Best Spectrum TV Packages Plans Prices

  • Posted on: 18 May 2021
    Best Spectrum TV Packages Plans Prices

  • Spectrum is a leading provider of internet, TV, and phone service. Spectrum has been in operation for over 30 years and has grown to offer services in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Spectrum offers many different packages that are tailored to fit your needs whether you're looking for more HD channels or just spectrum cable packages without any fees!

    Spectrum TV Packages and Prices

    Spectrum TV packages offer a diverse range of entertainment options to cater to the needs of every viewer. With their selection of packages and channels, subscribers can customize their viewing experience based on their preferences. Whether it's sports, news, movies, or family-friendly programming, Spectrum has a package to suit every taste. With high-definition quality and access to On Demand content, customers can enjoy an immersive and convenient TV experience. With Spectrum Plans TV affordable pricing and reliable service, Spectrum TV packages provide a comprehensive solution for those seeking high-quality entertainment from the comfort of their homes. you can compare spectrum TV options to choose the right packages. Spectrum cable cost varies based on the package and additional services chosen, offering flexibility to meet individual budget and entertainment needs.

    Spectrum cable TV packages


    Spectrum Cable Plans

    Spectrum TV Select

    125+ channels

    $44.99/mo. for 12 months°

    Spectrum TV Silver

    175+ channels

    $74.99/mo. for 12 months

    Spectrum TV Gold

    200+ channels

    $94.99/mo. for 12 months

    Kids channels

    Spectrum might be one of the most kid-friendly providers with all kinds of programming and parental controls. They even include add-ons such as:

    • Kid Zone - available via Spectrum App/website

    • Channels include Animal Planet HD, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Hub Network, Nick, NickJr., Nicktoons, Sprout, and TeenNick.

    Spectrum sports channels

    Spectrum may not offer as many sports packages as DIRECTV or Dish but they've still got you covered with:

    • NHL Center Ice

    • NBA League Pass

    • NFL Network and NFL Redzone

    • MLB Extra Innings

    • Pay-Per-View

    Spectrum TV Channels

    Spectrum TV's extensive list of channels includes high-quality networks like ABC, NBC, and FOX. You can also find popular cable channels such as AMC, FX, Bravo, and the USA. Viewers are able to customize their lineup with a variety of programming packages that include premium sports networks like ESPN or local stations for your hometown team.

    Which devices are compatible with Spectrum TV?

    The Spectrum TV app allows you to watch live TV on the go when you’re waiting for your son’s baseball practice to finish or on your lunch break.

    You can even use the Spectrum TV app as a TV remote and browse through channels, set up recordings, and access parental controls.

    Spectrum TV is compatible with the following streaming devices:
    iPhones, iPads
    Android smartphones and tablets
    Roku devices (second generation and higher)
    Apple TV
    Fire TV
    Amazon (Kindle) Fire 6 and higher
    Xbox One
    Samsung Smart TVs
    Vizio Smart TVs

    Spectrum Sports Channels and Packages

    Spectrum has an extensive selection of sports channels and packages to satisfy the needs of any sports fanatic. From football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more – you'll find your favorite game on Spectrum. In addition to a variety of games from every season, we have a lot of nationally broadcast games that are exclusive to Spectrum.

    • Spectrum TV Select (5+ sports channels, including ESPN and FOX Sports 1)

    • Spectrum TV Silver (15+ sports channels, including CBS Sports Network and NFL Network)

    • Spectrum TV Gold (35+ sports channels and FOX Soccer Plus)

    Spectrum Premium Channels

    Spectrum has been in the telecommunications industry for over 40 years, and its expertise is shown through this channel. This premium channel offers all of your favorite channels including HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and many more!

    Spectrum's goal with Spectrum Premium Channels was to provide an affordable option to watch the shows that you love on demand. With so many options out there it can be hard to find something worth watching. Now with this service, you can catch up on all of your favorite shows without any added cost!

    Spectrum Gold Package

    Spectrum Gold is a great package for those who love to watch TV. This package includes more than 125+ HD channels, including local and regional sports networks. In addition, customers have access to On Demand content and a cloud-based DVR. With Spectrum Gold, you can watch your favorite shows whenever you want. Plus, you can even record them and watch them later.

    Spectrum TV add-on packages

    Premium networks
    HBO® and SHOWTIME® are included with the Silver and Gold packages, but you can add them to the Select package for an added fee. Cinemax® and STARZ® are also available as add-on packs. Plans start at $4.99/mo.

    Sports packs
    The Spectrum Sports Pack includes NFL Network, Redzone Channel, and Golf Channel. You can also add major pro sports packs, such as MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, and NHL Center Ice. Plans start at $5.00/mo.

    Spectrum Bundles

    Spectrum offers internet, TV, and phone service bundles for all of your needs. Their packages include a variety of options that can be customized to fit any lifestyle or budget. They offer competitive rates on their plans with no contracts so you are free to change providers at any time.

    The Spectrum team is always happy to help answer questions about their services and make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

    Enjoy Free HD

    Spectrum offers free high-definition movies and TV shows to our customers. We want you to enjoy the best experience possible, so we offer HD content on all of your devices. You can watch Spectrum on your computer or laptop with a web browser (Chrome, Safari), mobile device (iPhone/iPad), smart TV apps (Netflix, YouTube), or via Roku using our app.

    Spectrum TV App: Watch Live TV on the go:

    Spectrum TV is the leading provider of live TV to customers in over 40 states. Now Spectrum TV has a new app that allows you to watch live broadcasts and on-demand programming from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It's easy! Simply download the Spectrum TV app for free and sign in with your Spectrum ID. You can also link your account to one of the three major streaming providers (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) as well as any other social media accounts so that you have instant access to all of those content libraries too!

    Compare spectrum packages

    When it comes to selecting the right spectrum package, customers have a variety of options to consider. Spectrum offers multiple packages, each tailored to different needs and preferences. The packages differ in terms of internet speeds, channel lineups, and additional features. For those who require high-speed internet and a wide range of entertainment options, the Spectrum Gold package might be the best choice. It offers the fastest speeds and includes premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and NFL Network. On the other hand, the Spectrum Silver package provides a comprehensive selection of channels at a slightly lower price point. Ultimately, customers can compare the different spectrum packages to find the one that suits their individual requirements and budget.

    Spectrum TV package prices

    Spectrum offers a range of TV packages at competitive prices to cater to different entertainment needs. The prices for these packages vary depending on the subscription plan. For instance, the Spectrum TV Select package provides over 125 channels at a starting price of $44.99 per month. The Spectrum TV Silver package offers more than 175 channels for $74.99 per month, and the Spectrum TV Gold package provides over 200 channels for $94.99 per month. These packages come with additional features such as access to On-Demand content, HD programming, and the Spectrum TV app, making them a comprehensive and affordable choice for TV enthusiasts.

    How much is Spectrum TV a month?

    Spectrum TV offers 125+ channels for only $59.99/mo., giving viewers a great selection of entertainment with just a one-year commitment!

    What is the cheapest spectrum TV package?

    Spectrum TV Select is the perfect plan for those looking to get great entertainment on a budget. For only $59.99 per month, you can access 125+ channels of amazing content!

    How much is spectrum cable?

    With Spectrum TV, you can enjoy a world of entertainment without breaking the bank. Their low-cost Select package starts at just $59.99 per month and includes over 60 live channels with their Essential streaming option!

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