14 Common Misconceptions about Cable TV

  • Posted on: 04 Oct 2018
    14 Common Misconceptions about Cable TV

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    Debunking Main Untruths about Cable TV

    If you have listened to the popular debate on the direction of TV viewing, you must have heard a lot about cable TV. It is always good to get the facts right before cutting the cord. It is a significant decision that calls for more research and in this article, you will find some of the misconceptions you read and hear about the state and future of television viewership. Keep reading.

    • Cable TV is Dying

    Of course, you have heard this claim again and again and with time, it seems like this is a reality. The problem with the repetition of an untruth in a wired world is that over time, it starts sounding like reality and many people buy into it. However, any claims about cable TV dying remain just that claims. Research shows that 95% of video viewers are watching TV according to a survey on Forbes and it is no wonder big studios continue releasing big shows for this audience. If cable TV were indeed dying, no company would invest in multi-million dollar television shows because this would now make any financial sense.

    • Unsubscribing is killing Cable TV

    There’s no denying that cord-cutting has and will have an impact on cable TV but the extent of this is an exaggeration. Most adults still subscribe but also stream content online for flexibility. Claiming that digital TV has killed cable TV is thus a misconception and you can see this through the expansion of local cable TV providers.

    • Millennials have abandoned Cable

    To promote the myth of digital TV growth, proponents have continuously claimed that millennials have at last ditched cable TV. Well, millennials have to be the most researched segment of the population and yet the most misunderstood. Hard data shows that 88% of Millennials watch TV averaging 5 hours a day. Recent statistics show younger audience subscription to cable has grown over the last few years.

    • Cable-Cutting Is on the Rise

    Cord-cutting proponents and industry doomsayers have for a long time cited losses by big cable TV companies to insinuate that cable-cutting is on the rise and the impact is enormous. The real situation is different because subscription today is higher than in 2008.

    • Doing Away With Cable TV Saves You Tins Of Money

    Talk to anyone who cut their cable a year or more ago and asks them about the savings made. The truth is that they will not give you any hard figure and while the cable remains expensive, they will most likely subscribe again in the future. Cutting the cord means setting aside money for original hardware, Internet bill, multiple subscriptions from streaming services, and more.

    • There’s No Affordable Cable TV

    Every cable TV provider is unique and today, most companies offer custom packages. You can now negotiate a cheaper bill, and take advantage of new services, subsidies, and other offers. You can do this by searching through all available providers in your area.

    • You Can Catch Live Games Without Cable TV

    The world of television is a complicated one, but one thing that is certain is that cable TV will continue to provide the best sports action in the foreseeable future. Using a play tracker on your device while chatting and receiving calls is now what real sports action is; you need to sit back and relax and that’s cable TV for you.

    • Cable TV is outdated

    While there are many emerging streaming services, this is no reason to consider cable TV outdated. You can still catch some of the greatest shows including Games of Thrones, The Good Place, Barry, The X-Files, The Last O.G. (TBS), Unsolved, and Crashing among others. You also get gadgetry such as DVRs and modem routers for bundled services.

    • Cable TV is Rigid

    Talk to any cable provider today and you will find they have custom packages that are not only more suitable but also affordable. Don’t take someone’s word instead, search for cable providers in your area and ask if they have flexible packages to suit your viewing needs.

    • Cutting Cable means Freedom

    There’s a misconception that cable TV has to tie you down with a contract but today, many providers are offering no-contract cable services. Search for a no-contract “cable provider in my area,” and you will get several suggestions. Go ahead and check whether they offer the channels you need and at the best price.

    • There Are No More Benefits of Cable TV Today

    Listening to naysayers predicting the demise of cable TV, you might believe cable offers nothing good. However, consider the benefits of bundling (internet, TV, and phone services), live sports action, and recording technology among others.

    • Cable TV isn’t Cool

    This is the biggest misconception and unfortunately, many people have fallen for it. If cool means excellent programming and reliability in shows, then cable TV remains cool and it is no wonder streaming services are hard at work to buy shows from big networks.

    • Cable TV is Unnecessary Today

    If you go with the hype and cut the cable, you might find it hard to find the diversity of programming you get on cable without the need for a subscription.

    • Cable TV isn’t Worth Switching Back To

    For this one, most consumers find the hard way because cable TV is dependable, and with lie sports action and much more, many cable cutters find their way back.

    Parting ways with your cable provider might sound like the best thing to do but consider these misconceptions first. Make sure you do your research and find the best cable service in your area before making any decision.

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