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Optimum customer service is top-notch, providing you with the support you need to get the most out of your subscription. If you ever have a question or issue, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance. There are a few ways to do that, depending on what is most convenient for you.

Additional Optimum customer service numbers

Optimum TV

If you're having trouble with any of the following, we can help:

  • Upgrading your TV package
  • Canceling your service
  • Pausing your service

Optimum technical support

You can always count on us to have your back. We're here for you when it matters most!

To get started with Optimum, search our FAQ page to find answers for common issues like managing settings or programming your remote control.

Technical support is waiting for you 24/7. No matter what time it may be, your issue has our full attention and will quickly get solved so that everything can go back to being great again!

Optimum Business

Customer service and technical support available 24/7

Have all of your important information ready for a quick and seamless call with an Optimum representative.

You can find all of this information on your account settings page. It's also worth checking out our website for any current promotions that may be available to get the most bang-for-your buck!

Ready to order Optimum services?

You should call now to speak with a Optimum expert about the best deals
in your area.Find internet, TV and voice services for home at affordable prices!

(844) 297-5151

Additional Optimum customer service contacts

Optimum live chat and Optimum customer service email

You can access Optimum’s live chat feature to get immediate assistance with your questions.

Visit Optimum – Chat Now. Fill out the online form to chat with an Optimum representative 24/7.

Social media

If you have any questions about your Optimum account, contact the company's social media pages for a quick response. You can also stay up-to date with all of their news and events by visiting one specific Twitter page that will answer whatever question(s) may be on your mind!




Find answers to frequently asked questions

Visit our support page to find the answers for all of your questions. Use this search box at top right corner and filter by product or keyword so you can quickly get what you need!

Learn all about your Optimum service features

To get started with Optimum, go to the TV channel 900 and enjoy a variety of how-to videos on creating your own identification number or setting up remote controls.

Optimum troubleshooting and quick help guides

Just in case you need help with an issue related to Optimum service, we have prepared a quick guide for troubleshooting. You can also contact customer support 24/7 if something does not work as expected!

Troubleshoot Optimum internet, TV or phone services

The great thing about using the Optimum support page is that it has a ton of helpful tips for solving common problems. You can search through these hundreds and find what you need to fix your issue quickly!

How to pay your Optimum bill?

There are a variety of ways to pay your monthly Optimum bill, and you have options for how this payment is accepted. Whether it's by phone or online with us in person at our office - we've got the details on what works best!

Bill pay by phone: This is a great option if you want to avoid the hassle of making payments, but it’s difficult since only one person can sign up for automatic deductions.

We have an easier way! You just need to call 866-213-7456 or go online and enable payment settings — then your account will be automatically deducted from check every month without any additional work on your part!.

Bill pay online: Visit https://www.optimum.net to log into your account and pay your bill online.

Bill pay app: The free Optimum Support App allows you to pay your bill from a smartphone.

Bill pay by mail: Mail your payment to the following address and be sure not include any other mail in with it! Optimum, P.O Box 742698 Cincinnati OH 45274

Ready to order Optimum services?

You should call now to speak with a Optimum expert about the best deals in your
area.Find internet, TV and voice services for you home at affordable prices!

(844) 297-5151

Optimum customer service FAQs

How do you reboot your Optimum cable box?

Sometimes, if the picture on your TV starts pixelating or freezing you can fix this by unplugging and waiting about 30 seconds before plugging it back in. After reconnecting everything with fresh batteries (or replacing old ones), turn on as normal - hopefully all will be well!

How do you access your Optimum email?

You can now access your Optimum email account once you create it! Sign into the site and send emails from within.

How can buy an Optimum new connection?

Call on (844) 297-5151 & buy Optimum connection!