The Complete guide to find fiber internet in my area

  • Posted on: 27 Oct 2022
    The Complete guide to find fiber internet in my area

  • Looking for fiber internet in my area! Learn about AT&T, Google, and Verizon's plans for expanding their fiber networks. Could you get the fastest home connection in America with this new service?

    List of Fiber Internet in My Area

    AT&T Fiber

    AT&T’s fiber network expansion is moving ahead of schedule since its 2015 DIRECTV acquisition. The company has already deployed high-speed internet service to 18 million customer locations and recently announced that it would be adding another seven metro areas in 2022! With this new deployment, AT&T plans on making their brand available for 30+ Million people by 2025--and we can't wait!

    With fiber broadband, customers can enjoy 1GB upload and download speeds with low latency. It is symmetrical for both up-links as well as downloads making it ideal in terms of demand across the board! Fiber offers an upgrade path to higher bandwidth that requires minimal investment considerations over time due to increasing use cases such as 4K video streaming or VR gaming apps that require high-resolution graphics at increased frame rates than what current technologies offer without sacrificing quality too much when compared side by Side.

    Google Fiber

    When Google Fiber was announced in 2016, it promised to be the next great frontier for internet service. With ambitious plans and "shallow trenching" technology that would bring gig speeds at cable prices with no additional fees or charges except those charged by your current providers - customers were excited! Unfortunately, problems arose when people started trying out their new services only finding out they could not get reliable connection times due to issues such as dropped connections (Google calls these errors). This forced them into rolling back service areas like Louisville where passive deployment occurred.

    When Google Fiber began its expansion into the Louisville area, they were using an innovative nano trenching technique that allowed for faster and more affordable deployment. However, this new method was to blame for many faulty installations around our city; so now with future expansions, we will be switching over to micro trenches methods which have been proven much better than its predecessor.

    In 2020, Google announced that it was putting on hold all fiber optic projects for the next two years. But in July 2021 they expanded their service to a new market in Des Moines Iowa which already had access to high-speed internet through other providers like MidAmerican Energy Company or Brookfield Business Services Incorporated. This expansion means more people will be able to get online with fast reliable connections at affordable prices - not just those living near major cities but also smaller towns across America!

    Verizon Fios

    Verizon Fios is the most reliable internet service provider around. The service has earned top marks from the American Customer Satisfaction Index every year since 2016 and now Verizon offers this high-speed connection in nine states across America!

    In the near future, Verizon plans on doubling down with 5G expansion in new and existing markets while continuing its fiber build-out.


    EarthLink is a midsized internet service provider that has served the U.S for 30+ years and it's one of those companies with an impressive network, reaching 78% or so across all states in America! Earthlink owns 29k route miles worth of fiber optic cable which they've been building out since 2001 when this strategy first started-I think you'll find it quite rare indeed to come across such dedication among businesses these days.


    CenturyLink has been providing fiber internet service to customers in Omaha, Nebraska since 2014. They offer speeds up methods of 600Mbps and oftentimes even higher! In addition, they have a reliable deployment process with 24/7 customer support so you can always get your questions answered quickly when necessary.

    Spectrum Gig Internet

    Spectrum provides speeds up to 940 Mbps in select areas, but they do not currently offer what would be considered traditional fiber optic internet service. Instead of using an all-fiber infrastructure like other providers do - which means faster download and upload rates because there is no copper wire between you and your cable modem-- Spectrum uses a hybrid network that combines both coaxial cables as well optical fibers for higher bandwidths with fewer delays than just one type of transmission media alone could provide.

    How to find fiber internet in my area?

    Do you want to switch to fiber internet but don't know how to find it in your area? Then simply call (855) 210-8883 & choose fiber internet in my area.