How to get fast internet a Phone Line or Cable TV

  • Posted on: 09 Nov 2022
    How to get fast internet a Phone Line or Cable TV

  • When it comes to Internet Service Providers, most of us are not just looking for a fast connection. These days, that is what most of us demand. We need it so we can chat with friends and family on social media, watch our favorite TV show live, and stream in HD quality and whatnot.

    There are some ISPs in the market today such as the ACT, Chorus, and Google Fiber that offer the fastest internet speeds among others. You may want to check those out if you want to see a change in your internet experience.

    One thing you should never do is get frustrated when your internet slows down or stops working altogether. You can always call their customer service department or try reaching out to them online if they have an online contact form available on their website.

    Traditional internet service options without a phone plan

    Many people are not aware of the fact that there are quite a few traditional internet service options without a phone plan.

    First, let's talk about DSL. It's very similar to cable, but it doesn't require an actual physical telephone line to work. Another popular option is known as satellite internet service, which offers upload and download speeds that are on par with what you'd expect from cable customers. Of course, the downside of this ISP is that you'll have to pay for the installation, and monthly charges, and you'll need a clear view of the southern sky in your area to receive signals from our satellites.


    Monthly price range*

    Download speed range

    Upload speed range


    Verizon Fios

    $49.99 – $89.99

    300 – 940 Mbps

    300 – 880 Mbps

    4.31 out of 5


    $24.99 – $299.95

    50 – 6,000 Mbps

    10 – 6,000 Mbps

    3.54 out of 5


    $49.99 – $89.99

    300 – 1,000 Mbps**

    10 – 35 Mbps

    3.57 out of 5


    $54.99 – $154.99



    3.57 out of 5


    $55.00 – $180.00

    10 – 4,700 Mbps

    10- 4,700 Mbps

    3.41 out of 5

    How to get high-speed internet without cable

    High-speed internet is necessary for all kinds of communication nowadays. It’s often an additional cost we are not willing to pay because of the high monthly rates and the long-term contracts that come with it. That is why people are starting to look for alternative ways to get high-speed internet without cable.

    It seems like most of us would like the internet, but not in a package deal with cable, phone, and TV which can be expensive. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime provide an alternative way to watch TV but you will need fast internet speeds to keep up with these services - that’s why people are looking for ways to get high-speed internet without cable.

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