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Ayera Technologies Inc. is a California-based company that has operated as an internet service provider to offer internet connection to the people of California since 2005. Priding itself on delivering reliable and satisfying services to its consumers, Ayera has grown its fiber-optic network to pass through more than half a million homes and establishments today. It remains ahead of its competitors in terms of offering some of the best FTTH connections, offering packages starting from 50Mbps to an ultimate 10Gbps for fiber enthusiasts. The plans offered include high-speed internet data, and there is no limit to the amount of Wi-Fi users can stream, work, or browse the internet without incurring any extra charges. Standing shoulder to shoulder with these technical advantages, Ayera boasts about its excellent customer relations from the point of subscribing for the service up to the installation and even after. Technicians are courteous and willing to assist customers each time they are faced with a problem which should they encounter they can fix in good time. The range of products and services offered directly to residential customers have matured over the years and with their relatively cheap packages for a consistent fast internet connection, many communities have settled for the services of Ayera Technologies as their ISP. They also grow in the following way: As a result, the parties continue to grow in their respective areas of operation. Ayera seeks to expunge the digital gap by delivering the fastest fiber internet services to the high-growth, untapped markets across rural California and other regions.

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