Cox Internet Speed Test

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What is the Cox Internet Speed Test?

Kbps or Mbps are used to measure internet speed, and the higher the number, the faster the connection. One way to check your Cox Communications Internet speed is to take the "Cox speed test." Every Cox customer has the right to know if they are getting what they paid for, which is why the speed test is needed. The upload speed test starts by sending random bytes to the faraway server. This tells the test which server is closest to you. Sending data from afar for a few seconds, this upload test checks your upload speed first. Then it checks your download speed. It makes a report with the upload speed, download speed, jitter, ping, and the computer that was used to test your internet speed when everything is done. One more important thing that affects your speed on every page you visit is ping. It's clear from the slow ping rate that every request you send or receive through your link takes a little longer than it should.

How do you Measure Cox Internet Speed?

There are several ways to find out how fast your Cox Internet is. You can first go to the Cox website and use the speed test tool that's there. People can use this free test to see how fast their internet connection is for both downloading and uploading. You can also use third-party speed test sites like Ookla's Speedtest or Google's Measurement Lab to find out how fast your Cox Internet is. These sites give correct and thorough details about the link speed. There are also apps for both iOS and Android phones that can test the speed of your Cox Internet connection. These apps let users check on the status of their network while they're out and about.

What Factors Affect Internet Speed?

Your internet link speed is affected by several things. Some of the physical factors are bad weather, copper wires that are out in the open, heavy transmission lines nearby, LAN wires that are broken or weak, and wireless LAN signals that are weak.

Why is my Cox Internet Speed Slower than Advertised?

A lot of things can slow down your internet, but when you use Wi-Fi instead of a wired Ethernet link, you should always expect some speed loss. Most of the time, a direct link is faster and more secure. Network congestion, bad router placement, or broken cables are some other things that can slow down the internet.

Cox Plans for Faster Speeds

There are 19 states where Cox Internet gives cable and fiber optic internet service. It is the third biggest ISP in the country. There are different internet deals from the company so that everyone can find the right one for them. Prices start at fair amounts, and speeds can reach 1000 Mbps.

Plan Name

Max download speeds

Max upload speeds

Starting Price

Internet Essential 100

100 Mbps

5 Mbps


Internet Preferred 250

250 Mbps

10 Mbps


Internet Ultimate 500

500 Mbps

10 Mbps


Giga blast

1 Gbps

35 Mbps


What is a Good Internet Speed?

Internet speed  How fast is this?
0–5 Mbps Very slow
5–40 Mbps   Slow to moderate
40–100 Mbps    Moderate to fast
100–500 Mbps Very fast
500–1,000+ Mbps Extremely fast

Best High-Speed for Cox Internet Service


Best High-Speed


986.83 Mbps


1000.00 Mbps


997.78 Mbps


1000.00 Mbps


1000.00 Mbps


999.95 Mbps

Idaho 1000.00 Mbps
Iowa 1000.00 Mbps
Kansas 999.80 Mbps
Louisiana 1000.00 Mbps
Massachusetts 1000.00 Mbps
Nebraska 999.90 Mbps
Nevada 1000.00 Mbps
North Carolina 1000.00 Mbps
Ohio 1000.00 Mbps
Oklahoma 999.99 Mbps
Rhode Island 1000.00 Mbps
Virginia 998.87 Mbps

Top Cities for Cox Internet Service

City Availability Best High-Speed
Phoenix, AZ 95.85% 1000.00 Mbps
San Diego, CA 54.31% 1000.00 Mbps
Las Vegas, NV 97.39% 1000.00 Mbps
Tucson, AZ 89.33% 1000.00 Mbps
Oklahoma City, OK 96.31% 1000.00 Mbps
Virginia Beach, VA 98.46% 1000.00 Mbps
Mesa, AZ 84.05% 1000.00 Mbps
Wichita, KS 96.97% 1000.00 Mbps
Tulsa, OK 98.11% 999.94 Mbps


How fast are Cox's internet speeds?

Cox internet plans offer speeds from 50 Mbps up to 1,000 Mbps—standard for a cable internet provider. For most households, we recommend either Cox Internet Preferred 250 or Cox Internet Ultimate 500, which provide speeds of 250 Mbps and 500 Mbps, respectively.

How do I set up my Cox modem?

Once you have the manual, you'll need to follow the instructions to set up your modem. The steps will vary depending on the make and model of your modem but will generally involve connecting your modem to your computer and router, powering on your modem and router, and then following the on-screen prompts.

How do I get a better deal with Cox?

There are a few things you can do to get a better deal with Cox. First, be sure to shop around and compare prices. Cox is not always the cheapest option out there. Second, bundle your services with Cox. They often offer discounts when you bundle TV, internet, and phone service together. Finally, be sure to Negotiate! Cox is willing to work with customers who are willing to negotiate a better price.