What channel is NBA TV on spectrum?

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NBA TV is a highly sought-after channel among basketball enthusiasts, and Spectrum is proud to offer it as part of its extensive channel lineup. With NBA TV, Spectrum customers can catch all the action from the National Basketball Association, including live games, in-depth analysis, and exclusive content. Whether you're a fan of the reigning champions, want to stay updated on top-notch player performances, or simply enjoy the thrill of the game, NBA TV on Spectrum ensures you never miss a moment. This dedicated sports channel brings the excitement of the NBA right into your living room, providing an immersive experience for basketball fans of all ages.

Unlock the gateway to your favourite basketball action with Spectrum Cable, ensuring you never miss a thrilling moment on NBA TV. Spectrum provides a comprehensive sports package, granting access to a diverse range of sports networks. For those seeking binge-worthy sports programmes, the SEC Network awaits. If live basketball in California is your passion, NBA TV is tailor-made for you.

Established over 22 years ago in 1999, NBA TV has been a stalwart companion for enthusiasts, showcasing regular NBA matches and professional basketball leagues. With a reach extending to over 45 million pay-TV households, NBA TV continues to be a go-to destination for avid fans.

To stay abreast of the latest NBA updates and catch your preferred games live, it's essential to know the channel number for NBA TV on Spectrum or your chosen cable TV provider. On Spectrum TV, NBA TV awaits on channel 308, ensuring you're just a click away from the courtside action. Get ready to immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of basketball with Spectrum Cable.

What is NBA TV?

NBA TV is a premier sports network available on Spectrum, providing fans with comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of all things basketball. With a focus on the National Basketball Association (NBA), it offers a wide range of programming that caters to both casual viewers and die-hard basketball enthusiasts. With its comprehensive coverage, exclusive content, and in-depth analysis, NBA TV on Spectrum remains a must-have for basketball enthusiasts looking to stay connected to the excitement and thrill of the NBA.

What channel number is NBA TV on Spectrum?

THE NBA TV is available on Spectrum on 308.

NBA TV is a popular sports channel that broadcasts basketball games, analysis, and other related content. For Spectrum subscribers, finding the channel number for NBA TV can be quite straightforward. Spectrum offers different packages and plans, so the channel number may vary depending on your subscription and location.

NBA TV Spectrum Channel List 



Los Angeles


San Diego




Long Beach

475, 835


112, 1112



Corpus Christi


San Antonio




El Paso









568, 569


568, 569








418, 1418


325, 1325

Kansas City



568, 569


325, 1325


325, 1325

New York






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In 2003, NBA TV expanded globally with the launch of NBA TV International, allowing fans from around the world to enjoy the network's programming. As the popularity of NBA TV continued to rise, the network underwent a significant transformation in 2008, transitioning into a high-definition (HD) channel. NBA TV has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing media landscape. Today, it provides fans with an immersive experience, streaming live games, on-demand content, and exclusive programming through its digital platforms.

The network also serves as a platform for NBA-related events, such as draft coverage, All-Star Weekend, and the NBA Summer League. NBA TV has become a go-to destination for basketball enthusiasts, offering in-depth analysis, documentaries, and shows that showcase the rich history of the NBA. Through its exclusive access and comprehensive coverage, NBA TV has solidified its position as a leading source of basketball content for fans worldwide.

Which channel does NBA TV air on?
Dish Network: 216
Dish Network: 156th channel
Spectrum: Location-specific (search by area code)
Xfinity: Location-specific (search by area code)
FiOS by Verizon: Channel 589
TV Channel 632 or 1632 (HD) on AT&T U-verse

How do I get NBA TV on Spectrum?

If you're a basketball enthusiast and a Spectrum subscriber, you're probably eager to know how to get NBA TV on your Spectrum cable subscription. NBA TV offers extensive coverage of basketball games, documentaries, analysis, and interviews, making it a must-have channel for avid fans. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to ensure you can enjoy NBA TV's exciting content in no time.

