What channel is Reelz on Spectrum?

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Reelz is a premier TV network available on Spectrum that offers an immersive entertainment experience for viewers. With an array of captivating content, Reelz caters to the interests of movie enthusiasts, delivering high-quality programming related to movies, documentaries, and original series. From in-depth profiles of Hollywood stars to behind-the-scenes glimpses of famous film productions, Reelz offers a unique perspective on the world of cinema. Whether it's exploring the untold stories of iconic films or showcasing the lives of beloved celebrities, Reelz on Spectrum ensures that viewers are indulged in a captivating and informative television experience.

What is Reelz?

Reelz on Spectrum is a popular channel that offers a wide array of entertaining shows and movies for Spectrum subscribers. With its diverse range of content, Reelz caters to a broad audience, providing a unique viewing experience for everyone.

Reelz on Spectrum boasts an extensive lineup of engaging programming, including comprehensive coverage of Hollywood's biggest stars, behind-the-scenes specials, gripping crime documentaries, captivating biographies, and much more. With its focus on celebrity culture and the entertainment industry, Reelz offers an exciting glimpse into the lives of both well-known and rising stars.

One of the highlights of Reelz on Spectrum is its exclusive content. From original series to documentaries, viewers can indulge in fascinating stories, interviews, and insights into the world of entertainment. Reelz takes pride in producing high-quality programming that captivates its audience, offering a fresh and exclusive perspective on the latest trends in Hollywood.

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A brief history of Reelz

Reelz is a prominent media company that specializes in television programming focusing on celebrity news, entertainment, and movies. Its journey began in 2006 when it was officially launched by Stanley E. Hubbard, a broadcasting executive and the founder of Hubbard Broadcasting, a well-established media group.

From its inception, Reelz intended to offer a unique approach to television programming, emphasizing a deep love and appreciation for movies and Hollywood culture. The network aimed to captivate audiences by providing in-depth coverage of movie premieres, red carpet events, celebrity interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of entertainment.

Over the years, Reelz has expanded its reach and gained a loyal following. The network has become widely known for its original shows and documentaries that delve into the lives of celebrities, exploring their journeys, scandals, and triumphs. Reelz also airs various movie-related content, including movie reviews, movie trivia, and countdown lists.

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with renowned industry experts, Reelz has been able to deliver high-quality programming that resonates with viewers. The network prides itself on offering an alternative to mainstream entertainment news channels, providing a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding of the celebrity world.

How to get Reelz on Spectrum?

Reelz is a must-have for any entertainment enthusiast, offering a vast array of reality shows, documentaries, and exclusive Hollywood content. If you're a Spectrum subscriber and eager to access this captivating channel, look no further!

  1. Check Your Spectrum Channel Lineup:
    Start by reviewing your Spectrum channel lineup. Confirm if Reelz is included in your current package or if it requires an upgrade. Spectrum offers different tiers that may include Reelz at various levels.
  2. Upgrade Your Spectrum Package:
    If Reelz is not included in your current Spectrum package, upgrading your subscription is the next step. Spectrum offers several premium TV packages that include Reelz. Explore the different options and find the one best suited to your preferences.
  3. Opt for Spectrum Bundle Packages:
    Consider bundling your Spectrum TV with other services like internet or phone. Spectrum often provides exclusive deals and discounted rates for bundle packages. Evaluate if a bundle package meets your needs and helps you gain access to Reelz while saving money.
  4. Explore Spectrum Streaming Services:
    Spectrum offers streaming services, such as Spectrum TV Choice and Spectrum TV Essentials, that allow you to access your favorite channels, including Reelz, through compatible devices. These streaming options provide flexibility and give you the freedom to watch Reelz anytime, anywhere.
  5. Install Spectrum Receiver:
    If you prefer traditional cable TV, make sure your Spectrum receiver is properly installed. Ensure all connections are secure, and if necessary, contact Spectrum's customer support for assistance. A working receiver is a prerequisite to accessing Reelz on Spectrum.
  6. Access Reelz via Spectrum App:
    Download the Spectrum TV App onto your smartphone, tablet, or streaming device. Once downloaded, simply sign in with your Spectrum account information to watch Reelz from anywhere in your home. The app also provides additional features like TV schedule browsing and On-Demand content.
  7. Use On-Demand Services:
    Spectrum's On-Demand service gives you the freedom to catch up on missed episodes or watch your favorite Reelz programs at your convenience. Simply scroll through the available shows, select Reelz, and enjoy.
  8. Explore Spectrum Channel Apps:
    Check if Reelz has its own dedicated app within the Spectrum Channel lineup. Some channels offer standalone apps where you can access their content directly. Download and sign in to the Reelz app using your Spectrum account credentials to enjoy their exclusive offerings.
  9. Enjoy Reelz on Spectrum's Website:
    Lastly, Spectrum's official website often provides access to select channels, including Reelz, for online streaming. Login to your Spectrum account on their website and navigate to the channel lineup or programming section to watch Reelz programs on your preferred device.
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What Channel Number is Reelz on Spectrum?

