Unlocking Savings with Xfinity Student Discounts

  • Posted on: 11 Apr 2023
    Unlocking Savings with Xfinity Student Discounts

  • Xfinity has numerous discounts available for students looking to save money on their internet and cable bundles. By using the Xfinity student discount, college students can take advantage of deals such as a $100 Visa Prepaid card or free self-installation. Additionally, participants in the Xfinity Internet Essentials program can qualify for discounted internet services and receive a desktop or laptop computer. By comparing the various plans and promotional offers available, students can unlock significant savings with Xfinity. Overall, Xfinity discounts provide a great opportunity for students to save money on essential services.

    What are Xfinity Student Discounts?

    Xfinity offers a range of exclusive deals and discounts for students. These discounts require a one-year contract and provide students with various perks, including a $100 Visa Prepaid Card and six months of free Amazon Music Unlimited. While Xfinity does not provide a set monthly discount for students, they offer several incentives that cater to the specific needs of college life. Additionally, Xfinity on Campus is a program designed for students living in on-campus housing, which is included as part of their housing fees. By using Comcast student discount, college students can save big on Xfinity Internet and cable bundles, with a variety of plans to choose from. Overall, Xfinity provides exceptional value to students looking for reliable and affordable cable and internet services.

    How to Get Xfinity Student Discounts?

    1. Confirm Eligibility: To start availing of the Xfinity Student Discount, you need to confirm your eligibility. Simply head over to the Xfinity student page and fill out the necessary details to confirm that you are a college student.

    2. Choose Your Plan: Once confirmed, you can now select from a range of Xfinity Internet and cable bundles. These plans come with special pricing and other exciting offers specifically designed for students.

    3. Apply for the Discount: To receive the Student Discount, you'll need to fill out a form on the Xfinity website. They'll ask for your basic information, such as your name, university, etc. Once you submit the form, the discount will be applied to your selected plan.

    4. Enjoy the Savings: With Xfinity Student Discount, you can save big on your internet and cable bills. You'll receive a $100 Visa Prepaid Card with super-fast internet, and pricing on the best Xfinity packages. You can also enjoy offers like 6 months of free Amazon Music.

    5. Get Free Self-Installation: Xfinity is offering free self-installation for college students to save more money. You don't have to pay any extra charges to get the service installed.

    6. Check with Your University: The Xfinity Student Discount is available only for selected universities. So, before subscribing to any plan, make sure to check with your university to see if they have any specific tie-ups with Xfinity.

    Getting Xfinity Student Discount is easy and a great way to save on your monthly bills. With super-fast internet and exciting offers, this is a perfect deal for college students. So, just follow these simple steps and start enjoying the savings!

    Eligibility criteria for Xfinity Student Discounts

    To be eligible for Xfinity Student Discounts, students need to meet the following criteria:

    A) Enrollment in a degree-granting college or university

    Students must be enrolled in a college or university that grants degrees in order to be eligible for Xfinity Student Discounts. Proof of enrollment may be required.

    B) Residence in a qualified Xfinity service area

    Students must live in an area where Xfinity provides its services in order to be eligible for Xfinity Student Discounts. To check if their residence is in a qualified service area, students can visit Xfinity's website or contact their customer service.

    C) Verification of student status

    Students must provide documentation to verify their student statuses, such as a valid student ID or an acceptance letter from their institution. This may be required at the time of sign-up or later.

    Benefits of Xfinity Student Discounts

    By meeting these eligibility criteria, students can enjoy a number of benefits from Xfinity Student Discounts, including:

    A) Lower monthly bills

    Xfinity offers special rates on its services for students, which can lead to significant savings on monthly bills.

    A) Flexible contracts

    Students can sign up for Xfinity services without a long-term contract, which would be ideal for those who may only need them for a limited time.

    C) Access to high-speed internet and other services

    Xfinity Student Discounts offer access to high-speed internet, cable TV, and phone services that students can use for everything from academic research to staying in touch with family and friends.

    Xfinity Internet Student Packages


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    Price (per month)

    Internet Essentials



    Internet Essentials Plus



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    Choice Double Play



    FAQ about Xfinity Student Discounts

    What are Xfinity Student Discounts?
    Xfinity Student Discounts are special offers and discounts exclusively for college students. These discounts can help students save big on internet and cable bundles, and other services.

    What kind of discounts do Xfinity Student Discounts offer?
    Xfinity Student Discounts include a variety of offers such as a $100 prepaid VISA card, 6 months free Amazon Music, and special pricing on super-fast internet. Additionally, Xfinity Mobile offers 5G network services, which is currently the fastest network speed.

    Who is eligible for Xfinity Student Discounts?
    College students attending select universities and colleges are eligible for Xfinity Student Discounts. Proof of enrollment may be required.

    How can students apply for Xfinity Student Discounts?
    Students can apply for Xfinity Student Discounts by visiting the Xfinity website and verifying their student status. Alternatively, students can visit an Xfinity store and present their student ID to apply in person.

    Can students combine Xfinity Student Discounts with other promotions?
    Some Xfinity plans may already include the $10 per month discount, so it is best to check before applying additional discounts. In general, Xfinity Student Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions.

    Where can students find updated Xfinity Student Discounts?
    Students can sign up for the Xfinity newsletter to receive updated offers and discounts. Xfinity also runs promotional campaigns throughout the year, so students can also check their website or visit a store for the latest promotions.

    What is the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?
    The ACP is a discount program that helps low-income households and students access affordable internet and mobile services. Students who qualify for the ACP may receive up to $100 back on Xfinity services.