What is Cost for Xfinity Internet Only Plans?

  • Posted on: 17 Apr 2023
    What is Cost for Xfinity Internet Only Plans?

  • Xfinity offers internet-only plans to range from $24.99 to $299.95 per month, depending on the download speed desired. The exact cost of Xfinity Internet depends on the specific plan chosen and the customer's location. Typically, Xfinity's cheapest internet service plan is its 75 Mbps plan, which costs around $20 to $30 a month. Customers can opt to rent an xFi Modem/Router from Comcast for an additional fee of approximately $10 per month or use their own modem. Xfinity Internet is a reliable option for users who don't mind a data cap, with a low-priced plan starting at $24.99 per month. The Fast Internet plan, which provides 400 Mbps of internet speed, costs $55.00 per month - a good value for the average household.

    Xfinity Internet-Only Plans

    Connect More

    Download speeds up to 200 Mbps



    Download speeds up to 800 Mbps


    Gigabit x6 

    Download speeds up to 6 Gbps


    1. Connection: Cable

    2. Modem: Modem w/ WiFi included.

    3. $25/mo promo rate for the first 2 Years, $77/mo regular rate

    4. Includes $10/mo automatic payments and paperless billing discount with a stored bank account ($5/mo discount applies with a stored credit card).

    1. Connection: Cable

    2. Modem: Modem w/ WiFi: $15/mo

    3. $60/mo promo rate for the first 2 Years, $97/mo regular rate

    4. Includes $10/mo automatic payments and paperless billing discount with a stored bank account ($5/mo discount applies with a stored credit card).

    1. Connection: Fiber

    2. Contract Term: 2 years

    3. $299.95/mo regular rate

    Xfinity Internet-Only Deals

    Xfinity is a well-known internet service provider that offers a variety of internet-only deals for customers looking to save money on their monthly bills. With plans starting at just $25 per month, Xfinity provides fast internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps on their 10G network. Additionally, customers can bundle services together to create a package that suits their needs. For those on a budget, Xfinity also offers an inexpensive plan for low-income households, providing 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds for just $9.95 per month plus taxes. Xfinity is widely available in the Central US, making it a popular choice for customers seeking high speeds and affordability. Overall, Xfinity's internet-only deals offer reliable internet service at competitive prices, making them a top choice for consumers looking for a great deal.

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    Benefits of Xfinity Internet-Only Plans

    No extra costs or hidden fees for unused services: Xfinity internet-only plans come with no hidden fees or extra costs for unused services. This means that customers can enjoy high-speed internet without worrying about being charged for services they do not use. Unlike other providers that pile on hidden fees resulting in higher bills, Xfinity takes a transparent approach to its pricing. This ensures that customers have a clear understanding of what they are paying for, so there are no surprises when the bill arrives. With Xfinity, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are only paying for what they use.

    High-speed internet for streaming, browsing, and more: Xfinity Internet offers a variety of super-fast internet plans across the nation that are perfect for individuals who enjoy streaming, browsing, gaming, working, and learning from home. With packages ranging from $24.99 to $299.95 per month, Xfinity ensures that every customer can find a plan that suits their needs and budget. Xfinity offers speeds for every user need, depending on their preference, what they spend most of their time doing online, and how many devices they have. For most households, Xfinity's 200 Mbps plan is an affordable and reliable choice. Although Xfinity cable upload speeds aren't as fast as fiber optic plans, its cable service has more availability, with fast internet speeds available with both its cable and fiber plans.

    Flexibility in data plans to fit individual needs: Xfinity Internet offers a flexible approach to data plans to fit individual needs, allowing customers to choose from By the Gig, Unlimited, or both options. With this flexibility in data plans, users can pay only for the data they use, or they can share data with a partner without worrying about exceeding the limit. Additionally, Xfinity Mobile now offers 5G speeds across all new data plans, providing download speeds up to 450 Mbps and upload speeds up to 50 Mbps (where available). Xfinity also offers internet speeds up to 200 Mbps, starting at just $25.00 per month, plus taxes for the length of the contract. With Xfinity, users can also sign up for xFi Complete which comes with an upgraded Xfinity gateway at an additional cost of $25 per month. In summary, Xfinity Internet provides a flexible data plan that fits well with individual needs while providing high-speed internet.

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    FAQ about Xfinity Internet-only plan

    Q: What is the cost of the Xfinity Internet-only plan?
    : Xfinity offers a range of Internet-only plans at varying prices. The cheapest plan is currently the Connect plan, which is available for $19.99 per month for the first year (excluding fees).