About HughesNet

  • Hughes Network is a subsidiary of EchoStar, a satellite and internet services provider in USA.
  • Hughesnet is the name given to Hughes Network Systems’ high-speed satellite internet service.
  • As of 2021, Hughesnet became the largest provider of satellite internet in the United States.
  • Hughesnet saw annual revenue of $1.42 billion in 2021.
  • Though it primarily serves subscribers in the United States, Hughesnet expanded to Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador between 2018 and 2021.

HughesNet Availability

As a satellite provider, HughesNet is able to offer its service virtually anywhere with an unobstructed view of the southern sky. This means that they can provide coverage for places like Alaska and Puerto Rico where transmitting equipment are located!

The main issue with HughesNet availability isn’t whether or not it can reach you, but rather the type of space that houses your reception dish. Trees and buildings in close proximity will cause some problems for getting a clear signal from satellites. Luckily since this company primarily caters to rural customers who might live anywhere outside major cities where tall structures block signals more often than they would on city streets, finding an open area without any obstacles should not pose too much difficulty!

HughesNet Network Caveats

Satellite internet from HughesNet has a few quirks potential customers should be aware of, but it's worth the hassle!

Data limits: Satellite internet is perfect for customers who want an affordable, fuss-free way to get online. Not only does it have better download speeds than most other services but HughesNet also provides one speed regardless of your plan size so there are no limits on how much data you use in a month!

Binge hours: satellite internet is fast, but it's not always enough. In order to provide an optimal experience for its customers and meet their demands as they grow with usage patterns over time, HughesNet offers one speed that can be shared across multiple devices no matter what plan you choose so everyone wins!

Minimum contracts:As HughesNet knows that satellite bandwidth is limited, they provide one speed to all their customers. They do this in order for you not experience any interruptions or slowdowns on your internet connection with the company's high-speed network which can be costly if it were not available at an affordable price!

HughesNet Technology

We all know how the internet has revolutionized our lives. But what if your connection is slow? With satellite internet, you can get a high-speed data stream to any part of home without worrying about latency or other disruptions that come with traditional ISPs like Charter Spectrum! The key component in this service are those three “Hookers” up there on orbital paths around Earth—the transmitters sending data down below while someone else picks it up at their house through dish(es). Nowadays most people do not even need these devices anymore because they have cable providers offering symmetrical upload/download speeds which means every bit counts so check out HughesNet today & start saving time !

Quick Look at HughesNet Plans, Prices, and Fees

If you're looking to save on your internet bill, HughesNet is the company for you! Not only do they offer competitive rates and fast speeds but their plans are also unique because there isn't much difference between them. You can choose from one of three options: Super HD Plan with 1TB data cap ($149/month), Ultimate Internet option which includes 500 GB at full speed + 2000 Kbps email allowance; Gold Special Offer--comes with 100GB.

  • Speeds up to: 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload
  • Setup: $99.00 (Includes lease setup fee. Standard installation is free.)
  • Modem w/ Wi-Fi: $14.99/mo
  • Contract Term: Two years with up to $400 ETF
  • Data Caps: from 10 GB/mo to 50 GB/mo
  • Price: from $59.99/mo to $149.99/mo
  • 50 GB/mo of additional data to use during off-peak hours (2 a.m.–8 a.m.)

HughesNet is a great choice for those who have limited data caps, especially if you plan on using the internet mostly to stream video content from Hulu or Netflix. In addition, Huesnet provides two other ways of getting more bandwidth: an ad-free version ($30/ month) and “Unlimited Data” plans at different speeds which start as low as 3 Mpbs (megabits per second).

HughesNet Bonus Data

HughesNet’s “Bonus Data” system allows all customers to use 50 GB of additional data per month. The catch here is that it has to be used between 2 am and 8 am, when the fewest people are competing for bandwidth! Typically gamers or techies take advantage by scheduling updates during this time period so they don't slow down game play with big downloads in less competitive hours.

HughesNet Data Tokens

In addition to their amazing bonus data program, HughesNet also offers “data tokens” allowing customers the option of purchasing additional usage if they run out. Unlike many wired providers who will fine or even cut off customers who use too much internet at once; however,Hughesnet simply slows them down (aka throttling) so as not prioritize those with less remaining bandwidth in their plan's allowance - this ensures everyone gets equal access!

For more details, read our HughesNet Plans and Pricing page.

HughesNet Customer Service

HughesNet offers great customer service. If you need to talk with someone, their support line can be reached at (844) 905-5050 and the retention department is also available through this same number for those looking towards canceling or returning equipment they’ve rented from Hughes Net's services

Hughes net provides impeccable after sales care by providing 24X7 assistance in case of any issues regarding your account; whether its a minor query about billing cycle timing or something more serious such as wanting add/remove residential gateway devices which will provide seamless connectivity between home networks.

Availability by State

State Population Covered Max Speed
Alabama 4,779,736 25mbps
Alaska 710,231 25mbps
Arizona 6,392,017 25mbps
Arkansas 2,915,918 25mbps
California 37,253,956 25mbps
Colorado 5,029,196 25mbps
Connecticut 3,574,097 25mbps
Delaware 897,934 25mbps
District of Columbia 601,723 25mbps
Florida 18,801,310 25mbps
Georgia 9,687,653 25mbps
Hawaii 1,360,301 25mbps
Idaho 1,567,582 25mbps
Illinois 12,830,632 25mbps
Indiana 6,483,802 25mbps
Iowa 3,046,355 25mbps
Kansas 2,853,118 25mbps
Kentucky 4,339,367 25mbps
Louisiana 4,533,372 25mbps
Maine 1,328,361 25mbps
Maryland 5,773,552 25mbps
Massachusetts 6,547,629 25mbps
Michigan 9,883,640 25mbps
Minnesota 5,303,925 25mbps
Mississippi 2,967,297 25mbps
Missouri 5,988,927 25mbps
Montana 989,415 25mbps
Nebraska 1,826,341 25mbps
Nevada 2,700,551 25mbps
New Hampshire 1,316,470 25mbps
New Jersey 8,791,894 25mbps
New Mexico 2,059,179 25mbps
New York 19,378,102 25mbps
North Carolina 9,535,483 25mbps
North Dakota 672,591 25mbps
Ohio 11,536,504 25mbps
Oklahoma 3,751,351 25mbps
Oregon 3,831,074 25mbps
Pennsylvania 12,702,379 25mbps
Puerto Rico 0 25mbps
Rhode Island 1,052,567 25mbps
South Carolina 4,625,364 25mbps
South Dakota 814,180 25mbps
Tennessee 6,346,105 25mbps
Texas 25,145,561 25mbps
Utah 2,763,885 25mbps
Vermont 625,741 25mbps
Virgin Islands 0 25mbps
Virginia 8,001,024 25mbps
Washington 6,724,540 25mbps
West Virginia 1,852,994 25mbps
Wisconsin 5,686,986 25mbps
Wyoming 563,626 25mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about HughesNet

Is HughesNet available in my area?

HughesNet is an internet service provider that provides high-quality internet service throughout the US.

Is HughesNet better than DSL?

HughesNet is a satellite internet provider that has been in the internet service business for more than two decades. DSL, on the other hand, is a broadband service that uses copper wire or fiber-optic cable to provide high-speed Internet access.

Is HughesNet unlimited?

HughesNet plans are currently subject to data limits. Once these are reached, your speeds may be reduced in times of peak traffic. These internet packages start as low as $39.99.