Sparklight vs. CenturyLink : A Head to Head Comparison

  • Posted on: 15 May 2023
    Sparklight vs. CenturyLink : A Head to Head Comparison

  • Sparklight and CenturyLink are two good internet service companies in the US that provide various deals to their clients. There are some key differences between Sparklight and CenturyLink, even though both offer cable and fiber internet. Simply put, Sparklight's network is set up with fiber-coaxial cables, which provides more speed than CenturyLink's network, which uses current phone lines. Additionally, Sparklight pairs TV and phone services, while CenturyLink lets customers choose to mix their internet with phone service. Customers who want cheap internet-only plans can pick between CenturyLink's DSL plans or Sparklight's cable plans. However, it's important to know that CenturyLink plans offer unlimited data, while Sparklight plans have lower or higher data limits. Both companies are good choices for customers, but it depends on their specific needs and whether service is available in their area.

    Introduction to CenturyLink and Sparklight

    Across multiple states, CenturyLink and Sparklight serve both homes and businesses with effective internet service providers. Sparklight specializes in cable internet service, while CenturyLink offers wireless and fiber plans. Thanks to its large network infrastructure and cheap, flexible plans, CenturyLink is a popular choice among customers, especially those who live in rural areas. In contrast, Sparklight has a strong reputation for focusing on providing stable, high-quality services and providing better-than-average customer service. Sparklight not only provides internet but also a range of TV sets, functioning as a one-stop shop for all entertainment and connection needs. For example, both businesses offer different price plans, link speeds, and levels of customer service, which make them stand out in the telecom market. Customers can pick the best internet service for their needs by carefully looking at all of these important factors. Before comparing Sparklight and CenturyLink Internet, you should think about your needs, your income, and where you live.

    Pros and Cons of CenturyLink


    1. Non-Annual Contracts: CenturyLink doesn't make its customers sign yearly agreements, which gives its users more freedom and control.
    2. Not Increasing Prices: The business also says that prices will not go up without warning, which could affect their customers' budgets.
    3. Two Fiber Plans: Depending on where you live, CenturyLink gives users more choices by offering two fiber plans and numerous DSL plans.
    4. Upload and download speeds that are the same in both directions: CenturyLink's fiber plans claim speeds that are the same in both directions for uploads and downloads. These features allow businesses to use their websites and web apps at the same time.
    5. Broadband that can be quickly increased or decreased: CenturyLink's Fiber+ plan makes it easy for businesses to upgrade their broadband needs as their cloud-based apps expand.
    6. No Overage Fees: CenturyLink's Simply Unlimited Internet plan offers unlimited data with no special fees or overage charges.
    7. Installing Professionally: CenturyLink offers professional installation services to make sure that customers get the best internet coverage and speeds.
    8. Packing: CenturyLink doesn't make customers buy other goods or services along with their internet service. Customers can pick their internet service options independently of the other available choices.
    9. Service Support: CenturyLink is proud of its great customer service, which is provided by trained professionals who can help customers with any problems or questions they may have.
    10. Competitive Pricing: CenturyLink's prices are reasonable, which makes it a good choice for both businesses and people looking for a cheap option.


