What is AT&T WiFi Calling?

  • Posted on: 24 Jan 2023
    What is AT&T WiFi Calling?

  • AT&T stands apart from the rest as one of America's top internet service providers. Unbeatable prices combined with superior quality services have earned them recognition nationwide. What really sets AT&T above its competition is the extra bonus features, like WiFi calling – a truly cutting-edge experience!

    What is AT&T WiFi Calling?

    AT&T WiFi Calling is a feature that allows customers to make phone calls over an AT&T wireless network. It is a great way for customers to stay connected when they are not in the coverage area of their cellular network. With AT&T WiFi Calling, customers can make and receive calls as if they were on their cell phone, but without using any cellular minutes. This feature is available on select devices and requires a compatible AT&T plan. AT&T Internet offers a number of features including with wifi calling, internet, and much more.

    How is AT&T WiFi Calling work?

    AT&T WiFi Calling is a technology that allows you to make and receive voice calls over a wireless internet connection. It provides an alternative to traditional cellular phone service by allowing you to make calls using your existing WiFi network. This technology can be used for both domestic and international calls, making it an ideal solution for people who travel frequently or live in areas with poor cellular reception.

    Even if you're struggling to get a cell signal in the middle of nowhere, AT&T has your back - their WiFi Calling feature ensures that no matter how weak signals are, you can make and receive calls with ease. From catching up with old friends to keeping business clients informed - enjoy seamless connectivity from coast-to-coast!

    Unlock the power of AT&T's Wi-Fi Calling and never worry about roaming fees while traveling abroad! Even in a weak signal area, you can still stay connected with your loved ones - no more missed calls from basements or elevators. With just one tap on Settings, let this revolutionary feature take charge of all your international conversations.

    Benefits of AT&T WiFi Calling

    1. Enhanced Connectivity: AT&T WiFi Calling offers users a seamless calling experience by utilizing both cellular and WiFi networks. This technology enables customers to make and receive high-quality calls in areas with weak cellular coverage, such as buildings with thick walls or remote locations. With WiFi Calling, AT&T customers can enjoy improved connectivity and eliminate the frustration of dropped calls or poor call quality.

    2. Cost Savings: One of the standout benefits of AT&T WiFi Calling is its potential to save users money on their phone bills. By utilizing WiFi networks to make calls, customers can avoid using their cellular minutes and instead rely on their internet connection. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals who frequently make international or long-distance calls, as WiFi Calling can help reduce the costs associated with these types of calls.

    3. Extended Battery Life: When using WiFi Calling, your smartphone connects to a WiFi network instead of relying solely on cellular data. As a result, your device expends less energy searching for a strong cellular signal, ultimately conserving battery life. This is especially beneficial in areas with weak cellular coverage, where your phone typically uses more power to maintain a stable connection. With AT&T WiFi Calling, you can enjoy longer battery life and stay connected for longer periods without worrying about your phone dying.

    4. Seamless Transition: AT&T WiFi Calling offers a seamless transition between WiFi and cellular networks. For instance, if a call begins on WiFi and you move out of range or lose the WiFi connection, the call can seamlessly transition to the cellular network without any interruption. This feature ensures a smooth and uninterrupted calling experience, no matter where you are or what network you are connected to.

    5. International Travel: Traveling abroad can often lead to expensive roaming charges when making calls. However, with AT&T WiFi Calling, customers can connect to WiFi networks abroad and make calls without incurring additional charges. This benefit allows individuals to stay connected with friends, family, or work colleagues while traveling internationally, without worrying about exorbitant phone bills.

    6. Improved Indoor Coverage: Many buildings, particularly those with thick walls or lower levels, often have poor cellular coverage. AT&T WiFi Calling addresses this issue by leveraging WiFi networks to provide a robust and reliable indoor calling experience. Whether you are at home, in the office, or in a crowded shopping center, WiFi Calling ensures that you have a strong signal and can make and receive calls without any disruptions.

    7. Accessibility: AT&T WiFi Calling enables individuals with hearing impairments to communicate more effectively. The feature has built-in support for compatible TTY devices, allowing those with hearing difficulties to make calls over WiFi and communicate through text. This feature enhances accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can make and receive calls with ease.

    How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling?

    1. Check device compatibility: Before enabling Wi-Fi calling, it is essential to ensure that your device supports this feature. Most modern smartphones, including iPhone and Android devices, offer Wi-Fi calling options. However, it is recommended to check with your mobile carrier or device manufacturer for specific compatibility details.

    2. Update your device software: Keeping your smartphone's software up to date is crucial for a seamless Wi-Fi calling experience. Check for any available software updates and install them before proceeding with enabling Wi-Fi calling. This will help ensure the latest bug fixes and improvements are applied.

    3. Activate Wi-Fi calling with your mobile carrier: To enable Wi-Fi calling, you need to activate this feature with your mobile carrier. Contact your carrier's customer service or visit their website for instructions on how to enable Wi-Fi calling. They will guide you through the process and ensure your account is set up correctly.

    4. Set up Emergency Address: When enabling Wi-Fi calling for the first time, you may be required to provide your emergency address. This address is used to route emergency calls properly, ensuring they reach the nearest emergency services. Take the time to enter your accurate emergency address to facilitate emergency calls when using Wi-Fi calling.

    5. Enable Wi-Fi calling in your device settings: After activating Wi-Fi calling with your carrier, you need to enable it in your device settings. On an iPhone, navigate to the Settings app, select "Phone," then "Wi-Fi Calling," and toggle the switch to enable it. For Android devices, locate the "Settings" app, choose "Network & Internet," then "Mobile network," and finally, activate the "Wi-Fi Calling" option.

    6. Connect to a Wi-Fi network: To take full advantage of Wi-Fi calling, connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network. It is recommended to use a secured Wi-Fi network with a stable internet connection for clear voice calls. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your device, select an available network, and enter the necessary credentials if required. Once connected, your device will automatically route calls through Wi-Fi when available.

    7. Test Wi-Fi calling: After enabling Wi-Fi calling, it is a good practice to test the feature to ensure everything works as expected. Place a call to a friend or family member while connected to Wi-Fi and verify the call quality. Also, try moving around your home or office to check if call quality remains consistent throughout the Wi-Fi network range.

    8. Adjust Wi-Fi calling preferences: Depending on your device and carrier, you may have additional Wi-Fi calling preferences available. Explore your device settings to fine-tune options like Wi-Fi calling on preferred networks, handover to the cellular network when leaving Wi-Fi range, or other relevant preferences. Adjusting these settings can help optimize your Wi-Fi calling experience based on your specific needs.

    9. Troubleshoot and reach out to support if needed: In case you encounter difficulties or face any issues with Wi-Fi calling, consult your device manufacturer's support documentation or reach out to your carrier for assistance. They can offer troubleshooting steps and help resolve any challenges you may experience during the setup or usage of Wi-Fi calling.

    Closing Remarks

    With AT&T WiFi Calling, you never have to worry about distance when it comes to contacting the people who matter. Take advantage of this revolutionary new way of phone communication and make sure those near or far can be reached at a moment's notice!

    Call on (844) 905-5002 & subscribe to AT&T Internet now!


    What is AT&T WiFi Calling?