Control your TV with Alexa

  • Posted on: 28 Sep 2022
    Control your TV with Alexa

  • The smarter you make your home, the better. With over 70 thousand skills and commands available for Alexa to do anything from turning on lights or adding items off a grocery list - there’s no need to go back ever again!

    But what if there was a way to seamlessly integrate your voice assistant into the entertainment experience? That is exactly what Alexa can do with her ability to turn on and change channels without any physical interaction from you. You never have to worry about getting up or searching for that remote again!

    The Amazon Echo has become one of the most popular devices on earth, and it's no wonder why! Alexa is capable of doing just about anything you can think up. But have you ever wondered how to connect your voice assistant? This article will walk through adding "Alexa" from an external device such as a TV or sound bar so she can take control over them too- perfect if someone else wants something done but doesn't want to touch any buttons themselves at home (or office)!

    The difference between Alexa and Echo

    Virtual assistants are a dime-a-dozen these days and it can be tough keeping them all straight. Each virtual assistant has multiple devices they use as their platform, so you're never without one!

    While the name of this program may sound like a person, it’s just an online interface for your chosen device. You can also use Alexa on other Amazon products to do things more easily and quickly!

    Which devices go with which assistants? We have you covered! This handy table will help ensure that all your home's newest pieces are compatible.

    Virtual assistant name

    Brand association

    Product line



    Echo, Fire TV



    iPhones, iPads, Apple Home Pod



    Nest Hub, Google Home, Android phones



    Galaxy phones, Galaxy Note, Samsung TVs



    Windows 10, Windows phones, Invoke smart speaker


    With the Amazon Echo and its family of products, you can now control your home with just your voice! Say "Alexa" or “Hey Google” (depending on which one is installed) to start listening. You'll also need an app for Android phones if want full use of these handy bots without having them monitored by Big Brother--but that's another story entirely.

    Alexa, turn on the TV

    Currently, many TV sets and streaming devices are compatible with Alexa. However not all of them allow you to control the channel or search for shows on your own; instead, they only let a person change what is showing through their voice commands. This means that in order if we want our TVs turned off when it's bedtime - like most people do- then there will still be an extra step involved: getting out those remotes from storage!

    Rather than just watching TV, you can now use your voice to control it! You'll be able to turn on and off all the different aspects that make up the watching experience.

    TV remotes and infrared sensors

    Modern remotes use an IR sensor to turn your TV on and control it with the native remote. However, if you want something other than what's built-in (like another device) then make sure they are equipped with a special interface called "IR blasters."

    But what if you don't have an IR blaster? Well, luckily for most people this means they need to get another device called a 'middleman' in order to enable their voice control over TV sets. The only exception is the Fire TV Cube which comes equipped with its own remote that has built-in sensors, so all user needs to do now are press play on any episode or movie they want!

    Fire TV Cube

    The Amazon Fire TV Cube is the ultimate device for anyone who wants to cut down on their remote controls and still be able to watch whatever they want. With this little box, you can turn your television set off without ever having to touch any buttons or look at a screen! All its features are handled via an intuitive voice interface that speaks in response not just to City Movies on Netflix but also to queries about what’s going weather sayings everywhere.

    A smart home hub

    There are many ways to control your TV without using buttons or levers. One way is by using an adaptor, which turns any device with sound output into one that can be used as part of the controlling system for turning on and off televisions (and other devices).

    We have the most popular and highly rated smart home automation hubs on our list. The Logitech Harmony Hub is one of them, along with an adaptor to turn any device that uses IR sensors into a system in itself!

    Whether you’re just getting started with Alexa or want to take your experience up a notch, connecting the hub wirelessly is easy. Once paired and linked in via Bluetooth (or WiFi), all that remains for us are some simple voice commands like “Alexa turn on the TV."

    Other ways to control your TV with Alexa

    You can also use your Alexa-enabled devices with other smart home products to make them work more efficiently. For example, if you have an Amazon Echo or Tap in the house then connect it by Bluetooth and pair up so that all these functions are accessible through one remote!

    So not only can you turn your TV on and off with these devices, but they also have tons of other Alexa skills for you to explore. Once again though if we add in either option two or three above then the complete experience will be even better!

    • Fire TV stick with built-in Alexa: When you plug this device into an HDMI port on your TV, it will be recognized automatically and start streaming. You can also use the remote's microphone button to trigger Alexa commands without having too much trouble from afar!
    • Fire Edition TV: The Echo family of devices is expanding with the release of new features for Amazon's popular line. The Dot and Show are now able to connect not just between themselves but also through their ability in using an app on your phone that links them together as well!
    • DISH and DIRECTV: The DISH Hopper and the DIRECTV Genie both react to Alexa commands, like "Alexa search for shows" or scheduling DVR recordings.

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