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Best Xfinity Internet Deals Right Now

Xfinity is the best internet provider out there. They've thought of everything and their customer service team will go above and beyond to help you with anything, so why not switch? Their deals only last until Oct 11th 2021 though! Don't miss your chance:

With internet speeds, streaming app access and cable television that is nearly unmatched — not to mention home phone service as well! Xfinity has a lot going for them with features like:

Xfinity Communications Discounts

Xfinity offers many discounts to its subscribers, which is an attractive advantage. However the downside of this are that XFINITY requires a contract for the best rates and these typically last one or two years with no early termination fee! Among their promotions includes:

The first discount being 20% off just about everything in your bill each month if you subscribe between now and December 31st - not bad right? But there's more.

Xfinity also offers benefits to college students, teachers, and military personnel:

Xfinity Bundle Deals

Xfinity has a variety of plans to suit your needs, no matter how many people are in the household. Plans can be bundled with cable TV and home phone for just $80 per month!

Plan name Monthly Price Deal
Choice TV Select Double Play $44.99-$60
  • Up to 100 Mbps
  • 10+ channels
  • 20 hours DVR + HD
  • Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available)
X1 Saver Pro+ Double Play $69.99
  • Up to 200 Mbps
  • 125+ channels
  • 20 hours DVR + HD
  • Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available)
X1 Starter Pro+ Double Play $94.99
  • Up to 400 Mbps
  • 125+ channels
  • DVR + HD included
  • Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available)
X1 Preferred Pro+ Double Play $104.99
  • Up to 800 Mbps
  • 185+ channels
  • DVR + HD included
  • Up to 1-year contract (no contract plans available)

Arguably, the best bundle deals are in X1 Premier Pro+ packages if you’re an avid HBO Max or Netflix watcher. But for people on a budget who want to watch their favorite TV shows without breaking too many bank accounts each month there's plenty of other options available. The cheaper plans offer enough speed for at least five viewers while also having variety channels that satisfy any viewer with less than $100 per year!

If you're looking for a triple play deal including home phone and security service, expect to pay about $20 more than what's listed above. Keep in mind that Xfinity’s wifi-enabled packages only come with internet speeds up to 600Mbps - so if your plan doesn't meet this requirement, don't get too excited!

How to Lower Your Xfinity Bill

Xfinity's pricing is low for a reason. You may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere, but you'll have an easier time understanding what fees are included in their packages if they're not shrouded by hidden charges like those from other providers!

  1. Purchase your own router : Buying a router is one of the most complicated tasks for people who are getting started with home networking. A lot of people find it difficult because there are so many options to choose from and they don’t know which one would work best for them. Fortunately, Xfinity has created a guide to help you purchase your own router.
  2. Sign a one- or two-year contract : Xfinity has a one-year contract plan which costs $99. It also offers two-year plans which cost $199 each month. If you sign up for these contracts you get Xfinity’s digital voice services free for the duration of the contract, including the first 6 months.
  3. Avoid add-on services : You may not need the Xfinity Home Security service if you have services that are external to your internet connection, such as security systems like ADT or SimpliSafe. It’s better for one's finances and sanity in this day-and age of hacking attacks to skip adding another line item onto their plan without even considering what they will cost monthly!
  4. Only purchase TV if you watch it daily : This has been one of the biggest upsells that is hard to say ‘no’. But it's becoming easier with streaming! Xfinity makes this happen by providing you free access through Peacock and now unless we're talking about die-hard television buffs, then uncheck those two boxes when subscribing as standard customer (don't worry - no extra cost).

Frequently Asked Questions about XFINITY from Comcast

How much is Comcast Xfinity Internet by itself?

On average, Comcast Xfinity internet prices range from $35-50 per month. These rates may vary depending on location and promotional deals.

What is the regular price for Xfinity Triple Play?

The price for the Triple Play varies by state and can vary depending on what plan you choose. If you are looking to buy the Triple Play in the state of New York, it will cost $149.99/month or $179.99/month if it includes digital voice (such as phone).

Does Xfinity offer free installation?

Xfinity offers free installation services to customers who have a good credit history and an active account. These services include basic installation, set-top box, and WiFi.

Can you bundle Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is the perfect way to get mobile internet on your budget. You can bundle it with X1 TV service and receive up $400 in savings, making this deal even more appealing!

How can I get a better deal from Comcast?

The Comcast cancellations/retention department is your best bet for a better deal. You'll often find that they offer a more competitive rate than other services and will work with you if needed!

How much does Xfinity cost after 12 months?

The final price of Xfinity plans for existing customers varies depending on the promotion you sign up for. You can expect an increase in prices by 20 to 40%. Sometimes, when they hear that there is already someone who uses their service and would like cheaper rates than what's currently available through automatic phone calls or email messages; many providers will reduce costs if contacted directly via phone call with no need of filling out any forms!

How do I get the best Xfinity deals?

The Xfinity allows you to find the best deals on your favorite TV packages. You can select your location, provider, and specific package. It doesn't hurt to be proactive in finding out when they are offering a new deal.

How often are Xfinity deals available?

Xfinity deals are available all year round, but there are certain days during the year when more deals are promoted.

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