    1. Download speeds are not always available.CenturyLink Internet plans have unclear download speed availability, which can make customers confused about what speed they can get.
    2. Poor Internet Speeds: CenturyLink's plans say they will connect users to the best speeds in their area, but they don't always offer steady and reliable internet speeds.
    3. Famously Difficult Customer Service: CenturyLink is known for having notoriously difficult customer service, which can be frustrating for people who are having problems with their internet connection.
    4. Not widely available: CenturyLink only provides internet service in 16 states across the US, locking out a lot of potential users.
    5. Although CenturyLink now offers unlimited data, their DSL plans often have slower download speeds than those of other ISPs, which can be a big problem for people who use the internet a lot.
    6. Price Increases: CenturyLink says it will guarantee a certain price, but customers say they have seen price increases and secret fees over time, which makes it hard to plan their budget for their internet service.
    7. Fiber Internet Access Is Limited: CenturyLink does offer fiber internet plans in some towns, but the service area is small and may not be available in many places, leaving customers with only DSL plans to choose from.
    8. No combined Services: CenturyLink doesn't offer combined services like internet and cable TV or phone, which can be inconvenient for people who want to easily manage their contact and entertainment needs in one place.
    9. Limited Customer Resources: CenturyLink doesn't have a large online information base or customer support resources, which can be annoying for people who are trying to help themselves fix problems.
    10. Limited Value: The cheaper plans from CenturyLink may not offer much in terms of internet speeds and service quality, so it's important for people who are thinking about buying a plan to carefully consider all of their choices.

    Pros and Cons of Sparklight


    1. Quick Downloads: Sparklight's download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps are very fast compared to other ISPs. Streaming movies, playing video games, and surfing the web can all be done very quickly and without any lag or buffering.
    2. Plans with No Contracts: Unlike some other internet service companies, Sparklight gives their customers an option of plans with no contracts, which gives them more freedom. This implies that customers are not confined to a specific plan and can easily switch to a different one if they need to, without any fees.
    3. Customized Internet deals: Sparklight has a variety of Internet deals to fit people's wants and budgets. As a result, buyers can pick a plan that fits their needs and doesn't cost too much.
    4. Convenient Bundles: Sparklight has packages that include both internet and TV. In addition to saving customers money, this gives them a place to go for all their leisure needs.
    5. Advanced Technology: Sparklight gives its users the best internet experience by using the latest technology. Their network is set up so that stable connections and steady speeds are available even during busy times.
    6. Excellent Customer Service: Sparklight has a team of dedicated customer service reps who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help customers with any problems or questions they may have. Their services are always good for customers because of this.
    7. Transparent payment: Sparklight has a clear payment system that makes sure customers only pay for the services they use. Customers also get thorough bills and are notified when their data limit is about to be reached, so they don't get any surprises when they get their bills.


    1. Large Data Limits: One of the biggest problems with Sparklight Internet is that it has large data limits. Most plans have much smaller data limits than other ISPs, so it's easy to go over and have to pay extra.
    2. Limited Availability: Sparklight Internet is offered in 25 states, but only in some parts of those states. There may not be many possible customers who can receive the service, leaving them with few choices for internet service.
    3. There are some plans with reasonable prices at Sparklight Internet, but some of them are very expensive, especially the ones with faster speeds and more data. Individuals residing in places lacking the less expensive Freedom Connect plans may find Sparklight to be a pricey choice.
    4. Automatic Plan Upgrades: Sparklight can move a customer to a more expensive plan without their permission if they frequent their data limits. As a result, customers may be hit with unexpected fees, making it hard for them to keep track of their internet costs.
    5. Although Sparklight's plans offer fast download speeds, Wi-Fi speeds may not be as fast, which could be a problem for people who depend on internet connections. This could make viewing and games less smooth, which will be annoying for customers who normally have a steady link.

    There is some confusion when comparing Sparklight Internet to CenturyLink Internet because both companies offer nearly the same services at the same prices.

    Conclusion and Recommendation

    Overall, both Sparklight and CenturyLink offer affordable internet deals with a range of choices for their users. Sparklight gives both cable and fiber internet, and you can bundle home phone and TV services. Internet services from CenturyLink include DSL and fiber, and customers can choose to combine their internet with phone service. However, Sparklight's basic internet-only plans are more affordable than CenturyLink's. However, Sparklight's plans do have data limits. Furthermore, CenturyLink's plans all include unlimited internet. The best value choice, according to experts, is CenturyLink's fiber plans, which are reliable and have reasonable prices. Meanwhile, Sparklight's customer service gets good reviews. Overall, customers should pick between the two companies based on their unique wants and the services that are available in their area.

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