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Regional internet service provider based in Bend, Oregon, offers television, phone, and Internet services. BendBroadband is an internet service provider that mainly operates in the region of Bend, in the state of Oregon. It was established in 1995 to offer fiber optic internet services, cable television and telephone services to residents and business entities in the central zone of Oregon with the company serving more than 80,000 entities. BendBroadband provides internet connection with the speed of up to 1 Gbps, therefore ensuring that clients can download HDTV videos, play internet games, and even run different devices on the network all at the same time. Fiber optic network is more secure, and their fiber network is well expanded to accommodate future expansions. There are different internet tariffs available depending on your pocket and bandwidth requirements; whether you only require it for casual browsing or for powering a smart home with high internet demands. BendBroadband Internet installation takes relatively little time at all to complete. Customer packages include equipment and professional installations for a one-time fee. That is you will have no barrier in getting clear network signals with good reception throughout your home since their gear is well developed and comes with in home Wi-Fi boosters. However, the company boasts of 24/7 quality customer and technical support through phone, online live chat, or through their service center located in Bend. BendBroadband provides fast, reliable fiber internet coupled with local customer care support that makes it the premier connectivity solution for Central Oregon homes and businesses.

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  • DSL

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