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Kinetic offers more speed for less money than other internet providers. With the speed that can be as fast, if not faster, thanks to their Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network, this means you get an affordable price with better quality service all in one package!

For those living outside major cities or who don't want such high prices on their own Monthly Flat Rate Tariff plan - there's always Kinetics' new Cyber Monday Deals promotion happening right now, where new customers get 10% off once they sign up via call!

Kinetic's fast speeds and low introductory pricing are attractive in the cities where it is available, but you should compare its offerings to other local providers before choosing one.

Windstream internet speed and data

DSL internet service is a great option for those who want higher speeds and data caps. It runs through your phone line, while satellite can be convenient if you're off-grid but will often offer lower quality of connection than what's offered with cable modems or DSL cords in general because they use different technologies which are less reliable when it comes to video streaming (not that there’s much demand).

With our 1 Gig internet plan, you can surf the web on fiber-optic cables. These high speed connections provide an ultra reliable connection that is 10x faster than traditional dial up modems!

Windstream’s download speeds look great compared to Viasat's satellite internet, which currently maxes out at 100 Mbps.

Large coverage area, small coverage percentage

Kinetic has the most coverage of any other Allstate product. It's available in 18 states, with high availability particularly notable in Georgia and Iowa, where it spans half your state!

According to recent Federal Communications Commission data, Kinetic is available to only around 2.78% of the US population. Such a large service area yet a relatively small coverage percentage shows how reserved kinetic internet can be for rural and suburban regions with low population density.

Windstream Customer Reviews 2021

Broadband speeds available to 85% of DSL coverage area

Kinetic's broadband availability is impressive, with more than 50% getting speeds of 25Mbps or higher. That compares favorably against other major DSL service providers like AT&T, which only offers 65 Mbps on average across their entire service area!

Fiber has room to grow

Kinetic's DSL service is fast, but some areas could use an upgrade. The company has 30% of its network covered by fiber-optic cables, which means they aren't neglecting the need for more excellent coverage either; their expansion project will bring more high-speed internet access to customers soon!

Windstream has announced a new 2 Gigabit fiber plan available in select markets. That is part of their "We Leave No Town Behind" initiative, and it's excellent news for residents!

Kinetic's DSL service has the fastest speeds available, but if you want to take advantage of that high-speed access and have fiber, too, then be prepared for some stiff competition in your area. Fiber will offer unparalleled performance, so module price tags are likely going down across all providers because they're able to provide more bandwidth than ever before without charging an arm or leg per month - wait until next year when things really get exciting!

Kinetic by Windstream plans

Kinetic's internet plans are a little different from other providers' structures. You start with one plan, which could be any of these depending on where you live and what speed tier fits your needs best - but if that doesn't satisfy then there is always an option for upgrading!

Kinetic internet plans

Plan Max speeds Connection type Promo rate (first year) Regular rate (after 12 months) Data cap
Kinetic 50 50Mbps download, upload speed varies DSL $30-$60 $55-$85 None
Kinetic 200 200Mbps download, 200Mbps upload Fiber $40 $55-$85 None
Kinetic 500 500Mbps download, 500Mbps upload Fiber $40 $55-$85 None

No official gig plans are listed on the website, even though Kinetic has services that can help you plan your next event. That is because faster speeds come with an upgrade to base-level service - they're not separate packages themselves!

Is Windstream internet fast?

DSL internet is often not the fastest around. However, several providers have boosted their networks with fiber-optic cables which increase speeds significantly!

The other thing you should know about Windstream's internet service is that it only provides rural areas with satellite connections. So if your home or business lacks access to this type of connection, then there are probably better options for you out in the marketplace right now than paying an expensive monthly fee just because they offer higher speeds than what comes standard on most plans at no extra charge!

Data caps

Windstream offers unlimited data. With no limits on the amount of bandwidth you can use, there's never any worry about running out and having your internet connection cut off because it exceeded its limit!

The good news for anyone who downloads a lot of games or movies is that you won't get an email at 2:30 in the morning warning about how close they are to hitting their data cap. And if there's one thing we all need, it’s less stress when downloading files from home!

Customer service

Have you heard the bad news about Windstream? Their customers seem to be having a hard time with their internet service. In our review, we found that not only are people calling in all over town but when they do get someone on phone there's usually no resolution for what seems like chronic problems-disconnects & lack of response from customer care representatives!

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report from Windstream subscribers agrees with their unhappy customers, scoring the ISP a 61 out 100.2 That's not good news for this company—but it is better than last year when they got 57 points!

The bottom line

Kinetic DSL internet is an excellent option for those living in rural areas. The service and value you can get from the company will be much better than what satellite offers, though it may cost more too! If your town has both velocities available, we recommend going with fiber because of its higher speed capabilities- however, keep this into account when comparing prices between providers as they vary widely by market.

States with Windstream internet service

Alabama Kentucky Nebraska Pennsylvania
Arkansas Minnesota New Mexico South Carolina
Florida Missouri New York Texas
Georgia Mississippi Ohio
Iowa North Carolina Oklahoma

Overall Windstream customers rated them a 3.4 out of 5, which is ranked 4th of the 10 internet provider customers we surveyed in our study.