When we weigh the pros and cons of Xfinity channel packages, our team recommends this as one of the best cable TV providers due to its flexibility, wide range of channels and lower pricing. VisitCTVForMe to compare Xfinity By Comcast to other cable providers.