Quantum Fiber in Cosmopolis, WA

Quantum Fiber
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Quantum Fiber Internet Plans in Cosmopolis

Up to 200 Mbps

200 Mbps Plan


  • Work from home and shop online
  • Unlimited data on a 99.9% reliable* network
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Stream HD movies
  • No annual contract

Up to 940 Mbps

940 Mbps Plan


  • 20X faster upload speed than cable
  • Unlimited data on a 99.9% reliable* network
  • FREE installation - $129 value
  • Modem provided - no monthly charge
  • No annual contract

Get Quantum Fiber Internet in Cosmopolis, WA

Get blazing-fast internet speeds with Centurylink Quantum Fiber in Cosmopolis, WA. Quantum offers symmetrical broadband speeds of up to 940 Mbps with no data caps, contracts, or bundle requirements. This ultra-fast internet service is fully enabled with a digital customer experience, allowing for 100% digital ordering and subscription-based billing.

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fiber internet

Fiber Internet

No annual contract


360 Wifi

Complete Wifi Coverage



Connected Voice

Streaming TV

Streaming TV

Stream Anytime, Anywhere

Business Internet

Business Internet

No annual contract

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Quantum Fiber Internet in Cosmopolis

Quantum Fiber in Cosmopolis offers various internet plans, ranging from 200 Mbps to 940 Mbps. Their 200 Mbps plan is considered a suitable starter speed for most households and provides enough bandwidth for family Netflix nights or work assignments. With 200 Mbps upload speeds, sputtering Zoom calls and slow Google Drive transfer times will no longer be a problem. If your household has heavy internet users who regularly download large games or upload files for work, the 940 Mbps plan is the best choice. This plan comes with much faster download and upload speeds, making it ideal for heavy internet users. Order now to get internet connection now!

Quantum Fiber Internet

Fiber 360 WiFi

Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi in Cosmopolis

Quantum Fiber and 360 WiFi are now available in Cosmopolis, providing residents and small businesses access to reliable and ultra-fast gigabit speeds. With the expansion of Quantum Fiber, millions of new consumers can subscribe to a prepaid online platform for delivering secure fiber-based connectivity. The service offers exceptional internet experience with speeds of up to 940 Mbps or an impressive 8 Gig with limited availability in select locations. 360 WiFi is also available to enhance network connectivity in homes and businesses, providing seamless coverage with easy installation and an app-based control system.

Quantum Home Phone in Cosmopolis

Quantum Home Phone is a reliable and cost-effective solution for those who want to stay connected with their friends and family in Cosmopolis. With clear, high-quality sound and a variety of useful features, including call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, and 3-way calling, Quantum Home Phone is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a home phone service. Getting started with Quantum Home Phone is easy now!

Home Phone

Brightspeed internet for business

Unlock Limitless Entertainment with Quantum TV in Cosmopolis

Unlock Limitless Entertainment with Quantum TV in Cosmopolis. Quantum TV is a cutting-edge technology that enhances your TV viewing experience like never before. With this revolutionary technology, you can watch your favorite shows, movies, and live events in stunning high-definition quality. Quantum TV provides seamless multi-room audio and video integration with features like pause, rewind, and record and you never miss a moment of your beloved entertainment. This unique service also includes access to popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. Quantum TV is the ultimate entertainment solution for everyone.

Quantum Fiber Business Internet in Cosmopolis

Quantum Fiber Business Internet in Cosmopolis is a reliable and ultra-fast internet service for small to large scale business. With a focus on symmetrical high-speed fiber connectivity, it is built for modern businesses that require consistent and fast connectivity for remote work, telehealth, applications, and entertainment. Quantum Fiber delivers speeds up to 940 Mbps, making it a top choice for businesses that rely on a fast and reliable internet connection. You get ultra-fast internet speed with fiber that give your business.

Business Internet

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Frequently Asked Questions about Quantum Fiber

1. What is Quantum Fiber in Cosmopolis?

A: Quantum Fiber is CenturyLink's new Fiber Internet service that offers high-speed internet up to 940Mbps in Cosmopolis. It is currently available in over 30 markets in the United States, including Cosmopolis, with plans to reach a total of 12 million locations over the coming years.

2. How can I check if Quantum Fiber is available at my address in Cosmopolis?

A: You can check if Quantum Fiber is available at your address by calling (844) 340-6066 now!

3. Are there any promotions or offers currently available for Quantum Fiber in Cosmopolis?

A: CenturyLink is currently offering a limited-time offer for new qualifying residential Quantum Fiber customers to sign up for a qualifying up to 940Mbps Internet service plan and receive an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max valued at $54.99.

4. How fast is fiber internet in Cosmopolis?

A: Quantum Fiber may offer speeds up to 940 Mbps**, and in some limited areas up to 8 Gig.

5. Does Quantum Fiber offer home phone service in Cosmopolis?

A: Yes! With Connected Voice, you can choose between two packages and get clean, crystal-clear digital quality with virtually every single call.

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