Centurylink vs Spectrum : Which is Better for You ?

If are you looking for a new internet provider for your home or business? You’ve got two options: spectrum or centurylink. If your area only has DSL service available then go with the company that offers it instead of specturm but if they offer fiber optic connections make sure to check out both providers because often times people get better prices from them!

If you're trying to decide between Centurylink and Spectrum as your broadband provider, you're probably wondering which one is better. Here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each internet provider to help you make a decision.

Spectrum vs. CenturyLink speeds

Spectrum’s cable internet network provides the fastest download speeds available, up to 1000 Mbps. CenturyLink's DSL service is not as fast and may only range from 3 -100Mbps depending on where you live in your particular area code( onward).

If you want the fastest speeds possible, then Spectrum’s is your best bet. With up to 1000 Mbps and at a much lower price than CenturyLink's slower Internet service options, this provider really does have what it takes for those who live in areas with limited availability of fast internet access!

Spectrum vs. CenturyLink pricing

It might look like Spectrum and CenturyLink have fairly similar pricing, but factor in the second year increase. The only plan that goes up is Gig from Gig$55-69/mo., while all other plans stay at their current price with an additional $25 per month for two years after signing a contract!

Spectrum vs. Century bundle packages

  • Starting at $89.98/mo.*
  • Internet speeds up to 200 Mbps**
  • No data cap
  • 125+ channels
century link
  • Starting at $49.99/mo.*
  • Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Data cap varies by Avilablity
  • 150+ channels

Spectrum vs. Century Availability

A recent study conducted by the cable company Spectrum found that their 1000 Mbps internet service was unavailable to customers more than it was available. In other words, customers were only able to use the internet about 50% of the time. This is compared to CenturyLink, which had an availability rate of 99.9%. So, if you're looking for a reliable internet connection, you're better off with CenturyLink.

Spectrum : Pros and Cons

Pros: Cons:

Century : Pros and Cons

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Spectrum's contract buyout program offers an easy way to save money on your monthly bill. They also have unlimited data and month-to date packages for all plans, so you don't need worry about early termination fees! With hotspots throughout the U S , Spectrum gives customers access without having any worries while traveling or if they're constantly going into work mode - because these Wi-Fi areas offer free internet anywhere there is cell service available too . It makes life easier as well since Xfinity saves its subscribers some extra cash when signing up through autopay/paperless billing options which are both great reasons why we recommend taking advantage now!

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