Spectrum for Business

• Starting speeds from 300 Mbps up to 1 Gig
• Call, text, video conference and more with Spectrum Business Connect
• No contracts, no added Phone taxes, no hidden fees

Save Big on Spectrum Small Business Solutions

Spectrum Business Solutions is a business solutions provider that offers a spectrum of services to help small businesses grow and succeed with our best pricing on Business Internet, Connect, Voice, TV, and Mobile services.



  • From $49.99/mo for 12 months when bundled
  • Starting speeds from 300 Mbps up to 1 Gig
  • With 99.9% network reliability


  • Only $19.99/mo per user for 2+ users
  • Stay connected with an all-in-one app
  • For voice, text, video conferencing, and more


  • From $19.99/mo for 12 mos
  • Watch top TV channels
  • Stream live TV with no cable box required


  • As low as $14/GB per mo per line°
  • Choose from two data plan options
  • Get unlimited talk and text

Choose From Spectrum Small Business Packages

300 Mbps
Spectrum Business Internet

$ 69.98 /mo for 12 mos when bundled *

600 Mbps

Spectrum Business Internet

$ 119.98 /mo for 24 mos when bundled

1 Gig

Spectrum Business Internet Gig

$ 89.97 /mo for 12 mos when bundled

Work Anywhere With Spectrum Business Connect

Spectrum Business Connect is the most innovative communication tool that keeps you connected to your teams and customers with one easy-to-use app. This secure cloud-based service provides both organizations and their employees with a range of mobile and desktop applications that help increase productivity, collaboration, and communication while being securely hosted remotely. With Spectrum Business Connect, teams can stay connected no matter where they are located – thanks to its unique ability to keep everyone in sync with their data.

    • Frustration-free app for phone calls, messages, video
    • Get Customized solutions for business
    • Save money with the best tools at a low monthly rate
Work Anywhere With Spectrum Business Connect

 Business Internet Speed

Boost Business with Spectrum Internet Speeds up to 1 Gig

Spectrum Business Internet is proud to offer lightning-fast download speeds of up to 1 Gig to help businesses thrive in today's digital age. With plans starting at 300 Mbps, Spectrum's Internet speeds are designed to meet the unique needs of every business, no matter its size or industry. For only $49.99/month for 12 months when bundled with Business TV or Standard Business Voice, businesses can access speeds of up to 600 Mbps. For those needing even faster speeds, the Spectrum Business Internet Gig plan boasts download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. This plan requires a Spectrum Gig-capable modem to ensure optimal performance. With upload speeds of up to 35 Mbps, businesses can rest assured that their online presence is up-to-date and fully optimized.

Work on the Go With Spectrum Mobile for Your Business

Spectrum Mobile is a mobile service that provides business owners with reliable and affordable access to data and voice services while on the go. The service operates on the fastest LTE network and includes unlimited data, talk, and text messaging. This makes it an ideal choice for small business owners who need to stay connected even when they are out of the office. Spectrum Mobile also allows business owners to save money by bundling their mobile service with other services offered by Spectrum, including internet and cable television. With Spectrum Mobile, business owners can easily manage their accounts, check their data usage, and pay their bills using the Spectrum Mobile app, making it a convenient and efficient solution for conducting business on the go.

Spectrum Mobile for Your Business

How to Get the Best Deal With Spectrum Business

Getting the best deal with Spectrum Business has never been easier. By choosing from their preferred packages, customers can now get a FREE Unlimited Mobile Line worth over $350. For those who want a customized solution, all they need to do is call 855-862-0614. Spectrum Business Internet can also be acquired for only $49.99 per month for 12 months by negotiating a lower rate, removing unnecessary services, reducing equipment fees, qualifying as a new customer, or switching to a different plan. Moreover, customers can add Spectrum Mobile for unlimited talk, text, and data on every line. All of these amazing deals are only for a limited time, so make sure to call Spectrum's sales department at 1-833-694-9259 before the 12-month promotional price ends. Spectrum Business Phone, on the other hand, offers internet, phone, and TV services for small companies for as low as $49.99 per month. This plan gets you downloads of up to 600 Mbps, an excellent way to connect your team on the go. To make it easier to manage their account, customers can sign in to their Spectrum account to view and pay their bills and watch TV. Whether you're a new or existing customer, Spectrum Business has incredible value packages that will fit your needs.

FAQ about Spectrum Business Internet

1: What internet plans does Spectrum Business offer?
A: Spectrum Business offers a range of internet plans to suit the needs of different businesses. Plans start at download speeds of 600 Mbps for $49.99 per month and go up to download speeds of 1 Gbps for $164.99 per month.

2: Are there any additional features offered with Spectrum Business internet plans?
A: Yes, Spectrum Business offers free features including an internet modem and customer WiFi access. Businesses can also add Secure, Private WiFi for an additional $7.99 per month.

3: Is Spectrum Business internet reliable?
A: Yes, Spectrum Business Internet boasts over 99.9% network reliability. This makes it a great choice for businesses that require a dependable internet connection.

4: Can new customers get special offers for Spectrum Business Internet?
A: Yes, Spectrum Business is offering new customers 600 Mbps internet for a limited time. This is a great opportunity for business owners to get fast and reliable internet at an affordable price.

5: How can businesses manage their Spectrum Business internet account?
A: Businesses can easily manage their Spectrum Business internet account by signing in to their account online. This allows them to view and pay their bill, watch TV, and manage their account with ease.

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