Top 3 Powerline Ethernet Adapters 2023

  • Posted on: 03 Jan 2023
    Top 3 Powerline Ethernet Adapters 2023

  • Powerline ethernet adapters provide a secure, reliable internet connection to any device with an electrical outlet. Whether you lack Wi-Fi access in remote parts of your home or just want the convenience of not having to drag Ethernet cables around, powerline technology turns regular wall outlets into modern day portals for linking up devices like TVs and printers over long distances.

    Looking for a reliable, easy-to-set up powerline adapter? The TP-Link TL PA9020 offers an unbeatable mix of affordability and convenience. For those looking to step it up a notch, the Netgear PLP2000 packages powerful features at a slightly higher price point -- while techies may want to take advantage of Zyxel's PLA6456 with its more advanced settings tailored towards power users.

    What to look for in a powerline Ethernet adapter?

    Need to extend your home internet network? Powerline adapters may be the answer. With features such as a power outlet, HomePlug AV2/ Wave 2 support and state-of-the art management tools, these devices are sure to give you an efficient way of growing your online presence without compromising quality or performance!

    Consider your home’s wiring

    Homeowners should take into consideration the age and layout of their electrical wiring when investing in a powerline adapter to ensure maximum performance.

    During our experiments in a traditional one-story home, we tested three adapters simultaneously. We were pleased to find that the best performance was achieved when all devices remained on the same floor. However, moving them between floors led to decreased download speeds up by 30%, depending upon outlet placement.

    Get a power outlet

    With the installation of a powerline adapter, you can get the convenience of extra outlets without sacrificing space. For an added bonus, opting for one that won't block off any existing plugs means no worries about losing access to vital top outlets!

    Top powerline Ethernet Adapters

    Ethernet Adapters


    Ethernet ports


    TP-Link TL-PA9020



    2 yrs.

    Zyxel PLA6456



    2 yrs.

    Netgear PLP2000



    1 yr.

      1. TP-Link TL-PA9020

      The TP-Link TL-PA9020 is an ideal powerline Ethernet adapter, with two Ethernet ports to provide connection for multiple devices, a pass-through outlet so you don't lose access to your wall sockets and HomePlug AV2 support allowing up to 2 Gbps speeds. Plus, it comes backed by a generous two-year warranty - making this great product even better!

      Get internet into every corner of your home with a powerline adapter, costing only $89.99! If you need to cover more ground in larger homes, mesh network provide more expansive coverage while starting at just $200 – the perfect solution for getting top connectivity across multiple floors.

      TP-Link's tpPLC application is a welcome sight for tech lovers everywhere; giving users the power to keep track of their connected adapters, monitor transfer speeds and refresh firmware -all with an easy-to-use interface. Enjoy a smooth experience while navigating your network devices that you won't find anywhere else!

      2. Zyxel PLA6456

      The Zyxel PLA6456 is the ideal adapter for anyone looking to make basic use of powerline networking. Not only does it feature a sleek design with conveniently placed LED indicators, but also its convenient electrical outlet gives users more flexibility in their setup. Unfortunately, though one Ethernet jack may turn away some shoppers who could find two jacks on comparably priced TP-Link adapters.

      With its small size, the Zyxel PLA6456 is perfect for those who are challenged by space constraints. Its 4.45-inch height allows it to fit into any wall outlet without blocking off use of the top socket - a convenient feature often overlooked in larger adaptors but highly appreciated when outlets are limited!

      Zyxel's advanced configuration tool provides an extra level of customization for powerline networking with features such as energy-saving and IPv6 support. This makes it the ideal choice for tech enthusiasts who want to delve deeper into their network setup.

      3. Netgear PLP2000

      The Netgear PLP2000 and TP-Link TL-9020 offer similar features, such as a front-facing indicator LED and two Ethernet ports. However, the former has an elevated price tag of 119.99 dollars with a one-year warranty whereas the latter is both cheaper and offers double its coverage at only two years - so choose wisely!

      Setting up the Netgear Powerline 2000 couldn't have been simpler; with two adapters quickly connecting to each other after some quick plugging in. While it may not come equipped with a support app or settings page like its counterparts, there is still plenty of tech assistance available - from troubleshooting pages and even an accompanying manual!


      TP-Link TL-PA9020 is the ultimate powerline adapter – offering users a combination of affordability, convenience and full range support with all the leading internet services provider. This device has two Ethernet ports plus an advanced management app to ensure peak performance every time.

      Netgear's powerline adapter offers a hassle-free setup for those who prefer simplicity, while Zyxel provides advanced configuration tools to help tech-savvy users customize their network. So, whether you’re just getting started or looking to tweak your system, each option has something unique and exciting to offer!

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