What Channel is Smithsonian on Cox?

Tuning in to Smithsonian on Cox: Step-by-Step Instructions

Exciting news for Cox subscribers! The Smithsonian Channel, your window to the world of science, history, culture, and exploration, is now available on Cox's platform. With the Smithsonian Channel on Cox Communications, viewers can embark on a fascinating journey of discovery and enlightenment from the comfort of their homes. Immerse yourself in captivating documentaries, insightful series, and compelling specials that bring the wonders of our planet and its rich heritage to life. Delve into the realms of natural history, unravel the mysteries of ancient civilizations, witness extraordinary wildlife, and explore the depths of scientific advancements. The Smithsonian Channel offers a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment, delivered through stunning visuals and expert storytelling. Expand your horizons, broaden your understanding, and ignite your curiosity with the Smithsonian Channel on Cox. Tune in and be inspired by the captivating world that surrounds us.

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A Brief History of the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution, often referred to simply as the Smithsonian, holds a rich and storied history that spans over 175 years. Established in 1846, it is the world's largest museum, education, and research complex, consisting of 19 museums and galleries, as well as the National Zoological Park.

The idea for the institution originated from James Smithson, a British scientist who bequeathed his fortune to the United States with the intent of creating an establishment "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge." His generous donation laid the foundation for what would become one of America's most revered cultural institutions.

The Smithsonian's first building, known as "The Castle," was completed in 1855 and served as both a museum and administrative headquarters. Over time, additional museums were constructed to house an ever-growing collection of artifacts and specimens. Today, these museums cover a wide range of disciplines including art, history, science, culture, and more.

What Channel Number is Smithsonian on Cox?

The Smithsonian Channel is accessible on Channel 189.

If you're a Cox subscriber and wondering what channel number Smithsonian is on, we've got you covered. The Smithsonian Channel offers a wealth of educational and entertaining programming, showcasing the wonders of science, history, nature, and culture. To tune in to the Smithsonian Channel on Cox, simply consult your channel guide or use the interactive program guide provided by Cox. By entering "Smithsonian" or searching for the channel number directly, you'll be able to locate it easily and start enjoying all that this captivating network has to offer. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of knowledge with the Smithsonian Channel on Cox.

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How to get Smithsonian on Cox?

1. Check Cox Channel Lineup:

Start by checking if the Smithsonian Channel is already included in your current Cox channel lineup. You can visit Cox's official website and navigate to the channel lineup section to find the latest available channels in your area.

2. Subscribe to a Package that Includes the Smithsonian Channel:

If the Smithsonian Channel is part of a specific Cox package, you may need to subscribe to that package to access the channel. Cox typically offers various channel packages with different combinations of channels.

3. Contact Cox Customer Support:

If the Smithsonian Channel is available on Cox but not included in your current package, you can contact Cox customer support. They can help you explore package options that include the Smithsonian Channel.

4. Consider Premium Channel Add-ons:

In some cases, Cox may offer premium channel add-ons, allowing you to add individual channels like the Smithsonian Channel to your existing package.

5. Verify Subscription:

Ensure that you are subscribed to the package or add-on that includes the Smithsonian Channel (if available) and that your Cox account is in good standing.

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Top Shows to Watch on Smithsonian

Aerial America: This visually stunning series showcases the landscapes, history, and culture of various states in the United States, as seen from the air. 

Secrets: A documentary series that uncovers fascinating secrets and mysteries from different historical periods, ranging from ancient civilizations to more recent events.

America in Color: Using advanced colorization techniques, this series brings historical footage to life, providing a fresh perspective on significant moments in American history.

The Lost Tapes: Featuring rare and unseen footage, this series reconstructs major historical events, such as assassinations and natural disasters, using only contemporaneous materials.

Air Disasters: This gripping series investigates the causes and aftermaths of aviation accidents, providing valuable insights into aviation safety.

Epic Warrior Women: Focusing on legendary female warriors throughout history, this series explores their heroic deeds and the challenges they faced.

Africa's Wild Havens: A nature documentary series that delves into the diverse ecosystems and wildlife of Africa's national parks and wildlife reserves.

The Real Story: This show delves into the background and real-life events behind famous movies, providing historical context and exploring the accuracy of the film's portrayal.

Titanoboa: Monster Snake: A documentary that investigates the discovery of the largest snake to ever roam the Earth, the prehistoric Titanoboa.

The Pacific War in Color: Using colorized footage, this series provides a vivid portrayal of the events and battles of World War II in the Pacific theater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What channel is the Smithsonian Channel on Cox?

A1: The channel number for the Smithsonian Channel on Cox may vary depending on your location and your specific Cox cable package. To find the exact channel number for the Smithsonian Channel in your area, please refer to your Cox cable TV guide or contact Cox customer support.

Q2: Is the Smithsonian Channel available in HD on Cox?

A2: Yes, Cox typically offers the Smithsonian Channel in high-definition (HD) as part of its channel lineup. To enjoy the Smithsonian Channel in HD, make sure you have an HD-capable cable box and an HD television.

Q3: Can I access the Smithsonian Channel on Cox through streaming services?

A3: Yes, Cox may offer streaming options for some of its channels, including the Smithsonian Channel. You may want to inquire with Cox about their streaming services or check their official website for more information on streaming options.

Q4: Is the Smithsonian Channel included in all Cox cable packages?

A4: The availability of the Smithsonian Channel in Cox cable packages can vary. Some Cox packages may include the Smithsonian Channel as part of their basic lineup, while others may require you to subscribe to a higher-tier package or add it as an additional channel. Contact Cox or visit their website for details on channel availability in your specific package.

Q5: How can I find the Smithsonian Channel on Cox if I can't locate it on my TV?

A5: If you're having trouble finding the Smithsonian Channel on your Cox TV, you can use the on-screen channel guide or Cox's remote-control functions to search for channels. If you still can't find it, contact Cox customer support for assistance.

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