What Equipment is Needed for Cox Internet?

  • Posted on: 09 Jul 2024
    What Equipment is Needed for Cox Internet?

  • Cox Internet service can be established easily and requires some basic hardware to enable the connection to occur within the house. Having the necessary equipment enables one to start the process efficiently and effectively and have the full experience of Cox high-speed connection. This guide gives all the basic information that a user needs to prepare his or her home for a Cox Internet connection.

    The Modem

    The modem is the main piece of equipment that provides the Cox Internet connection. It transforms the coaxial cable line from Cox to a signal that the devices can employ to connect to the internet. To receive the optimum performance on your chosen Cox internet plan, you will need a modem that supports DOCSIS 3.0 or any higher version.

    Cox offers modem subscription services, but you may be able to buy your modem at a cheaper cost than constantly leasing. Do not choose a modem at random, without confirming that it has been tested by Cox to work with their network. Some good modem options to consider for Cox plans include:

    - Arris SURFboard SB6190
    - Motorola MB7621
    - Netgear CM1200

    First, make sure any modem fits with the details of the Cox Internet plan that any consumer subscribes to. Make sure to get one that the bandwidth speed you possess on paper does not get bottlenecked by your hardware.

    Wi-Fi Router

    Whereas the modem attaches to the coaxial cable directly indicating the incoming line from your Cox connection, the Wi-Fi router amplifies that signal to create a wireless network your phones, laptops, and tablets can join. A router makes you be able to access the internet when you are within the coverage of your home router.

    As it is the case with modems renting routers from Cox comes with an additional and avoidable monthly charge. Sorting high-quality routers for you results in good Wi-Fi signals and high speed on all connection devices. Some top-rated routers to consider for Cox Internet include:

    - Netgear Nighthawk R6700
    - TP-Link Archer AX21
    - Asus RT-AC86U

    Today’s modern Wi-Fi 6 routers are capable of delivering substantial improvements in wireless speeds and coverage areas ideal for today’s high-demand smart homes.

    Coaxial Cable

    This is through a thick coaxial cable line that connects from the outer street and right into your home. This is so because most houses have most of the wiring done for cable connection hence the inside wiring is relatively easier. If the wire does not run conveniently nearby you may need a longer piece of coaxial cable to join other equipment such as a modem.

    Splitters may also be required if you need your Cox Internet and your cable TV streams to be distinct. A splitter correctly separates one input line and offers multiple outputs so that you can connect devices without interference. Remember that splitters in general reduce the quality of the signal as the more you split the signal the weaker it gets.

    Ethernet Cable

    You may find Wi-Fi useful in terms of mobility and using your device in most parts of your home but when it comes to wired Ethernet is the best way to go for stationary equipment. That is why, it is advisable to have enough Ethernet cables (Cat 5e or Cat 6) for a home network connection setup.

    If it is a device that stays at the place where you use it, for instance, home office computer, gaming console, smart TV, etc. you should plug it directly into your router via a network cable. This helps to offload the burden on the wireless network for improved efficiency of the network as a whole. These cables may be up to 3 to 10 feet to connect with other equipment nearby.

    Coaxial Cable Connectors

    Coax cables in splitters, modems, and routers all have to be attached to a specific type of connector. The most frequently used one that you will come across is the F-connector which is screwed to the threaded portion of the coax cable. While Cat 5e cables are most of the time bundled with connectors, it is always a plus to have extras around especially when your cables are not pre-terminated when installing them and then you can connect all the devices appropriately.

    Cable TV Set-Top Box

    If you wish to subscribe to the cable TV service from Cox along with internet services, then you would need to connect the appropriate set-top boxes for your TVs. These transform the incoming cable signal into a video that your television can show. The more TVs you want to connect, the more TV set-top boxes you require.

    Currently, these set-top boxes are endowed with complex features such as voice commands and compatibility with streaming apps. It’s just that you have to pay a monthly fee to Cox for each of the boxes rented in addition to the service fees. You also have to take damaged set-top boxes from your home to a Cox retail place for replacement if necessary.

    Cable TV Remotes

    Also, cable set-top boxes incorporate their remotes to operate your TV and navigate through stations and menus. You will therefore wish to have a number of these remotes to operate features on each of the connected TVs in the houses conveniently. Trying to navigate between several existing TV remotes in combination with cable ones quickly becomes confusing and inconvenient.

    Power Protection

    It is also important to protect devices such as the modem, router, and network switches through the use of battery backup and surge protection to keep the device running. Blackouts and surges are connectivity disasters you don’t wish to encounter and both can stem from a power surge. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected with a high-powered surge protector ensures the network remains on safely in the case of electrical problems. The battery backup provides sufficient time to shut your equipment off correctly or endure more minor disturbances.

    That gives the main ideas on equipment for the Cox Internet setup process that one will need. By strictly following Cox’s setup guide once an installer gets the connection into your home, getting the services up is rather easy. And then you can start enjoying the blazing fast speeds and the better connectivity that Cox offers once you have all the requirements intact. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may wish to know concerning the topic!