2023 Internet Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Posted on: 10 Jan 2023
    2023 Internet Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Every year, we measure customer satisfaction to determine which internet service providers excel at delivering the best overall experience. We assess performance according to speed, price value, reliability, and stellar customer service; factors that have a major influence on consumers' decisions.

    For three years running, EarthLink has stood above the competition as a top-rated internet provider among national brands. Despite this impressive feat, other providers have also made strong showings - making for new and exciting possibilities in 2023!

    After last year's survey, cable internet is making a triumphant comeback with Xfinity and Spectrum earning top marks for speed. Verizon customers got the most reliable service according to their reports of fewer slowdowns and outages compared to other major ISPs.

    Internet trends for 2023

    With 2023 just around the corner, finding a reliable ISP is easier than ever! Google Fiber and Verizon Fios both offer incredible fiber internet plans with no annual price increases. AT&T stands out for its exceptional customer service. So why not enjoy more speed, stability, and peace of mind with one of these top ISPs?

    Xfinity By Comcast, Astound Broadband, Cox, and Spectrum showed impressive customer satisfaction rates in our research compared to other cable internet service providers. While still not quite on the same level as fiber-optic ISP overall ratings were positive across all four companies.

    Are customers leaving major Internet Services Providers for cheaper alternatives?

    Alternative ISPs are on the rise! According to a survey, 12% of respondents reported using local and regional internet service providers or cellular data networks. This is an increase from 7%, which was found in last year's study - indicating that customers may be less reliant upon major carriers like Xfinity or Spectrum for home internet access outside large cities.

    While this shift may not be groundbreaking, it is worth noting in the context of other industry trends. For example, more and more ISPs are now offering no-contract or flat-rate pricing options that were previously unheard of for customers who had to accept whatever their local choice was. With increased market competition, however, has come attractive incentives from providers trying to attract new business.

    EarthLink stays on top, followed by Verizon and Spectrum

    EarthLink continues to be a customer favorite, with 72% choosing complete or very satisfactory. Not only that - but they also topped the charts in price and service! For 3 years running, EarthLink is providing consistently great experiences for more happy customers than ever before.

    EarthLink provides an exceptional customer experience due to its unique approach of leasing internet service through providers like AT&T. As a result, they have earned outstanding reviews from their customers and can be counted on for an impressive level of support.

    EarthLink customers are more than satisfied with their prices. In fact, EarthLink scored a remarkable 3.8 out of 5 in overall price satisfaction—that's significantly higher than any other national ISP! CenturyLink came in second at an impressive 3.5 rating.

    Spectrum and Xfinity have surged up the ranks of cable ISPs, reaching third and fifth place this year—a major jump from 2021. With broad coverage across many states in both North America as well as parts of Latin America, these leading providers are connecting more homes than ever before!

    Customers love Google Fiber, and T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet also impresses

    Google Fiber proves to be the undisputed leader among internet providers, with an impressive 4.4 satisfaction rating that towers above all other ISPs in every category! It looks like Google Fiber is America's top choice for reliable, high-quality connectivity services.

    Google Fiber offers an unbeatable combination of fiber-optic networks and gigabit speeds that light up customer satisfaction. An astounding 90% of customers have given Google's service their highest rating— completely or very satisfied!

    T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet is a top contender against even fiber ISPs in all categories. With lightning-fast 5G signals, T-Mobile offers customers an innovative new way to access home internet - far surpassing traditional 4G connections used by other fixed wireless ISPs. Their impressive customer satisfaction ratings bode well for this cutting-edge service!

    How satisfied are you with your internet speed?

    Xfinity placed at the top in 2023 speed rankings, leading with a lightning-fast 4.0 rating - compared to other providers of similar caliber who fell just shy! As America’s largest ISP provider, they've done an incredible job delivering gigabit speeds and access to millions across the country – making Xfinity not only one of the nation’s fastest ISPs but also is most widely accessible.

    Cable internet providers have seen their ratings decline over the past year, likely due to increased online traffic from the pandemic. However, Spectrum is leading a resurgence of cable speeds in 2023 with new initiatives and technologies such as 10G internet and DOCSIS 4.0 that boost upload speed capabilities - underscoring ISPs' commitment to remain America's number one option for home broadband service despite fiber’s bandwidth advantages.

    CenturyLink fiber customers have drawn glowing reviews, with an average speed rating of 4.2 and 96% saying their speeds consistently meet expectations–among the best ratings in our survey. If you're looking for reliable internet service, it pays to give CenturyLink a closer look!

    How are customers satisfied with the reliability of your internet service?

    Customers continue to trust Verizon's service quality as the highest reliability rating among all national ISPs. An impressive 70% of customers reported never or scarcely ever encountering outages with their services, and it is tied with Spark light in experienced slowdowns.

    Verizon is well-known for its reliable fiber internet, but its other services shine too. Their DSL customers reported the highest overall satisfaction rating according to our survey, while they also achieved an impressive 3.8 reliability rating on par with EarthLink when it comes to dependable connection.

    Google Fiber's reliability is backed up by 80% of customers who never or rarely experience outages. Even better, 66% report that they "never" or “rarely” have slowed speeds - fewer than any other provider! If you're looking for reliable and efficient internet service, Google Fiber may be a perfect choice.


    If you're looking to get connected with the best in fiber internet providers, look no further than Google Fiber, Verizon Fios or AT&T. Cable isn't far behind either - Windstream, Xfinity Cox, and Spectrum all come highly recommended by current subscribers.

    ISPs that provide cable or fiber internet services are often the most desirable to customers. Why? Because they deliver reliable performance, plus transparent and fair pricing plans - which go a long way in keeping folk’s content!