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HughesNet customer service numbers

HughesNet provides a variety of customer service numbers depending on your needs.  we will provide an overview of all the different customer service phone numbers offered by HughesNet, as well as a few tips on how to get the most out of your support experience. Hughesnet internet customer service to help you in managing your internet services.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the HughesNet customer service numbers and emails associated with HughesNet. Whether you need help understanding what services are offered or want to know more about data plans, our team is here to assist you.

HughesNet customer support


HughesNet is a reliable service that provides excellent customer support, but there are some things you can do to make sure your call goes smoothly.

  • Sign in to your HughesNet internet account, if you can
  • Know your installation ZIP code and your Site Account Number (SAN) (you can find your SAN on your monthly statement)

HughesNet customer support number is best for:

  • Edits to your HughesNet account settings
  • Update credit/debit card information
  • Change account password
  • Help with your login/profile information reset
  • Adding/Update or removing HughesNet Internet services
  • Bill pays assistance and questions

HughesNet Residential Support
(844) 905-5004

Hours: Monday — Friday, 8 a.m.-11 p.m. EST, Saturday — Sunday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. EST

To ensure a successful phone call with HughesNet residential tech support, make sure to have these items ready before dialing their customer service number.

  • HughesNet residential tech support number is best for:
  • Any connection problems
  • or technical issues you are having
  • Ordering new HughesNet equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Scheduling an installation
  • Checking the status of a repair request

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Additional ways to contact HughesNet customer service

Chat live with a HughesNet representative 24/7

HughesNet is always there for you, 24/7. They have top-notch HughesNet customer service representatives who are eager to help with any questions or concerns that come up while using their internet services!

View tech support updates

HughesNet has a community-based tech support forum where subscribers can access helpful tips and tricks for using their service, as well as discuss issues that arise with it.

Send an email to the HughesNet

The HughesNet email page is the only way to reach out for customer service issues. If you have any questions or concerns about your account, be sure and send them through this link!

Get in touch on social media

HughesNet provides dependable and affordable satellite internet services, so you can stay connected no matter where life takes your travel. Check out their social media pages to learn more about what they offer!


HughesNet troubleshooting and quick help guides

Troubleshooting HughesNet internet, TV, or phone services

The following is a list of common problems with HughesNet internet home services and how you can troubleshoot them. If your issue isn't on this list, don’t hesitate to search online for help!

Resetting your HughesNet User ID and password

HughesNet is here for you if your login information gets lost. Just click “Forgot User ID?” or "Forgotten Password," enter the Site Account Number (SAN) and telephone number associated with the account, follow the prompts to reset your new password, and get back up on track!

Managing your HughesNet data usage
HughesNet is a great way to get internet access in remote areas. If you use it often, make sure that your usage isn't going over the amount of data they provide for free each month by checking on HughesNet or downloading their mobile app whenever possible so there will be no surprises when bill time rolls around! You can also receive text alerts about reaching higher levels within 24 hours (or less) which might help avoid any issues with staying under budget since we all know how hard these things tend to come during.

Ready to order HughesNet services?

You should call now to speak with a HughesNet expert about the best deals in your
area. Find internet, TV and voice services for you home at affordable prices!