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Verizon Internet Plans

Upto 300 Mbps

Verizon 300 Mbps Internet


  • Connection: Fiber
  • Modem: Modem w/ WiFi included.
  • $49.99/mo regular rate
  • With Auto Pay. Fios plan prices include taxes & fees.
  • 2-year price guarantee

Upto 500 Mbps

Verizon 500 Mbps Internet


  • Connection: Fiber
  • Modem: Modem w/ WiFi included.
  • $69.99/mo regular rate
  • With Auto Pay. Fios plan prices include taxes & fees.
  • 3-year price guarantee

Upto 940 Mbps

Fios Gigabit Connection


  • Connection: Fiber
  • Modem: Modem w/ WiFi included.
  • $89.99/mo regular rate
  • With Auto Pay. Fios plan prices include taxes & fees.
  • Disney+ for 6 months
  • 4-year price guarantee

Overview of Verizon Deals

Verizon is a popular internet service provider that offers some of the most powerful unlimited plans in the market. The carrier boasts of amazing coverage, tons of hotspot data, and flexible family plan options. For customers who are looking for a wireless provider with multiple plans and customizable family options, Verizon Wireless is definitely an option worth considering. With the Welcome Unlimited plan, users can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data.

Verizon internet plans for home

Verizon 5G Home Internet has revolutionized the way people access the internet from their homes. Powered by the ultra-fast 5G Ultra Wideband network, it provides remarkable performance and speed. Plans start at just $50/month, and customers with select 5G mobile plans can avail themselves of this service with Auto Pay. With the option to have a router for every room in the house, every user can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. Additionally, Verizon offers a seamless setup process to ensure a hassle-free installation. With download speeds of up to 300Mbps and dependable network coverage, the 5G Home Internet plan offers internet reimagined. Overall, Verizon has unleashed an innovative solution that provides customers with unparalleled internet services.

Upto 300 Mbps

Verizon 5G Home


  • Connection: Fixed Wireless
  • Modem: Modem w/ WiFi included
  • $50/mo regular rate
  • Requires Autopay. $25/mo with Autopay and select mobile plans. $60/mo without Autopay.
  • 2-year Price Guarantee

Upto 1 Gbps

Verizon 5G Home Plus


  • Connection: Fixed Wireless
  • Modem: Modem w/ WiFi included.
  • $70/mo regular rate
  • With Auto Pay. Fios plan prices include taxes & fees.
  • 3-year Price Guarantee

Verizon Internet-only Plan

Upto 15 Mbps

Verizon Internet


  • Connection: DSL
  • Modem: Modem w/ WiFi: $99.99 one-time purchase
  • $40/mo regular rate
  • For 1 year plus taxes, equipment charges & other fees.

Upto 15 Mbps

High Speed Internet Enhanced + Freedom Essentials


  • Connection: DSL
  • $75.99/mo regular rate
  • For 1 year plus taxes, equipment charges & other fees. Verizon home phone service required.

Verizon Internet Discounts

Verizon is a telecommunications giant that offers internet discounts to qualified customers through various programs. One such program is the Lifeline program, which offers discounts to eligible low-income customers for home phone service and internet plans. Another program is the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides discounts to households that meet specific criteria. First responders and military personnel can also take advantage of discounts between $5 and $15 off certain plans. Customers who require more bandwidth can get a gigabit connection for just $50 per month with the ACP discount. With these offerings, Verizon is providing affordable solutions for customers who are looking for quality internet at a lower cost.

Verizon internet plans for seniors

Get Verizon internet plans for seniors, including the Verizon Forward Program for eligible customers who have ACP applied to an LTE Home, 5G Home, or Fios Mix & Match internet plan. While Verizon only offers discounts to seniors for their Unlimited phone plans, there are affordable internet deals available, such as the $10 per month plan featuring up to 50Mbps download speed. If a senior qualifies for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), they may also be eligible for free Verizon Fios internet service. Additionally, Verizon's 55 Unlimited Plan is an attractive option with features and benefits such as unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $60 per month for one line or $80 per month for two lines. It is important to note that leasing equipment for Verizon High Speed Internet plans will cost around $15 per month, but seniors can avoid this fee by using their own equipment. Overall, Verizon offers affordable and competitive internet plans suitable for the needs and budgets of seniors.

