Sparklight vs. CenturyLink : A Head to Head Comparison

  • Posted on: 15 May 2023
    Sparklight vs. CenturyLink : A Head to Head Comparison

  • Sparklight and CenturyLink are two internet service providers that offer a range of plans to customers across the United States. While you compare Sparklight vs. CenturyLink both providers offer cable and fiber internet options, there are a few key differences between the two. For starters, Sparklight's network employs a fiber-coaxial setup, which allows for higher bandwidth compared to CenturyLink's use of existing telephone infrastructures. Additionally, Sparklight offers TV and phone services as part of its bundles, while CenturyLink gives customers the option to bundle their internet with phone service. Customers looking for affordable basic internet-only plans can choose between CenturyLink's DSL plans or Sparklight's cable plans but should keep in mind that CenturyLink offers unlimited data on all plans while Sparklight has varying data caps. Overall, both providers are solid options for customers depending on their individual needs and the availability of service in their area.

    Introduction to CenturyLink and Sparklight

    CenturyLink and Sparklight are both well-known internet service providers in the United States, providing reliable internet connections to residential and business customers across multiple states. While CenturyLink offers DSL and fiber internet plans, Sparklight specializes in cable internet service. CenturyLink's vast network infrastructure and flexible, affordable plans have made it a top pick for customers, especially those living in remote areas. On the other hand, Sparklight has earned a strong reputation for its emphasis on high-quality, reliable services and above-average customer service. Apart from the internet, Sparklight also offers various TV packages, making it a one-stop shop for all entertainment and connectivity needs. Both companies compete fiercely in the telecommunications landscape and provide varying pricing structures, connection speeds, and customer service levels that set them apart. By closely analyzing all these essential features, customers can choose the best internet provider that meets their specific needs. When you compare Sparklight vs. CenturyLink Internet then you need to make sure first of all your requirement, budget & location also.

    Pros and Cons of CenturyLink


    1. No Annual Contracts: CenturyLink does not require its customers to sign annual contracts, offering more flexibility and control to its user base.

    2. No Price Hikes: The company also promises no unexpected price hikes that can cause budgeting concerns for their customers.

    3. Two Fiber Plans: CenturyLink offers two fiber plans and several DSL plans depending on location, giving customers more options to choose from.

    4. Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds: The fiber plans offered by CenturyLink promise symmetrical upload and download speeds, with equal speeds in both directions. This helps businesses to run their web applications and company websites simultaneously.

    5. Scalable Bandwidth: With CenturyLink's Fiber+ plan, businesses can easily scale their bandwidth needs as their cloud-based applications grow.

    6. No Data Overage Charges: CenturyLink's Simply Unlimited Internet promises unlimited data with no added fees or overage charges.

    7. Professional Installation: CenturyLink provides professional installation services to ensure that customers receive top-quality internet coverage and reliable speeds.

    8. No Bundling: CenturyLink does not require customers to bundle their internet coverage with other products or services. Customers can choose their internet coverage separately from other options offered.

    9. Customer Support: CenturyLink touts its excellent customer service, with trained professionals available to assist customers with any issues or questions they may have.

    10. Competitive Pricing: CenturyLink offers competitive pricing for its services, making it a cost-effective option for businesses and individuals alike.


    1. Confusing Availability for Download Speeds: CenturyLink internet plans offer confusing availability for download speeds, which may leave customers bumbling around trying to figure out what speed they can actually get.

    2. Lackluster Internet Speeds: While CenturyLink's plans promise to connect customers to the fastest speeds in their area, they often fall short in delivering consistent and reliable internet speeds.

    3. Notoriously Difficult Customer Service: CenturyLink has been known for providing notoriously difficult customer service, which can be frustrating for customers who are experiencing issues with their internet connection.

    4. Limited Availability: CenturyLink offers internet service in only 16 different states across the US, leaving many customers out of reach for their services.

    5. DSL Download Speeds: While CenturyLink now offers unlimited data, their DSL plans often deliver slower download speeds compared to other internet service providers, which can be a major drawback for heavy internet users.

    6. Price Hikes: While CenturyLink promises price lock guarantees, customers have reported experiencing price hikes and hidden fees over time, making it difficult to budget for their internet service.

