What is Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost?

  • Posted on: 16 Jun 2023
    What is Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost?

  • Spectrum Mobile is stepping up its game by giving Speed Boost to customers who qualify. This is because fast internet speeds are now a must. Customers who connect to Spectrum's Advanced WiFi will automatically get faster speeds thanks to this special perk. But what does Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost mean? We will talk more about this game-changing tool and how it can help Spectrum Network. in this blog post.

    How Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost Works?

    1. Customers of Spectrum Mobile can now get faster WiFi speeds with the new Speed Boost tool, but only for a short time.
    2. the feature is only for suitable home users who haven't signed up for any services in the last 30 days and don't owe Charter any money.
    3. Customers must start their cell line within 30 days and keep it active during the offer time to use the feature.
    4. Speed Boost is subject to all service terms and conditions, which can change at any time.
    5. The option might not be offered everywhere, and there may be limits.
    6. Speed Boost works best with a direct link, and your real speed may be slower or faster than what is promised.
    7. The speed boost is made possible by joining the customer's Charter Wi-Fi service with their Verizon cell phone service.
    8. Charter internet users are the only ones who can use Spectrum Mobile, and 85% of its customers' mobile use goes through Charter's Wi-Fi.
    9. If a customer uses their Spectrum Mobile device at home, the Wi-Fi network will recognize it and speed it up, even if their landline internet speed is less than a gigabit.
    10. The boost can give you speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, which makes it perfect for people who need faster speeds to watch, download, or share material.
    11. Charter is also working on moving some of its mobile data to its CBRS airwaves. This could make speeds faster and the mobile experience better overall.
    12. The company works with Comcast in a joint venture to do its CBRS offload work. In the middle of this year, the company plans to start testing its CBRS small cells in a full market area.
    13. Customers of Spectrum Mobile who choose to use Mobile Unlimited Plus will have to pay an extra $10 a month for the service.
    14. Smartwatches don't count as a line, and based on the plan, speeds may slow down after 20 or 30 GB of use per line.
    15. To get to the function, go to Settings > My Spectrum > Location > Uncheck Precise Location but leave it set to location all the time.

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    Benefits of Spectrum Speed Boost

    1. Enjoy Faster WiFi Speeds at Home
    Spectrum Speed Boost is a game-changer for Spectrum Mobile users who qualify because it lets them get faster WiFi speeds on their home devices. With this new feature, you can get speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second when you mix Charter's Wi-Fi service with Verizon's cell service.

    2. Saves Battery Life on Mobile Devices
    One good thing about Spectrum Speed Boost is that it makes mobile devices' batteries last longer. Users can make their phones and computers' batteries last longer by turning off "precise location" in the settings and turning on Speed Boost.

    3. Available Exclusively to Charter Broadband Customers

    Charter internet users are the only ones who can use Spectrum Mobile. CEO of Charter Communications Tom Rutledge says that 85% of users' cell phone use goes through Charter's Wi-Fi network.

    4. Faster Speeds and Better Mobile Experience
    Mobile Speed Boost and moving traffic to its CBRS band will improve the general experience of mobile users by giving them faster speeds and better performance.

    5. A Competitive Advantage in the Market
    People who use Spectrum Mobile can get faster internet speeds with Speed Boost than with many other cell providers. Charter has an advantage in the market because of this feature.

    6. Reduction in Mobile Costs
    In the first quarter of 2022, mobile income grew by 40.2%, but mobile costs came to $760 million. Moving mobile data to airwaves's CBRS airwaves, on the other hand, should save the company money in the long run.

    7. Hybrid Coverage in Rural Areas
    Charter's agreement with Verizon for cell phone service creates a mixed network that covers more rural places where Charter's Wi-Fi isn't strong or isn't available at all.

    8. Improved Video Streaming with Joint Venture
    When Spectrum Speed Boost is paired with the streaming video joint effort between Charter and Comcast, it makes a base for better video delivery that helps content companies build relationships with customers.


    Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost is a function that lets certain Spectrum Mobile customers get up to 1 gigabit per second faster internet on their devices when they connect them to their home Wi-Fi network. The customer's Charter Wi-Fi service and the cell service, which works on Verizon's network, work together to give this boost. At the moment, this offering is only offered to Charter internet users. CEO of Charter Communications Tom Rutledge says that "85% of its customers' mobile usage goes through Charters Wi-Fi." So, when the customer's phone joins to their own private Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi network knows it's a Spectrum Mobile phone and speeds up the connection. Rutledge talked about speed boost at a Morgan Stanley event as well, saying that it lets cell phones get gig speeds whenever they are close to a Charter radio.

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