YouTube Premium vs YouTube TV

  • Posted on: 09 Sep 2022
    YouTube Premium vs YouTube TV

  • YouTube Premium and YouTube TV are two different offerings from the world's most popular video-sharing website. They both have their own unique features, but they also share some similarities in terms of pricing & specifications too!

    Do you want to watch videos on the internet? If so, there are several different subscriptions that suit your needs.

    YouTube Premium is a great option for those who use YouTube to stream videos and listen to music. You'll be able to watch even when using other apps or download them so you can view them later! This also works well if your Sling TV subscription includes Hulu with Live TV as well- it's an excellent addition to any household arsenal of streaming devices."

    YouTube TV is the newest streaming service that offers a cost-effective alternative to cable television. This video platform has been designed with specific features in mind, like affordability and convenience for viewers who are looking forward to an excellent selection of channels without having their wallet suffer too much as well!


    YouTube Premium is a great way to get an improved experience when watching YouTube videos. You'll have access not only to the existing material on their site but also to some Originals like Hansen or Eating In Bed til' Mongolia! The service costs $11/month which isn't too bad considering how much content you can enjoy in one go with this subscription - it's definitely worth checking out if your favorite creator has joined up so they don’t miss any new episodes of whatever show he makes famous (just saying).

    YouTube TV offers you access to a completely new world of entertainment. You can still watch regular YouTube videos with this service, but it will require an online connection and not one that's local or limited by your location!

    YouTube TV offers a wide variety of channels with live coverage from major networks like ABC, Fox, and CBS as well as local PBS stations. The service also provides access to news programs such as ESPN2 or CNN which can be viewed on-demand at any time without counting towards your subscription fee while they're not broadcasting something you want to watch right then!

    YouTube TV is a great way to watch your favorite shows without the hassle of expensive cable. You can get access to Discovery (Food Network, HGTV, and Travel Channel), Disney(channel) National Geographic FX Warner Media TBS Cartoon network TNT Viacom CBS Comedy Central BET Nickelodeon among many other channels!

    YouTube Premium

    YouTube TV

    Watch videos without ad breaks

    Watch more than 85 TV channels

    Access to YouTube Music

    Access local news channels as per your zip code

    Does not offer TV channels

    Includes YouTube Originals and Movies

    The Last Words

    Should I go for YouTube Premium?

    YouTube Premium might not be the best deal in town. With only two original shows and no other perks, it's difficult to justify paying more than $11/month for this service when there are cheaper alternatives out there that offer superior value like YouTube Music (which comes with ads) or even just listening through Google Play Music All Access which has unlimited streaming music AND lets you download songs offline! YouTube Music Premium is a great service that offers you access to millions of songs. If your favorite part about it is the ability for offline listening, then pay $9/month extra as an additional fee and get rid of any distractions so only good quality sound comes out!

    YouTube Premium offers more features than other similar subscriptions, so if you're looking for an application that can do everything from helping with compression to providing additional support in terms of stabilization and color correction then this may be worth checking out.

    Should I go for YouTube TV?

    Casual YouTube users should not pay for a Premium subscription because none of the features are new. However, if you spend your time watching movies and want more capabilities like third-party applications or plugins can offer then it might be worth considering paying up to get access integrated into one platform with ease!

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