Xfinity Blast Internet

Xfinity Blast Internet provides the ultimate streaming
experience, delivering lightning-fast speeds up to 600 Mbps.

Xfinity Blast Internet

Xfinity Blast internet offers the ultimate online experience with incredible speeds of up to 600 Mbps allowing everyone at home to engage in seamless streaming, gaming, and work-from-home activities all at once. Enjoy stress-free entertainment for you and your family today with Xfinity's powerful yet affordable plan. Get the Xfinity Blast! Plan to make sure everyone in your family can be online at once; whether that means streaming movies, working from home, or watching live games- you won't miss a beat. With its incredibly robust network and lightning speeds, Xfinity Blast delivers on promises with features designed to provide big value along with simple solutions that make it easy for users to stay connected.

Xfinity Blast Internet

What is the Xfinity Blast internet package?

Xfinity’s Blast high-speed internet plan is accessible to East Coast residents in several states, with the best coverage areas centered around Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Washington DC, and Maine. Get connected faster today for an unparalleled browsing experience.

Get blazing-fast Xfinity blast internet speed up to 600 Mbps and save instantly. Enjoy a two-year price lock after the initial cost of just $59.99/mo, which includes an automatic payment and paperless billing discount - no contract required! After 24 months you'll enjoy regular rates for future savings in the Northeast at only $103.95/month.

Xfinity Blast internet speed and pricing

Plan name


Download speeds

Upload speeds

Starting price

Xfinity Blast


600 Mbps

20 Mbps


Fees and equipment

Customers will pay the initial price for internet service, plus a few extras. Equipment costs, installation fees, and potential data overage charges may all factor into the total cost of their subscription!

Equipment: Xfinity By Comcast offers customers the option to rent both a Wi-Fi device and Xfinity Elite service. If they choose, it's only $14/mo for xFi and up to a maximum of $25/mo for their ultimate experience with elite access.

Installation: Xfinity offers customers a chance to save money by taking advantage of free, self-installation. Opting out of professional installation can help you avoid the hefty $40 fee.

Data caps: Xfinity internet plans come with a generous 1.2TB/mo data cap, allowing for an abundance of online activity before charges kick in - up to $50 extra per month if you exceed the limit!

Should I get the Xfinity Blast internet package?

Xfinity Blast is the perfect plan for your family if you're looking to stay connected. Count up all the internet-connected devices in your home, then think about what types of activities everyone does online - streaming shows, playing video games, and more. The Xfinity speed test can help determine just how fast a connection you need so that there's enough bandwidth to go around at peak times. Make sure everyone has access to their favorite entertainment with blazing speeds from Xfinity Blast!

Slower upload speeds with Xfinity Blast!

Xfinity is a great choice for fast download speeds, but its upload rates may not be sufficient if you plan to do extensive gaming online or frequently host large video meetings. Zoom has suggested around 4 Mbps of upload speed as the minimum requirement when several people are taking part in one conversation. Xfinity Blast provides 20 Mbps which might be enough depending on how many devices will connect at once; larger households should consider other plans with higher uploading capabilities if they want smooth and uninterrupted conferencing sessions.

How Xfinity Blast! measures up against other Xfinity packages?

Residents of the Northeast region can find incredible value in Xfinity packages. The Performance Pro plan costs as little as $39.99/mo., delivering a reliable 300 Mbps connection, while Extreme Pro jumps up to 900 Mbps for just an extra ten bucks! Don't miss out on this amazing deal – check and see what's available from Xfinity today! 

Bundle and save on Xfinity Blast! Internet

Get more bang for your buck with Xfinity's Bundled Services! With blast speeds, double and triple service bundles that you create yourself are a great way to save money on your monthly bills. Plus, it simplifies everything into one easy bill - saving time too! Get the same fast internet at an even better price when you bundle up with Xfinity.

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