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CenturyLink is a leading provider of high-speed internet

Are you frustrated with your current internet service provider? Are you looking for a high-speed internet option that can meet your needs? If so, CenturyLink may be the perfect choice for you. CenturyLink is a leading provider of high-speed internet, and they offer plans that can meet the needs of everyone from casual users to power users. Plus, CenturyLink is always working to improve their services and keep up with the latest technology trends. So if you're looking for a reliable, internet option, high speed internet CenturyLink should be at the top of your list.

Internet providers are always looking for ways to increase their sales and customer base. One of the most popular methods is by providing more high-speed internet options, as customers will often stick with a provider that can give them what they need. CenturyLink is one such company who offers a variety of high-speed internet plans at different price points, which can be customized depending on individual needs. They also provide more affordable rates based on how many users there are in a household or office building. For example, if you have two people living in your house or sharing an office space then it would cost $140 per month for 25 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed; whereas if you had four people then the rate would be $115 per month for 50.

If you are looking for high speed internet, CenturyLink is the company to turn to. They have everything from DSL lines to fiber optic connections with speeds up to 10 gigabytes per second! If you're not sure about your needs, there are a few questions that will help determine what type of service they offer.

CenturyLink Internet Deals on investing $16 billion over the next 5 years in order to expand its fiber network coverage from 25% of homes today, to 100% within that timeframe.

Do I need broadband?

Broadband is an always-on connection that offers the fastest speeds available and is perfect if you want uninterrupted streaming of movies or TV shows on Netflix. But if only one person in your home uses the Internet at a time, dial-up may be more cost effective. Will I be using my computer for work? Business customers typically need higher upload/download speeds than consumers because they require frequent uploading.

About CenturyLink

CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications provider in the United States. They provide fiber-based broadband, voice, satellite video, and data services to customers in 40 states. Shaping the future of technology, CenturyLink has over 140,000 miles of fiber across the United States and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone.

In the late 1990s, Century Telecom merged with Level 3 Communications Inc., becoming CenturyLink in 2006. CenturyLink has more than 100,000 employees and operates in 130 countries around the world.

The company has about 45,000 employees that serve more than 7 million customers worldwide. They have some of the fastest Internet speeds available in some metropolitan areas across North America and provide some of the best TV service bundles at affordable prices to consumers.

Expert Overview of CenturyLink‘s Services

CenturyLink is a major DSL Internet provider serving residential and business customers nationwide in the USA. Their services mostly leverage “fiber to the loop” landline networks, which allows for speeds much higher than dial-up but still slower than cable or fibre connections

A popular choice among those looking for an affordable high speed connection that doesn't require them install any new equipment at home (and won't break your neck trying do carry around), Century Link offers many different plans so you can find something suited just right! Plus there's not much downside either - if it works out cheaper then all we need from our phone company are some more copper lines running down each street.

CenturyLink Availability

CenturyLink is an industry leader in providing internet service to homes and businesses. Centurylink’s strength lies with rural availability, which can be seen through its DSL offering that has been around since the early days of phone lines being put into houses. This means virtually any house wired for phone service will get a high-speed connection from them no matter where you live or what type of area it may be located within—which makes this one company somebody doesn't want miss out on!

CenturyLink DSL and Fiber Networks

CenturyLink DSL connections are known as fiber to the loop, which means that subscriber data is transmitted over copper phone lines from their residence. This connection can be switched for all areas in an area into a much faster internet by using backhaul cables and exchanges of some sort--allowing you access anywhere on earth with just one small piece missing!

DSL is a major improvement over dial-up internet because it can share the phone line with your landline while delivering much higher bandwidth and speeds. DSL typically comes in 3 to 35 Mbps, depending on how well you're connected to our network! It's usually presented as an alternative for those living outside city limits who want high speed access without having cables running all through their yard--or those who live too far out from town where satellite would take too long before it was usable by most people.

A Look at CenturyLink Plans, Prices, and Fees

CenturyLink keeps its pricing simple by offering all plans with speeds up to 100 Mbps or less for $49 a month. At that price point, they’re able to offer DSL services at more expensive rates then some cable and satellite providers who also have faster availability in rural areas where Centurylink doesn't provide service yet but still maintain lower prices than competitors such as AT&T Uverse because of their Price For Life deal which locks you into being an loyal customer for life!

Approval Rating

To date, we’ve collected 70,283 customer ratings for CenturyLink. Among those, 35.3 percent of subscribers recorded a positive rating. These results are average within the broadband industry, as the average approval among all Internet providers is 43.4 percent.

CenturyLink gets top marks for maintaining consistent pricing compared to other internet providers. While they use the “promotional pricing” strategy that's near-universal among these companies, Century Link doesn't raise their rates nearly as high and has a history of offering true locked in prices which means customers don't have spend time on phone arguing down price hikes every year like competitors do when offerings promotions with limiting terms or conditions.

CenturyLink Availability by State

State Population Covered Max Speed
Alabama 681,919 940mbps
Alaska 184 940mbps
Arizona 5,346,748 940mbps
Arkansas 582,642 940mbps
California 539,181 940mbps
Colorado 4,637,775 940mbps
Connecticut 15,777 940mbps
Delaware 5,023 940mbps
District of Columbia 19,526 940mbps
Florida 3,586,619 940mbps
Georgia 183,953 940mbps
Hawaii 95,251 940mbps
Idaho 1,090,799 940mbps
Illinois 131,532 940mbps
Indiana 529,598 940mbps
Iowa 1,863,464 940mbps
Kansas 244,353 940mbps
Kentucky 76,668 940mbps
Louisiana 233,550 940mbps
Maine 2,798 940mbps
Maryland 57,511 940mbps
Massachusetts 21,956 940mbps
Michigan 206,258 940mbps
Minnesota 3,897,159 940mbps
Mississippi 65,079 940mbps
Missouri 1,357,528 940mbps
Montana 723,678 940mbps
Nebraska 900,819 940mbps
Nevada 1,828,627 940mbps
New Hampshire 4,617 940mbps
New Jersey 1,630,764 940mbps
New York 277,051 940mbps
North Carolina 2,969,200 940mbps
North Dakota 349,395 940mbps
Ohio 1,378,460 940mbps
Oklahoma 29,121 940mbps
Oregon 2,475,333 940mbps
Pennsylvania 785,343 940mbps
Puerto Rico 0 940mbps
South Carolina 204,827 940mbps
South Dakota 484,609 940mbps
Tennessee 492,669 940mbps
Texas 1,016,700 940mbps
Utah 2,430,928 940mbps
Vermont 38,079 940mbps
Virgin Islands 0 940mbps
Virginia 743,224 940mbps
Washington 4,550,188 940mbps
West Virginia 7,298 940mbps
Wisconsin 842,486 940mbps
Wyoming 420,695 940mbps