AT&T Internet Plans and Pricing Summary

Plan name Download speed Monthly start price
AT&T Internet 300 300 Mbps $35/mo
AT&T Internet 500 500 Mbps $45/mo
AT&T Internet 100 100 Mbps $45/mo
AT&T Internet Fixed Wireless Internet 25 Mbps $55/mo
AT&T Internet 1000 940 Mbps $60/mo

Comparing AT&T Internet Plans



Overview of AT&T Internet Deals

AT&T offers a range of deals to suit your needs, with many different options available. Whether you want an AT&T gift card or premium channels for free in addition to other great features such as:

A promotional offer from the carrier is sure worth checking out if it comes up during this time!

AT&T has some great new internet deals for you, and they're perfect if your looking to switch from cable or satellite TV. Take advantage of their fiber internet service with AT&T Fiber Premine + DIRECTV Stream! Now there are even more ways that cord cutters can get all the channels they need without paying extra fees on top of what's included in one bill - directv stream is similar to streaming services like youtube tv & hulu live tv so don't miss out while these deals last !

AT&T Internet-only Deals

AT&T is able to offer customers a range of deals with their connections. AT&T Fiber, the formal name for fiber internet service from AT & T offers its best value in terms speed and price when compared between all other options available on their platform including IPBB (akaAT AND_T Internet), DSL( aka net10) or even fixed wireless connection plan . In fact they only tend promote new promotions through here so if you’re looking into upgrading your current home network then make sure it's an ATT Uverse package before signing up!

AT&T Fiber is the best choice for those who don't want to deal with data bottlenecks and buffering. With a $200 reward card just as soon as you sign up, it's hard not see why AT&T has been so successful in its bid on becoming America’s #1 fiber provider! And if that wasn't enough of an incentive already... CenturyLink offers gigabit internet speed but without many perks such as nationwide hotspot access--in fact only one other major competitor does: Comcast Xfinity from Charter Communications Incorporated comes close at around half price ($150 instead).

AT&T Internet is the best option for those who live in an area with only this provider. This includes people that can’t get a better deal anywhere else because AT&T offers affordable prices of $45 per month, regardless your speed (except Fiber 300 plan which costs less). In comparison most providers charge at least 50% more than what they offer speeds below 50Mbps.

AT&T Internet and DIRECTV Bundles

Plan name Monthly Price (savings) Deal
AT&T Internet + DIRECTV Stream $84.99-$119.99 per month ($10-$20 off per month on internet service for first year)
  • Free HBO Max subscription for one-year with Choice plan or higher (included with Premier plan)
  • Free NBA League Pass Premium included with Choice plan or higher
  • Access to 65-140+ channels
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR storage
AT&T Internet + DIRECTV
  • $89.99-$159.99 per month
  • $46-$67 off per month for first year)
  • Free NFL Sunday Ticket with Choice package or higher
  • Free NBA League Pass with Choice package or higher
  • Regional sports networks included in Choice package or higher
  • Free HBO Max (3-months for Entertainment package; 1-year for Choice and above)
  • Free three months of Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and Epix with Choice package or above
  • Access 160-330+ channels

AT&T Discounts

AT&T offers discounts on its internet service for military members and families, older adults, first responders, and low-income households.

How to get the best deal with AT&T Internet

There are a few shopping tips worth keeping in mind, regardless of location:

Frequently Asked Questions about AT&T Internet

Does AT&T offer internet only service?

AT&T has internet Plans starting at $35 for 300 Mbps, going up to $60 for 940 Mbps.

How much does AT&T fiber cost per month?

At AT&T, you'll get the best Internet experience with fiber prices ranging from $35-$60 per month depending on your plan speed.

How much is an AT&T unlimited family plan?

We've got you covered! Whether it's your first month or a year, we'll work with the contract length and current promotions in order to give customers an amazing experience.

We're committed not just for today but also tomorrow--and that means finding new ways for us both as AT&T representatives and their customers get stronger together.

Can I bundle DIRECTV with AT&T Internet?

AT&T and DIRECTV both offer packages that allow you to choose the internet plan of your preference with their own TV services.

This is perfect for those who want a cheap, reliable connection without having two different providers kicking them while they are down!

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