The 5 Best TV Mounts on the Market

  • Posted on: 23 Oct 2021
    The 5 Best TV Mounts on the Market

  • You’ve just bought a new TV, but where should you put it? If the answer is “not on an unstable rack that could fall and smash into pieces when guests come over for dinner or if my kids jump around while watching cartoons at night time because they are too old now to be sleeping through anything important enough," then grab one of these five mounts from Amazon. They're well-priced options designed by customers who've tried them out in their homes with success stories like yours ahead!

    Let’s take a look at five of the best TV mounts available on the market

    The 5 Best TV Mounts on the Market

    VideoSecu ML531BE

    Pros: Flexible, easy to assemble, affordable, looks good

    Cons: Not suitable for heavier TV units, some connection plugs may be blocked by mount plate

    Amazon’s top-selling TV mount, the VideoSecu ML531BE supports up to 88 pounds and has tilt swivel rotation capabilities for maximum viewing flexibility. Installation is simple thanks to a removable VESA plate--and its post-installation level adjustment ensures your tv is mounted perfectly horizontally. The retractable 2" extension also makes it easy save space in small apartments or homes where there's not much room left over from other furniture pieces!

    VideoSecu MW390B

    Pros: Great range of motion, supports heavier TVs

    Cons: More expensive, bolt quality could be better

    The VideoSecu MW390B is a great mount for large living spaces with lots of potential TV-viewing spots. With the ability to hold up to 165 pounds and is available in four different colors, it's perfect for any home! Tilt & swivel your screen however you like - this versatile device makes sure that no matter where you put on our big screens, they'll always stay perfectly secure while providing easy access at all times (even when guests come over).

    ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

    Pros: Flexible tilt/swivel angles, holds up to 132 pounds, made of durable high-grade steel

    Cons: Upward tilt is only five degrees, lacks rotational capabilities

    This TV mount from ECHOGEAR is your chance to finally get the perfect viewing experience. It’s been tested with loads four times heavier than its 132-pound specification and can tilt up, down, or swivel 150 degrees in any direction! No more hunching over while watching that football game - this sleek black frame will keep everything at eye level. 85% of Amazon customers give it five stars indicating a high probability you'll love yours too: order now before they're gone forever!"

    Cheetah Mounts (APTMM2B)
    Holds up to 165 pounds, includes easy-to-reach pull tabs for safety locking, the green design creates strength with less metal, affordable

    Cons: No upward tilting, lacks rotational capabilities

    A great choice for the environmentally conscious, this TV mount from Cheetah uses a "Stronger with Less Metal" design. With only six pounds of steel and an adjustable fifteen-degree downward tilting ability, it can hold up to 165 lbs even though it's made with less than that! If you're looking into getting your heavy-duty electronics mounted then look no further because these mounts come fully guaranteed at 100%.

    Envision TV Wall Mount Bracket with Tilt and Swivel

    Pros: Ultra slim design, long arm extension, affordable

    Cons: More difficult to assemble than other mounts

    The slim design of this Invision mount makes it more aesthetically pleasing than other models, while its 1.8-inch maximum arm extension and tilting capabilities make the product a strong choice all around for holding your TV up high to watch shows in comfort--even if you have an 18" LED or LCD screen! That's because most TVs are compatible with 80-pound weights too (or even higher). Its warranty is also 25 years long so be sure not only do I recommend these mounts but buy one immediately before Christmas arrives!"

    Here are a few things worth considering when you make your decision

    TV Specifications

    Not all wall mounts will be compatible with your television, so it’s important to check the size and weight of your TV beforehand. If you think this might suit what I have before purchasing another one or two depending on price range etc!

    Movement and Flexibility

    Wall mounts come in an array of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. Some are stationary while others have tilt or swivel capabilities as well as “arms” that extend to increase viewing range if you want the TV close by a couch for instance. Make sure where this is going before determining which one will work best; some may be too big while others won't provide enough space once mounted!

    Setup Process

    Mounting your TV in the right spot is important to make it look good. It should be mounted on a wall that won’t crumble when heavy weight is applied and you want something eye-catching, like tubing or other metal material for hiding wires!

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