The Reelz channel is avilable on Spectrum on 128.

Reelz is a popular television channel that offers a wide range of entertainment content, including exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at Hollywood movies, celebrity news, and in-depth documentaries. If you are a Spectrum subscriber and wondering what channel number Reelz is on, you can easily find it by referring to your local Spectrum channel lineup. Whether you prefer using the channel guide provided by Spectrum or utilizing their online channel lineup, finding the channel number for Reelz on Spectrum is a breeze.


Channel Number

Spectrum New York, NY


Spectrum Orlando, FL


Spectrum Reno, NV

173, 849

Spectrum Rochester, NY



Spectrum Bundle Plans

Plans Introductory prices Download Speed Channel count Phone plan Details
Internet + Voice From $64.98/mo. for 12 mos. Up to 200 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary) N/A Unlimited nationwide calling (888) 795-8789
TV Select + Voice From $64.98/mo. for 12 mos. N/A 125+channels Unlimited nationwide calling (888) 795-8789
Internet + TV Select + Voice From $114.97/mo. for 12 mos. Up to 200 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary) 125+channels Unlimited nationwide calling (888) 795-8789

What channel is Reelz Access on Spectrum?

Reelz Access is a popular channel known for its high-quality entertainment content, including movies, documentaries, and reality TV shows. For Spectrum customers looking to tune into this channel, it can be found on different channel numbers depending on their location.

Watch Reelz Channel on Spectrum Today!

Reelz Channel is a must-watch for all film and television enthusiasts. With its captivating lineup of shows focusing on movies, celebrities, and behind-the-scenes insights, this channel offers an exceptional entertainment experience. Spectrum subscribers are in luck, as they can easily access Reelz Channel and dive into the world of Hollywood right from their own living rooms.

Reelz Channel boasts a diverse range of programming that caters to all tastes and interests. From in-depth documentaries about famous stars to exclusive interviews with industry insiders, this channel brings viewers closer to the magic of the silver screen. With Spectrum's extensive channel lineup, you can easily find Reelz Channel and start your cinematic journey today.


The Reelz channel is available on Spectrum cable services, offering a diverse range of film and television content to subscribers. Spectrum, a leading American telecommunications company, carries Reelz as part of its channel lineup. By tuning into the corresponding channel on Spectrum, viewers can access a wide array of entertainment, including documentaries, television series, and original programming. 

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Q: What is Reelz and why is it popular?
A: Reelz is a popular cable and satellite television network that specializes in entertainment and celebrity-centric programming. It offers a wide range of shows and documentaries related to Hollywood movies, celebrity news, and behind-the-scenes content. Reelz has gained popularity for its unique content and exclusive interviews with prominent celebrities.

Q: On which channel can I find Reelz on Spectrum?
A: The Reelz is on Channel 128 on Spectrum.

Q: Can I watch Reelz on Spectrum's streaming services or app?
A: Yes, Spectrum offers streaming services like Spectrum TV Choice and the Spectrum TV App. Reelz is included in some of the Spectrum streaming packages, allowing subscribers to watch it on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Q: Is Reelz available in high definition (HD) on Spectrum?
A: Yes, Reelz is available in high definition (HD) on Spectrum.

Q: Can I find Reelz On-Demand content on Spectrum?
A: Yes, Spectrum offers Reelz On-Demand content for its subscribers. On-Demand content allows you to watch your favorite Reelz shows and documentaries at your own convenience.

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