The Complete Beginners Guide to TV Streaming

  • Posted on: 15 Sep 2022
    The Complete Beginners Guide to TV Streaming

  • When you want to stream TV, a few things will make life easier. For starters- an internet connection and a suitable device for streaming, but most importantly -something good enough in quality so as not to give up before even getting started!

    Streaming services are becoming the go-to for people who want to watch TV without commercials. Whereas broadcast and basic cable only have about one show per week that's not licensed off iTunes, Netflix has over 80 original series with no ads between them! And this isn't just true here in America. It's also happening worldwide as more consumers switch from traditional pay television packages toward streaming models. Because they can offer access at lower cost points than what you would typically find through your local cable company or satellite provider (though there may still be some exceptions).

    Streaming might be your best bet if you're looking for something new to watch but don't want the hassle or expense of buying an entire season on iTunes. There are hundreds (and I mean THAT many) options, so how do we choose? Well, let me tell you! Here's what will help make things easier.

    What is streaming TV?

    Streaming TV is a great way to watch your favorite shows without worrying about when they're on. You can watch them on your own time, and there's no need to record them! Streaming TV is an excellent option if you don't have cable. Check out the best streaming TV services below. You can choose to stream from tv using the tv provider.

    Everything you need to start streaming

    With the right tools, you can stream TV from your living room. All that's left to do is invest in some simple equipment and get started!

    Fast internet

    A happy streaming experience starts with a strong internet service provider. In our guide to speeds, we recommend the following minimums for various types of streams:

    • To stream videos in standard definition (SD), at least 3 Mbps is recommended.
    • To stream videos in high definition (HD), at least 5 Mbps is recommended.
    • To stream videos in HDRor 4K, at least 25 Mbps is recommended.

    High definition is the Streaming of choice for most people these days.

    The last time a TV show was broadcasted in SD is 2014, and most TVs started being manufactured around 2009 when the FCC mandated that all signals be transmitted digitally.

    Netflix offers an SD plan to promote its lower starting price, but most streaming services do not offer this video quality anymore.

    4K TVs are the ultimate symbol of good taste. Mastering their art requires a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of how internet connections work, so only those who truly master this world could hope to own one!

    Except for 3D TVs, most televisions are still categorized as “HD”. It would help if you aimed for download speeds that range between 5 and 10 Mbps, depending on how many people want access simultaneously. To test your current upload preceded speed, quickly use this online tool!

    A streaming device, smart TV, or gaming console

    The three most popular ways to stream your favorite shows are through services like SlingTV, Hulu Live TV, and FuboTV. Each service has unique features that you’ll want if they meet what kind of viewing habits you have. Still, all offer an easy way for cord-cutters (people who cancel their cable packages) or those looking to cut back on spending without sacrificing quality!

    1. Streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV have gained momentum in the last few years. These small, inexpensive pieces of hardware can be plugged into your TV's HDMI port to allow you to watch videos and every streaming service imaginable! With these apps available on the device and through various web browsers or mobile applications, such options may seem limited by some people's tastes--though there is no argument against choice when it comes down to here at home, Netflix’s vs. HBO NOWs).
    2. Streaming services are becoming more popular as Americans turn to intelligent TVs for online entertainment. 31% of those surveyed use this method, and if you've bought a new TV in the past 10 years at least some part is likely considered "smart." Unfortunately, there can be issues integrating all your desired apps with what comes pre-installed on these devices. Often, no way exists outside of upgrading software or buying extra hardware like hard drives.
    3. Gaming consoles can indeed be used for streaming video. However, if you don't already own one, it’s not worth spending $300 or more just to do so!

    Should I get a streaming device if I already have a smart TV?

    The best thing about using a streaming device rather than your TV's built-in options? The ability to access more services and a more accessible interface.

    Most smart TVs come pre-installed with a few streaming apps, but you might not be able to add any more. If your favorite show isn't on the list and Disney+ isn't available for purchase through an app store or website from their site, then there's no way around it -you'll miss out!

    The best thing about streaming devices is that they make switching between your favorite apps easy. You can search for movies, TV shows, or even music using one device and then find what you're looking for quickly without having another tab open in the browser!

    Jaws is free with a subscription to HBO Max but also rentable through apps like Amazon Video and Vudu. That saves you time searching through individual movie app stores and the money that would have been spent on renting this film had it been part of one of your subscriptions already!

    How to start streaming?

    1. Plug in your streaming device

    You can skip down to the next step using a smart TV. Most streaming devices plug into your television's HDMI port and usually come with power outlets so that everything is set up for use right away when it's time! The first thing Those will need to do, though, before following any instructions on the screen is plug them in where they fit best and then switch over from whichever input was chosen at the initial setup (sometimes this might be an optical audio jack).

    2. Connect to the internet

    To get started with streaming, you'll need to plug in your device and sign into the Wi-Fi network. Some devices like Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K have an Ethernet connection that can connect them directly through their internet modem for a more reliable flow of data while using this type of hardware as well!

    3. Sign in to streaming apps

    Downloading movies and TV shows from niche streaming services like Shudder can be challenging, but it's not impossible.

    The best way to do this would probably depend on what kind of content you want access to; if, say, Netflix isn't cutting it for your needs, there might be another option out there that will meet all those desires!

    On-demand streaming services

    The best streaming services are in this category. They generally cost around $10/mo., come with a seven-day free trial, and give you access to thousands of TV shows or movies through their library! There's no need for any other service because these have everything anyone could want when it comes down to having fun on your computer at home alone after school.

    Streaming bundle


    Disney Plus + Hulu + ESPN+ bundle


    Netflix Standard + Hulu (with ads)


    Netflix Standard + Disney+


    Netflix Standard + Prime Video + Hulu (with ads)


    Netflix Standard + Prime Video + HBO Max


    Free streaming services

    With streaming services becoming increasingly popular, dozens of free options are now available to watch TV shows or movies. Most of these have excellent selections that would be hard to find on cable television--although you will have to sit through some ads while doing so!

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