Verizon fios deals new customers

Verizon, with over 15 million homes and businesses as customers, offers an array of packages for new customers. With Fios Mix & Match, new customers can select a plan that best fits their needs, without any contracts or surprises. The most popular deals for new customers include The Most Fios TV package, priced at $119.00 per month, and the Gigabit Connection package at $89.99 per month. Newcomers also enjoy special discounts such as a free installation with select packages and $300 off on Bang's Stream TV Soundbar. Additionally, for Verizon wireless unlimited plan holders, they can save $10 off their Fios and Wireless bill, providing them with a total discount of $20. For First Responders, Verizon Fios has quality home internet plans starting at just $20 per month. Finally, for budget-friendly options, a fantastic deal that's currently available is the Fios 300/300 Internet package for $49.99 per month, making it a great fit for those looking for internet on a budget.

Verizon fios deals for existing customers

Verizon offers a plethora of deals for their existing customers who are looking to renew their contract, upgrade their internet speed or add additional features. For instance, customers can get a $79.99 a month deal when they combine the 200 Mbps deal with a Wireless Unlimited plan. Moreover, customers can save up to $40 a month on their Verizon Wireless if they have 2 lines and pay $80 a month instead of $120. Additionally, existing Verizon customers can enjoy an exclusive offer of pairing their Verizon Wireless and Verizon Fios services together to get $20 per month off their bill. Moreover, U.S. active duty, veterans, retirees, national guard, and reservists can save up to $120/year on Fios Triple Play, $60/year on Fios Double Play, and $60/year on their Fios internet service. Furthermore, customers can also browse a variety of Fios TV packages and test drive them with options of watching 125 to 425 channels starting from $75.00/month. Customers can also avail themselves of a free Walmart Plus subscription for 12 months or receive a free $100 Verizon gift card. Verizon Fios is committed to providing the best and most affordable services to its valued customers.

Verizon internet student discount

Verizon is offering discounts on its Fios Home Internet plans for college students who are actively enrolled and at least 16 years old. Depending on the plan and combination of services, students can save up to $10 a month or receive up to a 20% discount on their monthly bill. Additionally, they can receive up to $25 per month off on select Unlimited cellular plans. To take advantage of these offers, students must verify their enrollment status externally or use UNiDAYS. Verizon also offers a $20 monthly discount for current Verizon Wireless unlimited plan users who switch to Fios. Verizon's student discounts are an excellent way for college students to save money on essential services while enjoying the best deals on the latest devices, exciting entertainment, and other perks that come with 5G Unlimited mobile plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Verizon Deals

1. What internet plans does Verizon offer?

Verizon offers three different Fios internet plans ranging in price from $49.99 to $89.99 per month, depending on the selected speed, and 5G Home and LTE Home internet plans starting at $25 per month when combined with select mobile plans.

2. Is Verizon's internet service available in all areas?

Verizon's internet services are available in select areas.

3. Are there any discounts available on Verizon's internet plans?

Yes, customers can save up to $20 per month with Verizon Unlimited and Fios Gigabit Connection plans when they enroll in Verizon Up. Verizon is also participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides eligible households with internet service discounts.

4. Can customers get internet-only plans with Verizon Fios?

Yes, Verizon Fios offers internet-only plans starting at $49.99 per month.

5. What is the download and upload speed for Fios' best plan?

Fios' best plan, the Gigabit connection, offers up to 940 Mbps of download speed and 880 Mbps of upload speed.

6. Does Verizon charge additional taxes and fees on top of their plan prices?

No, Verizon's Fios plan prices include taxes and fees.

7. What is the limited-time offer mentioned in Verizon's advertisement?

Customers can get internet services starting at $25 per month when combining with an existing 5G Do More, 5G Play More, 5G Get More or One Unlimited for iPhone mobile plan and enrolling in Auto Pay. Exclusions apply.