Hughesnet internet review

For those living in remote or rural locations, access to high-speed internet can feel like a distant dream. Thanks to satellite internet providers such as HughesNet however, reliable connections are now available everywhere around the USA. Despite their slower connection speed than more traditional forms of broadband technology, for many people outside densely populated areas satellite is still an invaluable link to the digital world.

For rural dwellers seeking broadband connection options, HughesNet offers an accessible solution across all fifty states around the USA. While this satellite internet plan may not provide faster speeds than available from Viasat at up to 100Mbps in certain areas, it does have a superior track record for avoiding outages on and is able to offer the same speed no matter your region of residence - something that simply cannot be promised by its competitors! If you can't get cable or fiber but want reliability above anything else then HughesNet could be just what you're looking for; delve into the details now and see if it's right for you.

HughesNet satellite internet plans and prices

HughesNet makes it easy to get the internet speeds you need. With download rates of 25Mbps and upload speeds of 3Mbps, no matter which plan you choose, your connection will always perform at its best! New customers living in eligible areas can save $50 for six months when signing up for a two-year agreement -- plus they have the option to either lease equipment with a $99 setup fee or purchase it upfront. Now that's an unbeatable deal!

Your data is far from unlimited

With HughesNet, you can rest easy - worry-free of the dreaded data limit. No need to constantly check your phone for how much is left in your monthly allowance or risk an unexpected extra charge on next month's bill; its "unlimited data" feature gives you a reliable boost when creating and managing budgets each month.

With HughesNet, you're guaranteed fast speeds as long as that monthly data cap doesn't figure in. Once it does though, your connection will take a major hit—slowing down to an agonizingly slow 1-3 Mbps for the remainder of the month! Choose wisely when picking out which plan works best with your internet usage needs - or face the dreaded slowdown!

Other fees and details to know about HughesNet

With HughesNet, you can enjoy the convenience of satellite internet service without any hidden surprises. But don't just sign up frivolously - make sure to study your bill closely so that everything is crystal clear before taking the plunge! Here's a comprehensive overview for easy understanding.

One-time installation fee

HughesNet is offering a special promotion - get connected today and you can enjoy free standard setup, including an expert technician visit at your home location to install the satellite dish and Wi-Fi modem. Plus, save big by purchasing your own HughesNet modem for just $450 instead of opting for rental fees!

Additional monthly equipment fee

With HughesNet Gen5, you have the choice of either leasing their Wi-Fi Modem/Router for a monthly charge or paying one time and owning it outright. This modem doubles as an efficient router to support your internet needs while lease fee is only $15 per month - but if that's not enough motivation then investing directly with a one-time cost would total around $450 including installation!

Potential early termination fee

Choosing HughesNet for your internet needs may be cost-effective in the long run; with a two year contract comes security, but if you decide to cancel early, prepare to face hefty termination fees. The fee is highest within the first 90 days of service at up to $400 and gradually declines until it reaches an even hundred when canceling during the final month—so choose wisely!

The bottom line

For those residing in rural areas with few options for getting online, HughesNet provides a great opportunity to get connected. While it may not be the fastest satellite provider available, its commitment to supporting broadband speeds across all serviceability areas makes it an attractive option when fast and reliable internet is out of reach.

FAQ About HughesNet Satellite Internet

What is the HughesNet Bonus Zone?

Customers can get 50GB of data each month during the "HughesNet Bonus Zone" between 2 am-8 am. That is an excellent time for downloading movies or setting up updates on your devices since most people aren't using the internet at this hour!

Is HughesNet internet service fast?

HughesNet's new Gen5 plans are the fastest broadband - with download speeds reaching 25Mbps and uploads at 3 MBps! That is more than enough for today's online lifestyles, especially considering how much faster-streaming videos or downloading large files can be. The only thing left now would seem to be getting your hands on one of these fantastic deals before they sell out again.

Can I game with HughesNet Gen5?

Latency is the enemy of an online experience. With satellite internet, latency refers to how long it takes data to travel through space and back again-- which means that if you're planning on streaming videos or playing games with this service as your only connection type, then be prepared for prolonged performance times!

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