What Does Cox Basic Cable Include?

  • Posted on: 09 Jul 2024
    What Does Cox Basic Cable Include?

  • Cox Communications is a leader in cable TV and internet connection services with customers in 18 states of the United States alone with a clientele of over 6 million. Cox has various packages for cable TV subscriptions and this ranges from Cox Basic Cable which is the beginning package. Here is a brief of what is offered in Cox’s basic Cable TV package.

    Channels Included

    Cox Basic Cable offers a smaller package that consists of only the most desired cable channels that range from news to entertainment and lifestyle and much more. It also changes depending on the area but generally consists of the main networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and others. Beyond the local broadcast stations, you’ll also get popular basic cable channels like:

    - A&E
    - AMC
    - Animal Planet
    - BET
    - Cartoon Network
    - CMT
    - CNN
    - Comedy Central
    - Discovery Channel
    - Disney Channel
    - E!
    - ESPN
    - Food Network
    - FX
    - Hallmark Channel
    - HGTV
    - History Channel
    - Investigation Discovery
    - Lifetime
    - MSNBC
    - MTV
    - Nickelodeon
    - TBS
    - TLC
    - TNT
    - Travel Channel
    - TV Land
    - USA
    - WE tv

    The specified number of channels is approximately 70-100+ depending on the country the service is being utilized in. Some of the major movie channels that are not available in this pack are HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax.

    Equipment Fees

    However, the Cox cable TV service provider requires customers to pay additional monthly charges for the equipment required the access to cable television. This includes:

    - The Cable box rental fee is $10 per month for every cable box.
    - Subscription cost of an HD receiver ($10 per month for 1 receiver)

    Hence, an additional $20 in fees if you are to have your TV installed and it is an HD model. They offer you the opportunity to include additional cable boxes and HD receivers for other television sets in your house for a fee that is charged every month.

    Installation Fee

    They are offering first-time consumers a standard installation fee in case they are subscribing to Cox cable TV service. Installation fee varies depending on the services subscribed to by the consumer but for basic cable, the fee is $49.99. Nevertheless, it often can be waived for some conditions, for instance, if you combine cable featuring with internet or if you agree to commit to the service at least for 1 or 2 years.

    No DVR Included

    The base package called Cox Basic Cable does not include any DVR billing service to record the shows. To be able to add a DVR to store and replay cable shows and movies whenever one wishes then one would have to go for a higher tier package.

    Is High-Definition Included?

    Cox provides many options for cable TV, and the most basic package comes with channels and content in high definition. But to watch programming in high definition, you require an HD-compatible television set and an HD receiver box from Cox, which has to be rented. However, although the actual HD capability is included in the basic package, for one to access it he or she must pay $10 monthly in equipment charges.

    Bundled Discounts

    Cox provides good offers when subscribers combine the Cox Basic Cable TV with Cox Internet or home phones. Savings are also possible through the combined packages of services, making your total monthly fees at least $31 cheaper. Thus, although basic cable on its own could amount to $25-$50 per month, the greatest benefits can be attained through packages.


    - Extremely cheap price for basic package offerings
    - Largest broadcast and most popular cable networks featured
    - It is also important to note that in its current status, HD channels and content are featured.
    - High levels of bundling discounts that firms can offer


    - The Number of channels is somewhat constrained and might be in the 70-100 range.
    - No premium channels
    - Special charges for equipment leasing
    - It does not possess a built-in DVR capacity
    - They usually offer 1 or 2-year contracts which are commonly associated with the best promo prices.

    On balance, Cox Basic Cable provides a relatively cheap package for major networks and most cable networks without containing extras. Although there may be even fewer channel choices compared to higher tiers, you’ll still get access to over 70 of the most-watched and important entertainment, news, and lifestyle channels. With Internet or phone services bundled with Cox basic cable, plus Cox promotional prices and Cox cable contract prices, the competition is good, although the Cox cable channels are certainly not vast, the Cox cable DVR is also inaccessible.