    7. Limited Fiber Internet: While CenturyLink offers fiber internet plans in select cities, the coverage area is limited and may not be available in many areas, leaving customers with only DSL plans as an option.

    8. No Bundled Services: CenturyLink does not offer bundled services, such as internet and cable TV or phone, which can be an inconvenience for customers who are looking for a one-stop-shop solution for their communication and entertainment needs.

    9. Limited Customer Resources: CenturyLink does not provide a comprehensive online knowledge base or customer support resources, which can be frustrating for customers who are trying to troubleshoot issues on their own.

    10. Limited Value: While CenturyLink may offer lower-priced plans, customers may find limited value in the actual internet speeds and service quality they receive, making it important for potential customers to carefully evaluate their options before committing to a plan.

    Pros and Cons of Sparklight


    1. Lightning Fast Download Speeds: Sparklight offers download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps which is incredibly fast compared to other internet service providers. This means that users can stream movies, play video games, and browse the internet at lightning speed without any lag or buffering.

    2. No-Contract Plans: Unlike other internet service providers, Sparklight offers no-contract plans that offer flexibility to their customers. This means that customers are not tied down to a particular plan and can easily switch to another plan if needed without any penalty.

    3. Customized Internet Packages: Sparklight offers a range of internet packages that cater to different needs and budgets. This ensures that customers can choose a plan that meets their requirements and doesn't break the bank.

    4. Convenient Bundles: Sparklight offers bundles that combine internet and TV services. This not only saves customers money but also provides them with a one-stop shop for all their entertainment needs.

    5. Advanced Technology: Sparklight uses advanced technology to provide its customers with the best internet experience. Their network is optimized to provide consistent speeds and reliable connectivity even during peak hours.

    6. Excellent Customer Service: Sparklight has a team of dedicated customer service agents that are available 24/7 to assist customers with any issues or queries they may have. This ensures that customers are always satisfied with their services.

    7. Transparent Billing: Sparklight maintains a transparent billing system that ensures customers are only charged for services they have availed. They also provide customers with detailed invoices and alert them when they are nearing their data limit to avoid any unexpected bills.


    1. Restrictive Data Caps: One of the biggest drawbacks of Sparklight Internet is its restrictive data caps. Most of the plans come with data caps that are considerably lower than what other ISPs offer, making it easy to go over the limit and incur additional charges.

    2. Limited Availability: While Sparklight Internet is available in 25 states, its availability is limited to certain areas within those states. This means that many potential customers may not be able to access the service, leaving them with limited options for internet service.

    3. High Prices for Some Plans: While Sparklight Internet offers some competitive prices, some of its plans come at a steep cost, especially those with higher speeds and unlimited data. For those living in areas without access to the lower-priced Freedom Connect plans, this can make Sparklight an expensive option.

    4. Automatic Plan Upgrades: If a Sparklight customer repeatedly goes over their data caps, the company reserves the right to upgrade them to a more expensive plan without their consent. This can result in unexpected charges and make it difficult for customers to manage their internet bills.

    5. Wi-Fi Speeds May Be Limited: While Sparklight's plans offer high download speeds, the Wi-Fi speeds may not be as fast and could be a limitation for those who rely on wireless connectivity. This could affect streaming and gaming performance, making it frustrating for customers who expect a consistent connection.

    When you compare Sparklight vs CenturyLink Internet then there is a little bit confusing because both providers offer almost the same services at the same pricing.

    Conclusion and Recommendation

    In conclusion, both Sparklight and CenturyLink offer competitive internet plans with varying options for their customers. Sparklight offers cable and fiber internet, with TV and phone services available for bundling. CenturyLink provides DSL and fiber internet services and allows the option to bundle internet with phone services. In terms of affordability, Sparklight's basic internet-only plans are cheaper than that of CenturyLink but its plans do come with data caps. Meanwhile, CenturyLink offers unlimited data on all plans. Industry experts recommend CenturyLink's fiber plans as a best-value option due to their reliability and competitive pricing. On the other hand, Sparklight has high ratings for reliable customer service. Ultimately, customers should choose between the two providers based on their specific needs and the availability of services in their area.

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