Does Cox Internet Include Router?

  • Posted on: 09 Jul 2024
    Does Cox Internet Include Router?

  • Is My Router Part of Cox Internet Package?

    Many Cox Internet service subscribers are in a dilemma whether to get a router from the service provider or if they need to buy one on their own. The things that are allowed in an Internet plan and things that are prohibited should be known when seeking home Internet connections.

    In this case, the short answer to the question regarding the use of a router or modem in Cox Internet plans is ‘yes’. However, the specifics depend on your selection of the various Internet plans that are available in the market. Here's what you need to know about Cox Internet and routers:

    Cox Internet Router Rental

    All Cox Internet plans are offered with the modem/router device rental included in the advertised price. This means that Cox will offer the equipment required for a person to get on the internet and to link numerous devices to the home network.

    For instance, the Cox Internet Preferred plan has a monthly equipment rental charge that includes the use of a modem/router Combo unit. This also applies to higher tier offerings as seen in the Ultimate and Gigabit offers available to the customer.

    Cox Internet if you are choosing a standard package comes with routers that you will be required to pay for through the monthly equipment rental fee. You are not required to buy a router on your first order of signing up with the company.

    Using Your Router

    Although Cox does supply its rental routers, some customers will prefer to use a router of their own. The primary drivers are control over key parameters, no need to rent a device, and compatibility with mesh networks.

    If you want to use your router with Cox Internet, you have a couple of options:

    1. Request Bridge Mode

    The modem you rented from Cox can be put into what is called bridge mode. This puts the router in a state where it will not operate in that capacity but is only a modem. This enables you to configure your router without any clash.

    Bridge mode is available only on the rental unit, therefore, you have to call the Cox customer service to enable it. Next, you should plug your desired router into the modem via the Ethernet cable.

    2. Purchase Your Modem

    The second way is to buy your cable modem and connect it to your router instead of having the Cable company’s router/modem. The best modems start around $50 up to $100 and above depending on the model and the speed.

    By this arrangement, they do not cover the rental charges of the Cox equipment. But buying your modem only makes financial sense for a year or two.

    Consider Compatibility

    If supplying your own router or modem equipment, be sure your devices are compatible with the Cox network:

    Routers: Any consumer router belonging to the mainstream category should be compatible with it. However, Cox keeps a directory of tested routers it is sure will operate smoothly. Ensure that your selected model is on the approval list before you make a purchase.

    Modems: For the service, you must be connected to a DOCSIS 3.0 or higher cable modem. Also, there are specific modem models approved to work with the Cox system according to their approval list. These are checks to make when purchasing your modem. Incompatibility: the devices not officially supported by the application may run into issues or even be completely nonfunctional.

    Mesh WiFi Considerations

    Some of the main brands in this category include Eero, Orbi, and Google WiFi which can be an addition to your home wireless network. But judging from most mesh systems, they tend to function well when used with a modem in bridge mode.

    Thus, if you want to install a mesh system for Cox Internet, it is probable that you will need to turn off the router on your Cox rental device initially. This should be considered when designing the network connectivity in the house.

    Internet Service Provider Cox Communications has the following broadband Internet plans and pricing options.

    Here is an overview of the plans and pricing:

    Starter - $29.99/mo
    Downlink speeds of up to 50Mpbs
    No data cap

    Preferred 100 - $59.99/mo
    Up to 100 Mbps
    1 TB data cap

    Preferred 250 - $69.99/mo
    Up to 250 Mbps
    1 TB data cap

    Ultimate 500 - $89.99/mo
    Up to 500 Mbps
    1.25 TB data cap

    Gigablast - $99.99/mo
    .download, upload Max speeds up to 940 Mbps
    1.25 TB data cap

    The costs of renting equipment are $10-$13 per month or more depending on your location. This touches on the use of a single unit that has the modem and the router.

    You will observe that nearly all the plans involve an added cost for the rental of an Internet router every month. While all the tiers offered exclude some features, the most basic plan known as the Starter plan does not include router rental.

    To give you an idea, routers can be bought instead of rented since it is allowed in most instances. However, Cox may still require one to rent only a modem or to put the Cox device into bridge mode first.

    Key Takeaways

    Regarding the offer, the Cox Internet service comes with a router. In short:

    - Yes, the majority of Cox internet packages come with a modem/router combo as part of the rental fee. This equipment enables you to access the internet and at the same on a home network.

    - Customers are free to use a router of their own, should they wish to do so. However, you will have to rent a modem or buy one which you can connect separately, and which is not included in this modem price list.

    - If a third-party router or modem will be used, the bridge mode or modem that has been approved should be adopted.

    Well, in a nutshell, a router is provided free in most Cox Internet packages or at least as part of a package deal with certain packages. Knowing exactly what hardware is included at the onset may assist you in getting connected correctly when the Internet connection happens.