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Windstream Services Available in Below States

About Windstream

Windstream is a telecommunications company that offers high-speed internet and telephone services. It was founded in North Carolina in 1989 and now has locations across the US.

It offers services like broadband and phone service. Windstream has a network of more than 100,000 miles and more than 700,000 customers in 24 states and Washington, D.C.

Windstream is a data-centric company that offers solutions to help businesses and individuals who need reliable communications.

Windstream also has a wide range of products in the field of business communications that includes voice, video conferencing, unified communications, security systems and more!

Expert Overview of Windstream’s Services

Windstream is a DSL provider in Georgia, Texas and Kentucky and other 47 state of USA. They also offer fiber and fixed wireless to select areas of these states as well. While the company currently focuses on business services such VoIP Cloud hosting for data storage needs; they have residential broadband plans which include Internet Television service bundles at discount pricing when ordered together - making it easier than ever before for families get connected without breaking your budget! Windstream also focus on services to design for business needs. They have special plans and packages for business needs.

Windstream DSL Network

Windstream is a Internet company that provides DSL Internet to millions of people. They offer their services to the public at affordable rates. The company has many different plans and providers for all types of customers - beginners, gamers, enterprise, small business owners etc.Windstream offers their services to millions of people in the United States and Canada, providing them with competitive prices and high-speed Internet access. These services are accessible through phone lines or using an Ethernet cable into your personal computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet etc.Windstream is one of the most reliable internet services providers in the industry because they offer fast speeds with no downtime or interruptions during peak hours.

Windstream “Kinetic” Internet

Windstream Services launched Kinetic Internet in 2017. Using Kinetic Internet, customers can enjoy high-speed internet service without any wires.Windstream Kinetic Internet is a revolutionary product that ambitiously changed the way Windstream services are delivered to its customers. The new technology has transformed the company into a new age ISP with a transformative wireless technology for delivering high-speed internet service anywhere in rural America. The Kinetic Service is provided through advanced infrastructure and advanced wireless technology, which makes it possible for customers to have fast, reliable internet service anywhere in rural America without having to deal with overpriced wired networks.

Windstream Internet Service Rating

Windstream offers a variety of high-speed internet options for customers. The company is well known for its excellent customer service, and its website provides a wide range of services for customers. Windstream Internet offers a wide range of services to ensure that their customers have a great experience with the company. They call this "customer first" approach. Windstream has been making investments in technology and infrastructure to make sure that their network is reliable and fast.

Windstream Corporate Structure

Through a merger in 2006, Windstream was born. The company initially started out as Alltel’s landline phone division and then grew to include Valor Communications Group before merging with EarthLink communications last year which left them officially known as "Wind" Stream Holdings Incorporated (WSI). They now own all of your home telephone needs under one brand - including high speed internet services for those who need it most!

Windstream Availability

Windstream is a major Internet Services Provider in the United States. According to their business, they provide reliable high-speed internet connections with various plans and pricing packages. Windstream provides services in 40+ states of the US, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The company has data centers in Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Washington State. Windstream has expanded its services to include voice phone calls at $29 per month for unlimited nationwide calling on landline numbers included in your service plan.

Windstream Customer Service

If you have technical questions about your Windstream service, the best place to call in is at (844) 905-5050. Likewise if looking to cancel completely with them or just need some advice on cancelling an Internet contract; their business customer support line can be reached by dialing 8am - 7pm Monday through Friday and 24/7 Saturday until Sunday evening during normal operating hours except holidays when they are closed.

Windstream Customer Reviews

The Windstream Customer Reviews are a marketplace for customer reviews of the company’s products. Customers can leave reviews about their experiences with Windstream and the service they had with them.

Windstream have been collecting customer reviews since 2010 and have seen a huge spike in interest from customers to share their feedback on their company's product. This has led to an increase in traffic and social media shares.

Availability by State

State Population Covered Max Speed
Alabama 147,444 1000mbps
Alaska 502 1000mbps
Arizona 59,285 1000mbps
Arkansas 279,503 1000mbps
California 535,449 1000mbps
Colorado 32,064 1000mbps
Connecticut 125,782 1000mbps
Delaware 24,521 1000mbps
District of Columbia 19,749 1000mbps
Florida 745,531 1000mbps
Georgia 1,701,885 1000mbps
Hawaii 7,712 1000mbps
Idaho 3,548 1000mbps
Illinois 149,292 1000mbps
Indiana 45,999 1000mbps
Iowa 547,023 1000mbps
Kansas 28,148 1000mbps
Kentucky 1,253,454 1000mbps
Louisiana 37,645 1000mbps
Maine 19,480 1000mbps
Maryland 139,237 1000mbps
Massachusetts 200,246 1000mbps
Michigan 136,052 1000mbps
Minnesota 142,772 1000mbps
Mississippi 49,867 1000mbps
Missouri 187,341 1000mbps
Montana 860 1000mbps
Nebraska 479,497 1000mbps
Nevada 46,981 1000mbps
New Hampshire 34,663 1000mbps
New Jersey 138,311 1000mbps
New Mexico 191,366 1000mbps
New York 728,213 1000mbps
North Carolina 1,117,590 1000mbps
North Dakota 942 1000mbps
Ohio 744,596 1000mbps
Oklahoma 355,154 1000mbps
Oregon 15,972 1000mbps
Pennsylvania 925,739 1000mbps
Rhode Island 1,041,359 1000mbps
South Carolina 195,166 1000mbps
South Dakota 1,559 1000mbps
Tennessee 74,953 1000mbps
Texas 1,341,684 1000mbps
Utah 29,004 1000mbps
Vermont 16,087 1000mbps
Virginia 209,774 1000mbps
Washington 31,934 1000mbps
West Virginia 4,050 1000mbps
Wisconsin 40,899 1000mbps
Wyoming 1,206 1000mbps

Frequently Asked Questions about Windstream

1. What is Windstream Kinetic Internet?

Kinetic by Windstream is an excellent service that provides fast and reliable internet access. It uses the latest fiber-optic technology to ensure top speeds, which are only available in selected areas currently but will be expanding soon!

2. How much will Windstream Internet cost each month?

The charges of your Windstream internet connection will depend on the package that you have selected and speed. The more data, the higher price per GB - but if it's a Bundle Package with home phone service then there are discounts!

3. What is the data limit on Windstream internet?

With the fast and reliable Kinetic Windstream Internet you can download as much data from your internet connection, whatever speed or package it may be.

4. Is Windstream a fiber-optic internet?

Yes, the Kinetic internet by Windstream is a fiber-optic connection. However it's not always available to everyone but they are expanding their reach!

5. Do I need to sign any contracts?

Windstream internet does not require you to sign up for any contractual terms. You are free to keep their services as long as you want, and they won't charge extra every month!

6. Will I get any discount on Windstream services?

Windstream internet does not require you to sign up for any contractual terms. You are free to keep their services as long as you want, and they won't charge extra every month!