What Channel is CBS Sports Network on Cox?

Unlocking the World of Sports: Cox's CBS Sports Network Channel Information

Yes, Cox Communications offers CBS Sports Network as part of its channel lineup. CBS Sports Network is a popular sports channel that features live sports events, news, analysis, and original programming. You can check the specific channel number for CBS Sports Network on Cox by referring to your local Cox TV channel lineup or contacting Cox customer support for the most up-to-date information.

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A Brief History of CBS Sports Network

CBS Sports Network, formerly known as CSTV (College Sports Television) and CBS College Sports Network, is a sports-oriented cable and satellite television network in the United States. Here's a brief history of CBS Sports Network:

Early Years (2002-2008): CBS Sports Network was launched on April 4, 2002, as CSTV. It focused primarily on collegiate sports programming, including live games, news, and analysis. Initially, it had limited distribution but gradually expanded its reach through various cable and satellite providers.

CBS Acquisition and Rebranding (2008): In 2008, CBS Corporation acquired CSTV and renamed it CBS College Sports Network. The network continued to emphasize college sports but expanded its coverage to include other sports programming as well.

What Channel Number is CBS Sports Network on Cox?

The CBS Sports Network channel is accessible on Channel 333.

The channel number for CBS Sports Network on Cox Communications may vary depending on your specific location and the Cox cable system in your area. To find the exact channel number for CBS Sports Network on Cox, I recommend checking your local Cox TV channel lineup. You can typically find the channel lineup on the Cox website or by contacting Cox customer support. They will have the most up-to-date information on the channel number for CBS Sports Network in your area.


Channel Number

Phoenix, Arizona


San Diego, California


Fort Smith, Arkansas


East Hartford, Connecticut


New Orleans, Louisiana


Omaha, Nebraska


Las Vegas, Nevada


Holland, Massachusetts


Cleveland, Ohio


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Knotts Island, North Carolina


East Providence, Rhode Island


Virginia Beach, Virginia


Bellevue, Idaho


Centerville, Georgia


Carter Lake, Iowa


Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Wichita, Kansas


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How to get CBS Sports Network on Cox?

1. Check Availability:

Firstly, verify if CBS Sports Network is available in your area through Cox. You can check the Cox channel lineup or contact their customer service to inquire about its availability.

2. Explore Available Packages:

Check the Cox website or contact their customer service to find out which packages include CBS Sports Network. It might be part of specific packages or offered as an add-on.

3. Upgrade Your Package:

If CBS Sports Network is not included in your current Cox cable package, consider upgrading to a higher-tier package that offers the channel. Cox typically provides different packages with varying channel lineups, so look for one that includes CBS Sports Network.

4. Contact Cox Customer Service:

If you need assistance or have questions about adding CBS Sports Network to your Cox subscription, get in touch with Cox's customer service. They can guide you through the process and help you make any necessary changes to your package.

5. Use Cox's Online Account Management:

If Cox provides an online account management system, log in to your Cox account on their website and explore the available channel packages to see if you can add CBS Sports Network there.

6. Consider Add-Ons or Bundles:

Cox may offer specific add-on packages or channel bundles that include CBS Sports Network. Inquire about any sports-specific bundles or entertainment add-ons that include the channel.

7. Negotiate with Customer Service:

Sometimes, Cox may have promotional offers or discounts that include CBS Sports Network. When speaking with customer service, inquire about any special deals or promotions you can take advantage of.

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Top Shows to Watch on CBS Sports Network

Live Sports Events: CBS Sports Network broadcasts a wide range of live sporting events, including college football and basketball games, professional football (e.g., Canadian Football League), basketball (e.g., WNBA), soccer (e.g., Major League Soccer), golf, and more. Tune in to catch your favorite teams and athletes in action.

Studio Shows: The network features various studio shows that provide analysis, highlights, and discussions about current sports events. These shows often include expert commentators, former athletes, and sports analysts who offer insights and breakdowns of games and matchups.

Documentaries and Original Programming: CBS Sports Network produces sports-related documentaries and original programming that offer in-depth looks at athletes, sports history, and behind-the-scenes stories from the sports world.

Sports News and Analysis: Stay up to date with the latest sports news and analysis on CBS Sports Network, where they cover breaking stories, trades, injuries, and other significant events in the world of sports.

College Sports Coverage: The network heavily focuses on college sports, providing extensive coverage of college football and basketball, including live games, analysis, and pre-and post-game shows.

Watch CBS Sports Network on Cox Now!

Get ready for an immersive sports experience with CBS Sports Network on Cox! As a hub for all your favorite sports action, CBS Sports Network brings you live games, in-depth analysis, and a wide range of sports programming. Whether you're a fan of college sports, professional leagues, or unique sports shows, CBS Sports Network on Cox has it all. Tune in to enjoy exclusive broadcasts of live events, expert commentary, and insightful coverage of all major sports. With Cox, you'll never miss out on the excitement and drama of the sports world. Watch CBS Sports Network now for a front-row seat to top-tier sports entertainment!

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What channel is CBS Sports Network on Cox?

CBS Sports Network's channel number on Cox varies by location. To find the exact channel, visit the Cox website or use their channel lineup tool. You can also check your Cox cable guide for the most up-to-date information.

Is CBS Sports Network available in HD on Cox?

Yes, CBS Sports Network is usually available in high definition (HD) on Cox. Check your local listings or Cox's channel lineup for HD channel numbers.

Can I stream CBS Sports Network online through Cox?

Cox might offer streaming options that include CBS Sports Network. You should visit the Cox website or contact their customer service to inquire about streaming services and availability.

Is there an additional cost to access CBS Sports Network on Cox?

Depending on your Cox package, CBS Sports Network might be included in certain tiers or packages. If it's not part of your current package, you might need to upgrade to a package that includes it. Contact Cox customer service for specific pricing details.

Can I get CBS Sports Network as a standalone channel on Cox?

CBS Sports Network is typically included as part of Cox's sports or entertainment packages. It might not be available as a standalone channel. Contact Cox for package details and availability.