Best Free DNS Servers Options to check out

  • Posted on: 24 Jun 2022
    Best Free DNS Servers Options to check out

  • To access the internet, your devices need a Domain Name Server or DNS. This computer system helps translate human-friendly URLs (such as into IP addresses that networks can use and connection attempts from computers on different hosts to find an available webpage with the content you want. That is how search engines work!

    What to consider when switching your DNS

    A few things to note before we dive in:

    • Default DNS vs third-party DNS: Internet service providers can collect data on customers and their internet activity. But when you use a third-party DNS, like OpenDNS or Google Public Proxy Service (GUPPS). It becomes more difficult to attribute the connection back to specific individuals or households because they are not directly responsible for connecting your device with any one website in particular. This way, all traffic travels through multiple servers before reaching its destination!

    • Free DNS vs paid DNS: Free DNS will work for most purposes, but if you want to access your favorite websites or send emails without restrictions, we recommend upgrading. The paid versions have more advanced security and performance functionality and better customer support options, so they're worth considering!

    • Public DNS vs private DNS: You might be on a public DNS at home and either private or government-run when accessing websites that have something to do with work. PrivateDNS can also refer specifically to the kind of service offered by one company for its employees, who want easier access than what they would get through just using their own ISP's servers (which are often slow).

    Best free DNS servers of 2022

    1. OpenDNS
    2. Cloudflare
    3. 1.1.1 with Warp
    4. Google
    5. Comodo Secure DNS
    6. Quad9
    7. Verisign Public DNS
    8. OpenNIC
    9. UncensoredDNS
    10. CleanBrowsing
    11. Yandex DNS
    12. UltraRecursive DNS
    13. Alternate DNS
    14. Ad Guard DNS

    1. Google Public DNS

    Get lightning-fast, secure web browsing with Google's free Public DNS product. With its specialized focus on speed, security, and reliable results, it promises a smooth and uninterrupted user experience! And best of all: no pesky site-blocking here – so go ahead and explore the digital world to your heart’s content!

    2. OpenDNS

    OpenDNS, owned by Cisco, offers two free options for families to ensure their online experiences are safe and secure. Family Shield is designed specifically with parents in mind - it filters content so minors can't access risky material. The home provides advanced safety features as well as improved overall web performance.

    3. Quad9

    Quad9 is dedicated to ensuring that everyone can access the internet safely and with maximum privacy. Their services protect users from malicious domains, phishing attacks, and malware - all while keeping personal information securely hidden. And they're not stopping there! Quad9 continues to expand into new regions around the world every day, striving for secure connection wherever you may be located.

    4. Cloudflare

    With Cloudflare's free DNS service, you can enjoy the protection of unmetered DDoS Guarding for Layers 3-7 and a Global CDN. Plus, your three-page rules will be included in their shared SSL certificate at no extra cost so that every website is secure while serving unlimited bandwidth!

    5. NextDNS

    NextDNS provides comprehensive protection against the latest cyber threats, including malware and phishing attacks, crypto-jacking, and more. With their free plan, you get an impressive selection of features like unlimited devices and configurations plus access to community support – while three paid plans provide additional benefits depending on your needs.

    To find the best free DNS server for you, we must take into account your specific needs, and where concerning Internet speeds/bandwidth, access points (such as the router) do not have good coverage Internet speeds/bandwidth. The following tool will help compare each provider's performance based on these criteria!

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