Affordable Connectivity Program T-Mobile : Making Internet Access Possible

  • Posted on: 01 May 2023
    Affordable Connectivity Program T-Mobile : Making Internet Access Possible

  • The Affordable Connectivity Program T-Mobile has been instrumental in connecting low-income households to high-speed internet service. T-Mobile, one of the top wireless carriers in the United States, has been expanding its participation in this federal initiative through its Lifeline Assistance brand – Assurance. With the T-Mobile Connect plan, customers can enjoy unlimited talk and text plus up to 2.5GB of data for as low as $15 a month. Furthermore, T-Mobile Internet now offers the ACP in 48 states, including Washington, DC. The company is proud to be part of this program, which helps make internet access possible for eligible households. Through the ACP, these households can now get a discount of up to $30 per month off their internet bill. This initiative aims to ensure that everyone, regardless of their income, has access to the digital world.

    What is the Affordable Connectivity Program T-Mobile?

    The Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal government program that aims to assist eligible low-income households with the cost of broadband internet access services. T-Mobile, through its Lifeline Assistance brand Assurance, is expanding its participation in the ACP to offer the program in 48 states plus Washington, DC. The program pays up to $30 per month towards the cost of mobile or fixed connectivity. This move is part of T-Mobile's efforts to enable affordable and reliable connectivity for all Americans. By providing affordable wireless services, T-Mobile is supporting households in accessing essential services such as healthcare, education, and remote work.

    What is the eligibility for the Affordable Connectivity Program T-Mobile?

    1. Low-income households are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provided by the federal government.

    2. T-Mobile is expanding its participation in the ACP program through its Lifeline Assistance brand – Assurance Wireless.

    3. The ACP program provides a discount on monthly high-speed internet bills for qualifying households.

    4. To qualify for the program, households must meet the eligibility criteria for a participating provider's existing low-income program.

    5. Eligible households can receive $30 to $75 off a month, depending on the state they reside in.

    6. The ACP program pays up to $30 a month towards the cost of mobile or fixed connectivity for eligible low-income households.

    7. The unlimited 4G internet on the T-Mobile network using Mobile Beacon is completely free for eligible households.

    8. Qualified households can also receive unlimited talk and text with up to 10GB of data for just $10 per month.

    9. The new federal ACP program is available through Metro® by T-Mobile and Assurance Wireless®.

    10. To apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program through T-Mobile, eligible households can visit their website and provide the necessary documentation to prove their eligibility

    How to apply for the Affordable Connectivity program T-Mobile?

    1. Determine Eligibility: The first step to applying for T-Mobile Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is to verify your eligibility. The program is designed to provide payment assistance for internet services to eligible customers across the country.

    2. Visit a Metro Store: Visit a Metro store near you to complete the Metro ACP form. The form needs to be filled out accurately and completely to ensure that you qualify for the program. If you need assistance, store representatives will be happy to help.

    3. Sign up for Service: Once you have completed the Metro ACP form, you can sign up for service with T-Mobile. Choose the plan that is best suited to your needs and budget. You can also opt for a Lifeline smartphone if you meet the eligibility criteria.

    4. Apply for ACP: If you are interested in applying for the ACP program, head over to the Metro by T-Mobile website and click on "Apply Now." Fill out the form and submit it online. Alternatively, you can call the ACP Support Center at (877) 384-2575 to talk to someone about your eligibility.

    5. Enjoy Affordable Connectivity: Once you are enrolled in the ACP program, you can enjoy affordable connectivity with T-Mobile's reliable and fast internet services. You can choose from a range of plans that offer unlimited talk, text, and high-speed smartphone data.

    6. Read the Fine Print: Before you sign up for any plan, make sure you read the terms, conditions, and restrictions carefully. There may be limitations on the amount of data you can consume each month or specific requirements you need to meet to be eligible for the ACP or Lifeline program.

    Benefits of the T-Mobile Affordable Connectivity Program

    1. Reduced Monthly Bills

    The ACP program provides eligible households with a discount of up to $30 per month towards internet services. This discount can help households save money on their monthly bills and give them access to quality internet services.

    2. One-Time Discount

    In addition to the monthly discount, eligible households can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 toward the purchase of a computer or tablet. This can help households acquire the necessary hardware to fully utilize their discounted internet services.

    3. Expanded Coverage

    The ACP program is now available in 48 states plus the District of Columbia. This expanded coverage means more eligible households across the country can take advantage of the discounted internet services offered by T-Mobile.

    4. Easy Enrollment

    Enrolling in the ACP program is easy and hassle-free. Eligible households only need to provide proof of eligibility, such as participation in the Federal Pell Grant program, to enroll and start enjoying the benefits of the program.

    5. Quality Services

    T-Mobile is committed to providing quality services to all its customers, including those enrolled in the ACP program. Eligible households can enjoy high-speed internet services with unlimited data, 5G access, and no annual contracts.


    T-Mobile has taken a proactive stance to help eligible households access affordable broadband internet services through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP is a government program aimed at reducing internet service bills for qualifying households, allowing more households to access essential internet services. Additionally, T-Mobile's Project 10Million, in partnership with schools, has delivered free internet connectivity to millions of underserved student households. While the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) has ended, T-Mobile's unlimited 4G internet on the Mobile Beacon network is still available, with the $30 subsidy covering the monthly fee. By using 4G LTE to expand home internet service areas, T-Mobile has made great strides in making broadband more affordable and ubiquitous for all. The FCC recognizes high-speed internet as an essential communications technology of the 21st century and is also working towards making broadband internet more ubiquitous. Assurance Wireless, which uses Sprint's nationwide network, also provides its services to eligible households through the ACP. In summary, T-Mobile is committed to supporting affordable internet connectivity for all, and its participation in the ACP program exemplifies its mission to make internet access possible for every household.

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