Is Cox Internet Worth it?

  • Posted on: 03 Jul 2024
    Is Cox Internet Worth it?

  • Cox Communications is a telecommunications company that supplies cable television, telephone services, and high-speed internet to customers in 18 states of the United States. However, with numerous ISPs’ today this raises a question – Is it wise to with Cox Internet? Analyzing Cox's internet offer, its benefits and drawbacks, its prices and fees, and comparison with other options.

    Cox High-Speed Internet offers different packages for internet connection, their speeds, and data limits.

    Depending on your needs, Cox has five main residential internet plans with download speeds of 50 Mbps to 1Gig (1,000Mbps). Upload speeds vary between 3Mbps and 35 Mbps depending on the specific package that you choose. A majority of Cox Internet standard packages include a data allowance of up to 1.25 Terabytes per month. Here's an overview:

    - Starter (50 Mbps download / 3 Mbps upload): It is suitable for people who use the internet minimally, and those who barely surf social networks and other basic websites.
    - StraightUp Internet (100 Mbps / 10 Mbps): Suitable for streaming, gaming, and video conferences
    - Ultimate Classic (300 Mbps / 10 Mbps): Supports multiple users, 4K streaming functionality
    - Ultimate (500 Mbps / 10 Mbps): High speeds for the extended family and those who use the internet extensively.
    - Gigablast (1 Gbps / 35 Mbps): Fiber optic connections also offer blazing fast gigabit speeds for the more advanced user.

    Cox also has high-speed plans with Unlimited data for $50 more per month; this gets rid of any limitations on monthly data usage. In general, it can be stated that Cox internet plans provide decent speed, and the costs are rather reasonable. Several popular plans such as Gigablast offer rates that can be even comparable to fiber internet service.

    Cox Internet Pros

    - Fast & reliable speeds: This hybrid fiber-coaxial network is used by Cox to ensure that it offers the same internet speeds.
    - Wide availability: Currently, it is in 18 states in more than 100 metro areas.
    - Unlimited data options: An additional $50 a month will let users cancel the policy on data limits.
    - Bundled savings: The combination of TV & phone service provider companies offers their clients a discount.
    - WiFi hotspots: Cox high-speed internet: more than 650,000 Cox WiFi Hotspots across the USA.

    Cox Internet Cons

    - Data caps: It is important to note that all the plans offered by Gigaclear have a monthly usage limit of 1.25TB except the Gigablast package. What it means is that you will be charged some extra charges known as overage fees if you go beyond this limit.
    - Contract requirements: Usually, promotional pricing can only be availed with 1 or 2-year contracts.
    - Equipment fees: Additional charges include a $10 per month modem rental fee. $15/month for an advanced WiFi modem They also offer other services like an advanced WiFi modem for $15 per month.
    - No price guarantee: Tariffs can be charged higher after one year or after the agreed term has been completed.

    I couldn’t find information about Cox Internet Costs & Fees.

    On average, the Cox internet is $30 to $100 per month depending on the plan offered. These prices are for the first 12 months with their 1-year contracts only. It increases every month on the 13th until you take another 12-month policy. Here are the regular rates:

    - Starter Internet: $55/month
    - StraightUp Internet: $80/month
    - Ultimate Classic: $100/month
    - Ultimate: $120/month
    - Gigablast: $130/month

    In addition to the base rates, you'll pay:

    - $10 monthly modem rental fee (although an approved modem can be purchased at an extra cost).
    - $15 per month for Cox for its best Panoramic WiFi modem/router
    - $50 per month to drop the 1.25 TB data limit (which is an extra)
    - $10 per month for every Cox Mini Box TV receiver
    - Some of the fees that are associated with the different aspects of activating, installing, going over the limit, and early termination of the plan.

    However, even when compared to the overall cost, fees would prove to be an added expense that could cut deeper into your wallet each month. Therefore, factor them in when comparing the internet providers and the different internet plans.

    Alternatively, let us compare Cox Internet to other options that are out there.

    Cox internet rates competitively when you compare monthly fees and speeds to other cable/fiber internet providers:

    - Vs. XFINITY Comcast: Cox provides similar service speed and monthly charges as Comcast per the mentioned tiers. Very similar and both have reasonable costs.
    - Vs. AT&T Internet: Cox also tends to provide faster max speeds than the affiliated AT&T internet plans. A good choice if the AT&T fiber is not an option for you and your family.
    - Vs. Verizon Fios: Verizon Fios is over 100% fiber, and it provides max gigabit speeds. Plans for faster access speed compared to Cox’s network. They are more reliable in terms of supply but are not as easily available as the latter crops.

    The good old days have seen cable internet have more availability than fiber, which is one of its biggest strengths. And thus Cox often provides service in places where fiber has not penetrated. Simply complete the address bar to take note of all the internet services available in that specific area.

    If you have access to both Cox and fiber internet like Verizon Fios, the choice mainly comes down to your budget and needs:

    - Cox Pros: Dial-up internet connectivity is much faster than DSL base speeds. Reliable service. Widespread availability.
    - Fiber Pros: Fiber-optic network fully owned with 100% capacity. Low latency and jitter. Superfast gigabit speeds are offered across the most significant portions of the market.

    In general, it can be stated that the performance is optimal for the money paid, with Cox being a competitive option in this regard. However, the only thing that may give Cox an edge is if you have certain requirements best met by their fiber internet.

    Cox Internet Packages: Is It Expensive? Our Verdict

    As is shown in most of the regions where Cox Communications provides services, this company offers a very attractive value proposition for home internet high-speed access. Their network takes advantage of the reach of cable with the reliability of fiber backbone to offer good speeds at fairly affordable monthly charges. There are some disadvantages of data limits, but inexpensive plans offer unlimited data. However, if you add TV or home phone services they offer a discount of some amount. The only thing you have to be careful with it’s more equipment and overage fees attached to additional costs in the long run. However, given the consistent performance, fairly affordable prices, and attractive offers that these bundles create even more, their internet service should be up for consideration by many households in the US.