Is 100 Mbps Fast?

  • Posted on: 13 Sep 2022
    Is 100 Mbps Fast?

  • The internet speed of 100 Mbps is fast enough for most people, but not everyone. It's a good starting point if you're looking to connect with friends or family on social media networks like Facebook and WhatsApp while watching videos online without any buffering time!

    There are a few different types of internet speed, and they all have their pros. If you’re looking for something to stream your favorite shows or play games with then 100 Mbps should be enough but if not don't worry because we've got some tips on how broadband speeds work so that everyone can get what suits them best!

    What is a good internet speed?

    Internet speed

    What you can do

    0–5 Mbps

    Send emails, search Google, stream in HD on a single device

    5–40 Mbps

    Stream in HD on a few devices, play online games, run 1–2 smart devices

    40–100 Mbps

    Stream in 4K on 2–4 devices, play online games with multiple players, download big files quickly (500 MB to 2 GB), run 3–5 smart devices

    100–500 Mbps

    Stream in 4K on 5+ devices, download very big files very quickly (2–30 GB), run 5+ smart devices

    500–1,000+ Mbps

    Stream in 4K on 10+ devices, download, and upload gigabyte-plus–sized files at top speed, and do basically anything on lots of devices with no slowdowns

    200Mbps is the recommended bandwidth for home internet. With this much capacity, you'll be able to stream videos and play games online as well as participate in video chat meetings on a range of devices with minimal lag time or buffering, even if many people are using your Wi-Fi at once!

    For some people, 25Mbps is enough to get their job done. That’s why this report will focus on broadband internet speeds of at least 3MBps upload and download—a speed to which most Americans have access through either cable or phone company services without any additional cost!

    The truth about internet connection speeds is that they’re not as fast or reliable of a guarantee for playing games online. If you really want to get your game on, then look into upgrading with one of our fastest plans which usually top out around 1Gpbs (or 1000Mbps). For most people, 6K seems like too much data and will only slow down gameplay even more than before!

    Is 100 Mbps fast enough for you?


    The time it takes with 100 Mbps

    Small PDF (50 KB)

    Less than a second

    Ebook (2.5 MB)

    Less than a second

    ZIP file of .jpgs (425 MB)

    34 seconds

    HD video file (2 GB)

    2.7 minutes

    Video game (30 GB)

    40 minutes

    iPhone backup (256GB)

    5.7 hours

    Terabyte cloud drive (1 TB)

    22 hours

    If you want a faster internet connection, especially for large file downloads and streaming movies in HD with multiple devices at once such as watching TV shows or playing online games on your computer then the 100 Mbps speed is what we recommend.

    But if you live in an expansive home with many people using the same Wi-Fi network to do high bandwidth activities at once, then 100 Mbps won't be enough. You'll also have longer wait times when downloading large files over a short distance thanks again to our fast pursuers who are eating up all your download speed!

    The best way to keep your internet speeds fast is by ordering an internet package that offers 25 Mbps for each person living in the household. If you're in solo mode, this could be enough but if there are three others around then it's easy peasy!

    What are the fastest internet providers?

    What’s the difference between upload and download speeds?

     Connection type

    Download speeds

    Upload speeds

    Fiber internet

    100–10,000 Mbps

    100–10,000 Mbps

    Cable internet

    25–1,200 Mbps

    5–500 Mbps

    DSL internet

    0.5–140 Mbps

    Up to 1.5 Mbps

    Satellite internet

    Up to 100 Mbps

    Up to 3 Mbps

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