Experiencing the DVR System from Spectrum

  • Posted on: 03 Oct 2017
    Experiencing the DVR System from Spectrum

  • A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, is a device that records videos in digital formats to different destinations like a USB drive, SD card, etc. It is a very useful device since it frees the viewer of the television schedule. Ever since its inception, it has been a huge hit, especially among the working masses that cannot catch their favorite programs on television and, with a DVR, had the power to watch them in their own time. It has proved to be a revolution in the trend of watching television.

    The Spectrum has enhanced the DVR system for a better TV viewing experience. The new version can store up to hundred and fifty hours of HD programs. It can also record a program in one room which can be viewed on a TV in another room, thus increasing the flexibility of watching television. So if your main DVR is in the living room, and you have a receiver in the bedroom, you don’t necessarily have to record your favorite show from the DVR in the living room. Further, the Whole House DVR can record up to six shows simultaneously and has separate control of the playback in each room, helping avoid clashes of television time. There are enhanced parental controls, ensuring a better check on the programs that kids are exposed to.

    Though extremely useful, the Whole House DVR is not necessarily the best one that is available on the market. Cost-wise, it is pricey on many fronts. Other DVRs in the market can record more shows and can store up to four hundred hours (some may even go up to eight hundred to a thousand hours) of HD programming. But for a DVR of a comparatively lower price range, the Whole House DVR from Spectrum may be your best choice.

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