How to change your ip address?

  • Posted on: 06 Oct 2022
    How to change your ip address?

  • This is why it's important to be cautious when you're online. Your private information could easily get into the wrong hands if hackers attack your device or network!

    The internet is a vast, yet interconnected place. In fact, there are over four billion users on the planet today and that number continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year!

    Wiring an international network can be a challenge, but it's easier than you might think with the help of IP addresses.

    It’s never been easier to change your own Wi-Fi password. This is an easy way for you to do everything from troubleshooting connections, streaming video content, or even getting quick answers when having tech issues at home!

    Reasons to change your IP address

    You may need to change your IP address in order for your to work with certain programs or sites, such as streaming video platforms.

    How to change your IP address automatically

    These are some simple ways to change your IP address automatically:

    Switch networks: The easiest way to change your IP address is by switching networks. For example, if you are browsing on a home Wi-Fi connection from the internet via a smartphone then simply turn off that network and use mobile data for an assigned alternative which will give access to different Addresses each time!

    Reset your modem/router. Resetting your modem/router will also reset the IP address. Simply unplug it for at least 30 seconds, plug it back in, and connect as you normally would complete this step!

    Connect via Virtual Private Network (VPN) There are many benefits to using a VPN, including the fact that your public IP address will be kept private. This means you can access sites and services located in other countries without geographical restrictions- something which is not possible with just one click! Check out our top picks for the best routers on Google today: Express VPN (no longer available), Nord VPN, or Tunnel bear.

    Use a proxy server. One of the most common ways to access blocked websites is by using a web browser. However, you might need more specific settings depending on what kind of site it is that has been blocked without allowing for exceptions in your software package's configuration options (for example Internet Explorer). To change these proxy settings so they're automatically configured each time we use them; go into "Internet Options" from within Windows', select 'advanced' and then click the symbolic link named HTTP(s) which will take us straight back here!

    How. to change your IP address manually?

    Window 10

    Make sure you’re working from an administrator account and click start

    • Navigate to the control panel
    • Click network connection
    • Scroll down to find settings and click edit
    • Select Manual
    • Type in your new IP address


    Navigate to system preferences

    • Click network connection
    • Click configure IPv4
    • Select manually
    • Type in your new IP address


    Go to settings

    • Select Wi-Fi
    • Select network
    • Select IPv4 address
    • Click configure IP
    • Type in your new IP address

     How to change your IP address on your iPhone?

    The Following method guides you to changing the IP address on iPhone

    Go to Settings > WiFi > tap on your WiFi Network.

    • On the next screen, scroll down to the “IPV4 ADDRESS” section and tap on Configure IP option.
    • On the next screen, select the Manual Option > Enter Router IP Address, Subnet Mask Address, New IP Address, and tap on Save.

    Benefits of changing your IP address

    Security: To keep your personal information safe, it is important to change the IP address. This will help prevent websites from tracking and identifying you online!

    Troubleshooting: Have you ever noticed your computer or other devices constantly looking for an internet connection but can never find one? This could be because the router assigned them the wrong IP address. To resolve this issue, all we need to do is change our device's settings in order to avoid any more confusion from happening!

    Access content while abroad: If you're traveling abroad, changing your IP address to access content from specific countries can be a great way of evading regional internet censorship.

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