  1. Check your Spectrum TV package:
    Before diving into the specifics, verify that your current Spectrum TV package includes NBA TV. You can refer to your billing statement or contact Spectrum customer service to confirm if NBA TV is part of your subscription plan. If not, you may need to upgrade your package.
  2. Channel Lookup:
    Once you have verified that NBA TV is included in your Spectrum TV package, locate the channel number. You can use the following methods to find the NBA TV channel on your Spectrum guide:
    • Electronic Programme Guide (EPG): Access the EPG on your Spectrum remote control and navigate through the available channels until you find NBA TV.
    • Spectrum App: If you have the Spectrum TV App on your mobile device, you can search for NBA TV in the channel lineup provided.
  3. Equipment Adjustment:
    Ensure that your Spectrum cable equipment is properly set up to receive NBA TV.
    • Set-Top Box: If you are using a set-top box, ensure that it is connected to your television correctly and that its software is up-to-date. Use the Spectrum remote control to turn on the set-top box and tune in to NBA TV.
    • CableCARD or Tuning Adapter: If you rely on a CableCARD or a tuning adapter, ensure they are installed properly and activated. Contact Spectrum's customer support if you encounter any problems.
  4. Troubleshooting:
    If you are unable to find NBA TV on your Spectrum channel lineup, or if you experience any difficulties receiving the channel, consider the following troubleshooting steps:
    • Channel Refresh: Sometimes, channels require a refresh to appear on the TV guide. You can request a channel refresh by reaching out to Spectrum's customer support.
    • Signal Issues: Check your cable connections and make sure they are secure. If you notice any loose or damaged cables, replace them. If the problem persists, contact Spectrum's technical support to troubleshoot signal issues.
  5. Spectrum Streaming Services:
    In addition to traditional cable TV, Spectrum offers streaming services like Spectrum TV Choice and Spectrum TV Stream. NBA TV may be available through these streaming options as well. Contact Spectrum to verify if NBA TV is accessible through the streaming services you have subscribed to.

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What channel is NBA TV Access on Spectrum?

NBA TV is a popular channel among basketball enthusiasts. For Spectrum subscribers, finding NBA TV access is a breeze. NBA TV Access can be found by navigating to channel 308 on Spectrum's channel lineup. If you prefer an easier way to find the channel, you can simply enter the channel number on your remote control. Spectrum provides a user-friendly on-screen guide that allows you to easily scroll through the available channels. You can utilise this guide to locate NBA TV Access without any hassle.

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Watch the NBA TV channel on Spectrum today!

The NBA TV Channel is an exciting platform that provides basketball fans with exclusive coverage, including live games, highlights, analysis, and interviews. With Spectrum, you can enjoy this thrilling channel that brings NBA action right into your living room. Here's why you should tune in to NBA TV on Spectrum today:


In conclusion, NBA TV can be found on Spectrum Channel 308. This dedicated sports network offers round-the-clock coverage of basketball games, highlights, analysis, and exclusive content. Spectrum subscribers can enjoy the excitement of NBA matches, including live games, expert commentary, and in-depth discussions. By tuning into Channel 308, basketball enthusiasts can stay up-to-date with their favourite teams and players, gaining access to a comprehensive basketball experience. Whether it's catching a thrilling game or accessing insights from knowledgeable analysts, NBA TV on Spectrum ensures that fans never miss a moment of the action.

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Q: What channel is NBA TV on Spectrum?

NBA TV can be found on different channel numbers depending on your location and cable package. Here are the most common channel numbers for NBA TV on Spectrum:

Q: How can I find the channel number for NBA TV on Spectrum?

A: You can easily find the channel number for NBA TV on Spectrum by following these steps:

  1. On your Spectrum remote, press the "Guide" button. This will open the on-screen guide.
  2. Using the arrow keys on your remote, navigate to the sports category in the guide.
  3. Look for the NBA TV logo or name in the list of sports channels.
  4. The corresponding channel number for NBA TV will be displayed next to its name or logo.

Q: Can I access NBA TV on Spectrum's streaming service?

Yes, Spectrum offers a streaming service called Spectrum TV Stream, which allows you to watch live TV channels, including NBA TV, on your favourite devices.

Q: Is NBA TV available in HD on Spectrum?

A: Yes, NBA TV is available in high definition (HD) on Spectrum. For the best viewing experience, make sure you have an HD cable box or HD streaming device connected to your TV.

Q: Do I need a specific cable package to get NBA TV on Spectrum?

A: NBA TV is included in various Spectrum cable packages, such as Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold. However, the availability of NBA TV may vary depending on your specific location and package. To confirm if NBA TV is included in your package, you can check your channel lineup or contact Spectrum customer support.

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