Top Internet Providers Serving Seattle WA

  • Posted on: 15 May 2024
    Top Internet Providers Serving Seattle WA

  • Internet Providers in Seattle, Washington are the most reliable as well as the fastest in the area.

    Seattle has some of the biggest internet service providers in Seattle, so people can easily choose from the several options when they need an internet service. Different types of connections including fiber, cable, DSL, and fixed wireless are available and with them, speeds and capabilities differ. This article concentrates on the main broadband internet providers operating in Seattle and the kind of service they offer, the speed, and the price for residential service.

    The main internet providers servicing Seattle residents include

    • Xfinity from Comcast: The national cable provider is widely available and it is a national cable provider. It provides cable internet with speeds up to 1,200Mbps.

    • CenturyLink: The principal DSL provider that has broadband coverage to the majority of Seattle households. Highly speed up to 140Mbps with fiber in some neighborhoods is available.

    • Wave Broadband: The local provider is cable/fiber internet. The city has these speeds available throughout most of Seattle.

    • Verizon Fios: Fibre optic network with symmetrical gigabit connections is the main feature of many parts of Seattle.

    • TDS Metrocom: The local provider that offers fiber and DSL services is the provider with fiber and DSL services. The maximum speed of up to 1Gbps is achieved only when there is fiber available.

    • Ziply Fiber: The fiber network is being expanded after the acquisition and the upgrade of the Seattle market by Frontier. Gigabit speeds.

    • Viasat/HughesNet: Internet providers that are based on satellites and have coverage all over Seattle. It is the most appropriate for rural areas that are not within the scope of major wireline connectivity.

    Xfinity from Comcast

    Comcast (under the Xfinity brand) being the biggest cable provider nationally, Xfinity provides broadband cable internet in a wide range of Seattle.

    Speed options through their coaxial network include:

    • The upload speed can go up to 200Mbps.
    • 400Mbps
    • 800Mbps
    • 1,200Mbps

    The symmetrical 2Gbps speeds are available in some areas together with the gigabit pro multi-gigabit service. Comcast internet pricing is affected by the speed that is chosen and the packages that come with other services like TV and phone. The residential internet at home on its runs from $30-90/month. Their xFi Complete package comprises unlimited data, modem and rental, security tools, and various other features. All the Xfinity plans are data limit free and non-long term contracts.


    CenturyLink is the telephone provider of Seattle which has been for the longest time a DSL provider and now, it is shifting to fiber. They have mass availability through the older phone infrastructure with typical speeds that are normally above 40-140Mbps depending on the location. CenturyLink started the fiber rollout in many parts of the region with the gigabit fiber plans that are available to select Seattle houses at this moment.

    Self-standing DSL plans are either unlimited or have soft 1TB caps on data usage. The monthly tariffs for DSL speeds range from $50-65 and for fiber gigabit plans, it is $65+. Bundles can be the reason for the reduction of costs when two or more services are added to it.


    Wave Broadband is a huge regional cable and fiber provider that supplies internet service to the west side of Washington. Wave is the gigabit fiber and multi-gigabit plans that cover the whole of Seattle, making it the competition of Ziply and Verizon for the fastest internet.

    There is pricing from $60 to $90 per month for the symmetric, gigabit fiber speeds. Cable internet users can use speeds in the range of 200Mbps to 1Gbps while Wave will continue the local fiber upgrades.

    Verizon Fios

    Verizon Fios has 100% fiber optic connectivity which is available to a large part of Seattle. Their networking technology allows for the same speeds up to 940Mbps for both uploading and downloading. Verizon’s gigabit plans have 2Gbps speeds as well.

    Plans through Verizon Fios offer loads of bandwidth plus WiFi extender choices for whole-house coverage. Pricing ranges from $40 per month for the slower plans up to $80 per month for the symmetrical gigabit service. In most cases, the plans have unlimited data usage without any data caps.

    TDS Metrocom

    TDS Metrocom is the 6th largest fiber internet provider in the U.S., and the high-speed fiber and DSL networks are operated throughout the West and Midwest. In Seattle, TDS fiber with speeds up to 1Gbps is accessible in many neighborhoods, and it is directly competing with the more famous national brands.

    TDS Metrocom fiber plans will have unlimited data and competitive pricing, and the monthly cost of the plan will be $55 for 500Mbps up to $65 for gigabit speeds. DSL customers have the option of using the slower speed which is generally less than 25Mbps.

    Ziply Fiber

    Ziply Fiber turned out to be Seattle’s most recent gigabit fiber provider after their 2020 acquisition and upgrade of Frontier Communications’ Northwest markets. The company has been fast in the region to increase the fiber with the aim of widespread access.

    The residential service covers unlimited data at low prices and the good speeds are also a bonus. Gigabit internet is for as low as $60 a month including the modem and WiFi router rental. Ziply is yet another best fiber option for Seattle residents, especially in the underserved areas - their network is now expanding.

    Satellite Internet Providers

    Providers such as Viasat (before it was Exede) and HughesNet give satellite broadband service to all the rural households in Seattle that do not have access to wired service. Nevertheless, the satellite frequently comes with high prices, low data caps, and latency problems. Both providers provide numerous plans to choose from with download speeds that are not less than 100Mbps. Satellite is used for basic internet needs but cannot match the performance of DSL, cable, or fiber connectivity which is available throughout most of the area.


    To sum up, Seattle people can have a lot of choices when it comes to the internet service provider they want to use. Major sellers such as Xfinity, CenturyLink, and Wave Broadband provide fast speeds at the price you can afford. Condo Internet and Rainier Connect are the local providers that offer more specialized services that are designed to suit the different parts of the city. No matter the neighborhood you are in or the type of user you are - be it a streaming fanatic, online gamer, or a casual web surfer - there are many packages and plans that you can select that will give you the best of both worlds - speed, data caps, and affordability.

    It is possible to know the different technologies like cable, DSL, and fiber and see their drawbacks and advantages by comparing factors like customer service and contracts thus Seattle residents can identify the ISP that best fits their connectivity needs. The providers that are on the top when it comes to the service of fast and reliable home internet are those that one can find a good option for.