What is Xfinity Instant TV?

  • Posted on: 07 Mar 2023
    What is Xfinity Instant TV?

  • Xfinity Instant TV is a new streaming service from Xfinity By Comcast that offers live and on-demand programming. It is designed to give customers the flexibility to watch their favorite shows and movies on any device, anytime, anywhere. With Xfinity Instant TV, you can access over 100+ channels of live TV, including popular cable networks such as ESPN, CNN, and HBO. You can also watch thousands of on-demand titles from major networks and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime Video. Plus, you can record up to two shows at once with the included DVR functionality. With Xfinity Instant TV, you get all the entertainment you want without having to pay for expensive cable packages.

    What do you need to make this work?

    If you're a current Xfinity internet customer based in select areas, you can access Xfinity Instant TV online. The good news is that you'll receive a complimentary subscription for a month-long free trial! Check out what happens after your trial ends and how to keep it going. This service is exclusively available, so take advantage of it now. This special offer is available for a limited time to new Xfinity Instant TV customers, and pricing may be subject to change.

    Defining features of Xfinity Instant TV

    Xfinity Instant TV is an internet-based streaming service that provides access to live television and on-demand content. It is a great way for people to watch their favorite shows, movies, and sports without having to pay for cable or satellite subscriptions.

    Xfinity Instant TV offers a variety of features that make it stand out from other streaming services. It has a comprehensive library of on-demand content, including movies, TV shows, and sports. It also offers access to live TV channels from major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Additionally, it allows users to record programs for later viewing with its Cloud DVR feature. Finally, Xfinity Instant TV allows users to customize their experience by creating up to 10 different profiles so that everyone in the household can have their own personalized viewing experience.

    Xfinity Instant TV Free Trial Period

    Xfinity Instant TV is an innovative streaming service that offers a free trial period to its customers. With the free trial period, you can enjoy all the content available on Xfinity Instant TV and decide if it's right for you. The free trial period allows you to test out the service without having to pay for it upfront. During this time, you can explore all the features and content available on Xfinity Instant TV and decide if it's right for you. With so many great features, there's no reason not to take advantage of the free trial period and see what Xfinity Instant TV has to offer.

    What Channels do you get with Xfinity Instant TV?

    Xfinity Instant TV is a streaming service from Comcast that offers access to a wide variety of channels, including local news and sports broadcasts, popular cable networks, and premium movie channels. With Xfinity Instant TV, you can watch your favorite shows and movies on any device with an internet connection. You'll have access to over 60 channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Disney Channel, and more. Plus, with the option to add premium movie channels like HBO or Showtime, you’ll never miss out on the latest blockbusters. Get ready to experience the best in entertainment with Xfinity Instant TV!

    Xfinity Instant TV channels and plans

    Xfinity Instant TV is a streaming service from Comcast that offers customers access to live TV, on-demand content, and cloud DVR storage. With Xfinity Instant TV, customers can choose from several different channel Xfinity  TV packages and plans to customize their viewing experience. Customers can also add premium channels such as HBO and Showtime for an additional fee. With Xfinity Instant TV, customers can watch their favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere.


    1st-mo. price

    Regular price

    Limited Basic



    Kids & Family






    Sports & News



    STREAMPIX premium add-on



    EPIX premium add-on



    SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ premium add-on



    HBO premium add-on



    Contract Requirement & Cancellation Fee

    Xfinity Instant TV is a streaming service that requires customers to sign a contract for the service. This contract includes requirements for the customer to pay a cancellation fee if they decide to cancel their subscription before the end of the term. The cancellation fee is intended to cover any costs incurred by Xfinity in providing the service and ensure that customers are held accountable for their commitment. Understanding this requirement and how it works is important for customers who want to make sure they are not hit with unexpected charges when canceling their subscription.

    Xfinity Instant TV vs. streaming services

    Xfinity Instant TV and various streaming services are both options available for those looking to cut the cord from traditional cable or satellite services.

    Xfinity Instant TV provides a selection of channels that can be streamed live and on-demand through Xfinity's internet service. The service also includes access to cloud DVR, allowing users to record their favorite shows and watch them later. Xfinity Instant TV is an ideal option for those who still prefer the feel of cable TV and want a simpler way of accessing channels and content.

    On the other hand, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer a wider range of content that is available at any time. They provide a unique experience in that they allow users to watch their favorite shows and movies at their leisure without the need to check a TV guide or schedule. Streaming services also tend to create their content, leading to more exclusive content that is unavailable anywhere else.

    Streaming services also offer more flexibility in terms of customization, with the ability to add or remove subscriptions as needed. This feature proves to be useful for those with specific preferences and budgets.

    Overall, both Xfinity Instant TV and streaming services offer excellent options for those looking to leave traditional cable or satellite TV behind. The choice ultimately lies in personal preference and individual needs.

    Wrapping Up

    Let me tell you about the incredible Xfinity Instant TV service and all the incredible perks you can enjoy when you sign up as an Xfinity Internet customer. With this service, you can watch live cable TV right on your device and even take your favorite shows with you thanks to the recording feature. Plus, you can access thousands of hours of Xfinity on Demand content.

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    FAQ about Xfinity Instant TV

    1. What is Xfinity Instant TV?
    A: Xfinity Instant TV is a cable TV streaming service offered by Comcast Xfinity exclusively for its internet customers. It allows users to stream live TV without the need for a cable box and equipment rental fee.

    2. What channels/packages are available on Xfinity Instant TV?
    A: Xfinity Instant TV offers four packs that can be mixed and matched. The Limited Basic plan costs $10/mo. and includes around 10 local channels. Additional plans are add-ons to this base package. The available packages include Sports & News Pack ($45/mo.), Kids & Family Pack ($10/mo.), Entertainment Pack ($15/mo.), and Deportes Pack ($5/mo.). These prices are only for individual add-ons and the Limited Basic pack needs to be purchased separately.

    3. Which streaming devices are compatible with Xfinity Instant TV?
    A: Xfinity Instant TV can be streamed through the Xfinity app, which is available on most smart TVs and streaming devices. However, it isn't compatible with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Google Chromecast.

    4. What are the fees and charges associated with Xfinity Instant TV?
    A: To use Xfinity Instant TV, users must be Xfinity internet customers. The starting rate for the service is $18/mo. plus additional fees such as the broadcast fee (up to $10/mo.) and regional sports fees (up to $8.25/mo.). Users must also have an Xfinity internet subscription which starts at $39.99/mo. and varies by location.

    5. How many simultaneous streams and DVR storage come with Xfinity Instant TV?
    A: Xfinity Instant TV includes two simultaneous streams and 20 hours of DVR storage. However, additional DVR storage can be purchased for an extra fee.

    6. Is Xfinity Instant TV a good value?
    A: Xfinity Instant TV is a great value for non-sports fans who are Xfinity internet customers. For everyone else, there may be other options available. The service offers many local channels, but it can be expensive once additional packages and fees are factored in.

    7. Does Xfinity offer a trial period for Instant TV?
    A: Yes, Xfinity offers a free trial for Xfinity Instant TV. Users can try the service out for a month before deciding to continue with a subscription.