What channel is HGTV on Spectrum?

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HGTV is a popular television network that offers a variety of home and garden-themed programming. Spectrum, a leading cable and internet service provider, includes HGTV in its lineup of channels. With Spectrum's subscription, viewers can access HGTV's content at their convenience.

HGTV provides a range of shows that cater to different interests within the home and garden realm. These shows offer valuable insights, tips, and inspiration for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and those interested in design and renovation projects. Showcasing a diverse array of home improvement, real estate, and interior design concepts, HGTV is a go-to channel for many viewers seeking both entertainment and educational content.

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A brief history of HGTV

HGTV, or Home & Garden Television, is a cable television network that focuses on home improvement and real estate programming. It has gained popularity worldwide for its engaging content and helpful insights for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

Established in 1994, HGTV was initially launched as a joint venture between the E. W. Scripps Company and the Tribune Broadcasting Company. Since its inception, the network has expanded its programming, covering various aspects of home improvement, remodeling, design, and real estate.

Over the years, HGTV has become a leading platform for showcasing home improvement shows, featuring popular titles such as "Property Brothers," "Fixer Upper," and "Love It or List It." These shows have not only entertained audiences but have also inspired countless individuals to take on their own home improvement projects.

With a dedicated and passionate audience, HGTV has continued to innovate its programming, exploring new trends and ideas in the world of home improvement. It has become a go-to resource for homeowners, providing expert advice, design inspiration, and practical solutions for transforming living spaces.

How to get HGTV on Spectrum?

  1. Check if HGTV is available in your Spectrum package: Before trying any other methods, review your Spectrum TV package to see if HGTV is included. You can check this information on the Spectrum website or by calling their customer service hotline.
  1. Upgrade your Spectrum package if needed: If HGTV is not included in your current package, consider upgrading to a higher-tier package that includes the channel. Spectrum offers a variety of packages to suit different preferences and budgets.
  1. Add HGTV as an individual channel: In case upgrading your package is not feasible, Spectrum also allows you to add HGTV as an individual channel. You can do this by contacting Spectrum customer service and expressing your interest in adding HGTV to your lineup. They will guide you through the process and inform you of any additional fees associated with this option.
  1. Utilize streaming services: Spectrum TV also offers the Spectrum TV app, which provides access to a wide range of channels, including HGTV. You can download the app on your preferred streaming device and use your Spectrum login credentials to stream HGTV content whenever and wherever you want.
  1. Consider alternate streaming platforms: If you prefer using streaming platforms, such as Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV, you can explore whether HGTV is available on those platforms. These devices often offer their own channel store, where you can search for and install the HGTV app to access its content.

Spectrum Bundle Plans

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What channel is HGTV on Spectrum?

The HGTV is available on Spectrum on 160.

Spectrum subscribers can tune in to HGTV and enjoy a wide range of home improvement, renovation, and real estate programming. From popular shows like "Fixer Upper" to "Property Brothers," HGTV offers informative and entertaining content for viewers interested in sprucing up their homes or looking for design inspiration.

Spectrum provides a comprehensive Spectrum channel guide to help users easily locate their favorite networks and shows. It is important to note that channel numbers may vary by location, so it is best to check Spectrum's official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information.


Channel Number

Cleveland, Ohio


Palm Springs, California


Hillsborough County, Florida



What channel is HGTV Network on Spectrum?

HGTV Network can be found on different channels depending on the region and cable or satellite provider. On Spectrum, a popular cable provider in the United States, customers can tune into HGTV on channel 160 or check their local channel listings for the specific channel number. Spectrum offers a wide range of programming options including popular home improvement and real estate shows on HGTV. To ensure you are watching HGTV on Spectrum, refer to your local channel lineup or contact Spectrum customer service for assistance.

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Popular Shows on HGTV

  1. House Hunters Renovation
  2. Fixer Upper
  3. Property Brothers
  4. House Hunters International
  5. Holmes on Homes
  6. Flip or Flop
  7. Love It or List It
  8. Good Bones
  9. Home Town
Watch HGTV Channel on Spectrum Today!

Have you been longing to explore the world of captivating home renovations, interior designs, and thrilling real estate adventures? Look no further! Tune into HGTV, the premier channel for all things home and lifestyle. With Spectrum, you can immerse yourself in the captivating shows and valuable insights offered by HGTV.

Spectrum brings you a wide array of programming options, including HGTV, known for its enjoyable and informative content. From the riveting Flip or Flop series to the creativity showcased in Fixer Upper, HGTV delivers top-quality entertainment that appeals to home enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.

To access HGTV and other exciting channels subscribe today to Spectrum's comprehensive TV packages. With a variety of plans available, you can choose the option that aligns perfectly with your entertainment needs. Experience the joy of watching your favorite HGTV shows right in the comfort of your own home. 


In conclusion, HGTV can be found on different channels depending on the city and package you have with Spectrum. To find out the specific channel number for HGTV in your area, it is recommended to check the Spectrum website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Spectrum offers a variety of packages that include access to HGTV, allowing viewers to enjoy popular home and lifestyle shows. The availability of HGTV on Spectrum is a great addition for homeowners and design enthusiasts who want to stay updated with the latest trends and inspiration for their living spaces. 

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  1. What channel is HGTV on Spectrum?
    HGTV is available on Spectrum channel number 160.
  1. Can I find HGTV in high definition (HD)?
    Yes, Spectrum offers HGTV in high definition (HD). The HD channel number may vary depending on your location.
  1. Is HGTV available in Spanish?
    Yes, Spectrum also provides HGTV in Spanish. The Spanish language version of HGTV is known as "HGTV en Español."
  1. Can I access HGTV on Spectrum's streaming service?
    Yes, Spectrum offers a streaming service called Spectrum TV App, which allows you to watch your favorite channels, including HGTV, on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.
  1. Is there any additional cost to access HGTV on Spectrum?
    The availability of HGTV and the associated costs may vary depending on your Spectrum TV package. Some packages include HGTV in their channel lineup, while others may require an additional subscription or upgrade.

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