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CoX Internet Service in Kansas

CoX Internet is a broadband internet service provider in Kansas. They provide high speed internet for your home or business and they offer various packages to meet your needs.

CoX Internet Services in Kansas offers high-speed DSL, Cable, Fiber Optic and Satellite connections with speeds up to 100 Mbps (megabits per second) download and uploads as well as unlimited data usage for residential plans. CoX also provides TV packages that include over 120 Digital channels and DVR service on affordable pricing with high-speed internet and data services for residential home and commercial.

CoX provide with reliable service at a competitive price through our fiber optic network. Our packages include unlimited data, free installation, and 24/7 customer support.

Benefits of COX internet service Kansas

Budget-friendly low-end plans

CoX Internet is a low-cost internet provider in Kansas with amazing plans. They have the lowest prices and most reliable service. All of their packages are affordable for any budget, so you're guaranteed to find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Wide range of internet speeds to choose from

Internet speeds are an important factor in the quality of your experience. Whether you're streaming, gaming, or browsing the web, having a fast connection can make all the difference. That's why Cox Internet has created a wide range of internet speed options to choose from! We want everyone who uses our service to have access to high-quality internet so they can enjoy it and be productive with it at any time of day. Looking for the best home internet options? Read on to compare download speed, price, and data caps to find the best internet service providers, including Xfinity, AT&T, Verizon Fios, Cox, Spectrum, and more.

No contract on 50 Mbps plan and up

CoX Internet has announced that they are now offering no contract on their 50 Mbps plan and up. In addition, the low-end is a much cheaper price. They also have increased the bandwidth of all plans to 1 Gbps in order to accommodate for more customers.

COX Internet FAQ

Does Cox offer internet only?

Yes. Cox offers internet-only plans and TV-only plans. You can save even more when you bundle TV and internet with Cox.

Is Cox internet available in Kansas?

Yes, Cox Internet plans are available in Kansas.

Does Cox Internet require a phone line?

Since Cox phone service provides high quality voice connection to residential customers in Cox's service area, a telephone modem is required.

How much is Cox a month?

Shop COX Plans in Kansas. Cox Internet prices start at $39/mo with speeds up to 100 Mbps. Enjoy all double play bundles for only $89/mo.

What type of internet service is COX?

Cox internet plans come through the same coaxial cables as its TV service, which means it's faster than telephone-lineĀ DSL internet but slower than fiber-opticĀ internet.

How much does internet cost in Kansas?

Internet in Kansas costs anywhere from $19.99 to $150.00 per month, so it depends on which type of internet connection you want. CenturyLink has fiber (the best and fastest type) for $65 a month. You'll get up to 940 Mbps download and upload speeds.